Team Foursquare


Dennis Crowley

CEO and co-founder

Dennis is the co-founder and CEO of Foursquare, overseeing the strategic vision and product roadmap that has grown the Foursquare community to more than 50 million people around the world. Dennis has been a pioneer in imagining ways to help people discover the world around them using data and social encouragement. He previously founded Dodgeball, one of the first mobile social services, which was acquired by Google in 2005.

He holds degrees from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program and the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. He is also a winner of the "Fast Money" bonus round on the TV game show Family Feud.

Favorite tastes: big buck hunter, cocktails, pinball, lobster rolls, dive bars, crab rangoons, street art, root beer, and scotch eggs.


Jeff Glueck

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is chief operating officer at Foursquare, where he is responsible for corporate strategy and operations, including marketing and PR, business development, finance, and talent. Prior to Foursquare, Jeff was CEO of Skyfire Labs, a mobile technology company acquired by Opera Software. After, the company he co-founded, was acquired by Travelocity, Jeff spent seven years as the Chief Marketing Officer, where he oversaw the brand, including the introduction of the “roaming gnome,” a new customer guarantee and a bill of rights. Previously, Jeff opened offices in Latin America as a consultant at Monitor Company and served as a White House fellow in the Clinton Administration.

He holds a master’s degree from Oxford as a Marshall Scholar and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College.

Favorite tastes: locally sourced foods, fresh squeezed juices, seasonal produce, and caipirinhas.


Steven Rosenblatt

Chief Revenue Officer

As chief revenue officer at Foursquare, Steven oversees strategy and implementation of the company's monetization products. He built the company's business marketing and global, national and local sales teams, and helped design the Foursquare Audience Network (FAN), an independent advertising platform that uses Foursquare's data.

Before joining Foursquare, Steven launched iAd, Apple’s advertising platform for brands and developers. He led advertising sales and strategy for iAd, where he managed sales, account management, agency relations, and the creative and strategy team. Steven served as senior vice president of advertising sales at Quattro Wireless until it was acquired by Apple in January 2010. He has more than fifteen years of experience in digital marketing and advertising.

Favorite tastes: Omakase, lobster rolls, chicken parmaigiana, dumplings, pastrami sandwich, Belgian waffles, lox, bagels, pepperoni pizza, Arnold Palmers, tiramisu, live music, and designer clothes.


Andrew Hogue

Vice President of Engineering

Andrew Hogue is senior vice president of engineering at Foursquare, leading the world-class team that’s turning our ideas into reality. Previously, Andrew headed up Foursquare's search team, responsible for big data applications like Explore, Radar, and Venue Search. Before joining Foursquare Andrew led the Structured Data team at Google, where he helped launch the Knowledge Graph and worked on applications like question answering, sentiment analysis, and local search.

Andrew holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from MIT, where his research focused on pattern recognition and machine learning. He hails from New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and three children.

Favorite tastes: craft beers, brewery tours, eggs benedict, lobster rolls, jazz music, people watching, sunsets, and scotch.


Jon Steinback

Vice President of Product Experience

Jon is vice president of product experience at Foursquare. His team focuses on the ways people connect with the product, including design, usability, research, copy, and brand. Prior to creating the product experience team, Jon oversaw the Foursquare brand as head of the marketing and communications team. Before joining Foursquare, Jon led the product team at Associated Content, which sold to Yahoo. He also spent a number of years at Google, where he held a variety of roles in the product marketing and policy/communications organizations in the US and Europe. He has worked in advertising, as a designer, and as a teacher.

Jon studied political science, human rights, and creative writing at Columbia University. He also studied dance in Tokyo.

Favorite tastes: art galleries, live DJs, hidden gems, photo booths, museums, sashimi, and tater tots


Noah Weiss

Vice President of Product Management

Noah is vice president of product management at Foursquare, where he oversees product management and analyst teams across consumer features and monetization. Previously, Noah was a product manager at Google. He was the product lead for the structured data web search team, where he helped launch Google's Knowledge Graph. Before that, he worked on display ads after the DoubleClick acquisition.

Noah holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University in science, technology, and society with a focus in computer science and economics. He graduated with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa.

Favorite tastes: brunch food, bacon, breakfast tacos, craft cocktails, latte art, iced lattes, mapo tofu, off-menu items, oyster happy hour, pork soup dumplings, ramen, and spicy food.


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