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      • American Restaurants (3)
      • San Francisco, United States (3)
      • Stadiums (3)
      • Baltimore, United States (3)
      • New York, United States (3)
      • Atlanta, United States (2)
      • Theater District, New York, United States (2)
      • Downtown Baltimore, Baltimore, United States (2)
      • Boston, United States (2)
      • Murray Hill, New York, United States (2)
      • South Beach, San Francisco, United States (2)
      • Clothing Stores (2)
      • Breakfast Spots (2)
      • Airports (2)
      • Museums (2)
      • Bensalem, United States (1)
      • Greenland, United States (1)
      • Midtown East, New York, United States (1)
      • Breweries (1)
      • Toy / Game Stores (1)
      • San Francisco International Airport, South San Francisco, United States (1)
      • Chicago, United States (1)
      • Syracuse, United States (1)
      • Bradenton, United States (1)
      • Minneapolis, United States (1)
      • Mayfair, United Kingdom (1)
      • Landover, United States (1)
      • Beijing, China (1)
      • University, Eugene, United States (1)
      • Upper East Side, New York, United States (1)
      • Eugene, United States (1)
      • Downtown Boston, Boston, United States (1)
      • West End, London, United Kingdom (1)
      • Near North Side, Chicago, United States (1)
      • Tiānānmén guǎng chāng, Beijing, China (1)
      • Austin, United States (1)
      • Oneco, Bayshore Gardens, United States (1)
      • Speedway, United States (1)
      • Mitchell, United States (1)
      • Downtown Austin, Austin, United States (1)
      • Mariemont, United States (1)
      • Convenience Stores (1)
      • Sushi Restaurants (1)
      • Racetracks (1)
      • Ice Cream Shops (1)
      • Outdoors & Recreation (1)
      • Libraries (1)
      • Downtown West, Minneapolis, United States (1)
      • Princeton, United States (1)
      • Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1)
      • Palo Alto, United States (0)
      • Monuments / Landmarks (0)
      Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)February 11, 2013
      • Atlanta, United States

      On February 11, 2013, ATL became the first venue on Foursquare to top one million check-ins. It passed SFO, which was the first to 100,000 check-ins in September 2010. Read more

      7 Saves
      Gowalla IncorporatedDecember 13, 2011
      Tech Startup
      • Austin, United States

      Gowalla announced that they've been acquired by Facebook and will shut down in January 2012. Read more

      1 Save
      Syracuse University QuadNovember 11, 2010
      • Syracuse, United States

      During Homecoming, Syracuse went all out with foursquare. There were special shirts, LCD screen showing checkins and even a sign promoting checkins at the football game. Read more

      7 Saves
      The Daily News BuildingNovember 11, 2010
      • New York, United States

      The NY Daily News has a new foursquare profile with tips that point you to photos of that spot from their vast historical archives, so you can compare the past with the present. Read more

      8 Saves
      Zauber HQSeptember 24, 2010
      Tech Startup
      • Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aire, Argentina

      Zauber offers a very cool tool to see all the tweeted foursquare checkins around the world. They appear in real-time, so I hope you're a speed reader! Read more

      3 Saves
      Visit Indiana 2010 Leaf Cam @ Spring Mill State ParkSeptember 24, 2010
      Other Outdoors
      • Mitchell, United States

      Visit Indiana is offering a special discount via email to visitors who check in here during the fall leaf season. Read more

      1 Save
      San Francisco International Airport (SFO)September 7, 2010
      • San Francisco, United States

      On September 5, 2010, SFO became the first foursquare venue to top 100,000 checkins.

      56 Saves
      Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)August 30, 2010
      Art Museum
      • New York, United States

      As of August 23, 2010, MoMA had more tips than any other foursquare venue at 238, err, make that 239! Read more

      18 Saves
      天安门广场 Tian'anmen SquareAugust 29, 2010
      • Beijing, China

      Tips left here earned foursquare a block from the Great Firewall of China on June 4, 2010, the anniversary of the Tian'anmen Square Massacre; it's been blocked in China ever since. [LINK] Read more

      32 Saves
      The PhiladelphianAugust 29, 2010
      • Bradenton, United States

      The home of one of the best foursquare specials we've ever seen: mayor Rob K was awarded a free cruise. They even offered a second cruise to anyone who could unseat him. [LINK] Read more

      4 Saves
      AT&T ParkAugust 29, 2010
      • San Francisco, United States

      Don't forget to follow the Giants on foursquare to get tips throughout the park. [LINK] Read more

      20 Saves
      Bucks County Visitor CenterAugust 29, 2010
      • Bensalem, United States

      Bucks County was the first county to offer a branded foursquare profile page. They've been sharing valuable tips ever since and even offer a lollipop to anyone who checks in! [LINK] Read more

      5 Saves
      Restaurant MaxAugust 29, 2010
      • Minneapolis, United States

      Restaurant Max took the number four spot on our list of creative foursquare specials for their "free bottle of wine worth your age" special. Read more

      1 Save
      B&O American BrasserieAugust 29, 2010
      New American
      • Baltimore, United States

      B&O took the number two spot in our list of creative foursquare specials for their escalating discount for bringing more friends with you. [LINK] Read more

      3 Saves
      MarketFair MallAugust 29, 2010
      • Princeton, United States

      MarketFair Mall took top honors on our list of creative foursquare specials for their designated parking space for the mayor. [LINK] Read more

      6 Saves
      Miss Shirley's CafeAugust 29, 2010
      • Baltimore, United States

      Since launching a foursquare special that lets their mayor cut the line — which can be up to two hours long on Sundays — Miss Shirley's has seen a 427% increase in checkins. [LINK] Read more

      7 Saves
      Miss Shirley's CafeAugust 29, 2010
      • Baltimore, United States

      Since launching a foursquare special that lets their mayor cut the line — which can be up to two hours long on Sundays — Miss Shirley's has seen a 427% increase in checkins. [LINK] Read more

      3 Saves
      Cumberland FarmsAugust 29, 2010
      Convenience Stores
      • Greenland, United States

      This store was home to the first tweet about foursquare's new feature that alerts you when you're close to becoming mayor. [LINK] Read more

      1 Save
      AEO & Aerie StoreAugust 29, 2010
      • New York, United States

      On August 28, 2010, foursquare launched a huge ad on American Eagle's billboard above this store. You can't get much better exposure than that! [LINK] Read more

      12 Saves