1. Puaa (פועה)

8 Rabbi Yohanan St. , Jaffa Flea Market, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Café · Merkaz Yafo - Maarav · 75 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Warm and friendly vibes, fresh ingredients and great service

2. Oasis

Montefiore 17 (Allenby), Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Restaurant · 5 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: A daily updated, deliciously menu, great service, on the pricey side, but worth it.

3. The Sloop Inn

Back La, St Ives, Cornwall
Pub · 24 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Authentic, cozy little pub, great offerings on tap, live music, and a healthy mix of locals and tourists. Ambience was perfect.

4. The Varsity Hotel & Spa

Thompsons Lane, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Hotel · 12 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Lovely service, comfortable and cozy. The rooftop lounge offers excellent views, and the spa jacuzzi overlooking the river was a perfect touch.

5. River Bar Steakhouse & Grill

Quayside (at Bridge St.), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Steakhouse · 13 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: The long wait would have been worth it for a great steak. Unfortunately, the porterhouse was a big disappointment, way overcooked and tough. The cocktails were good but overpriced.

6. Bell-Boy

Cocktail Bar · 16 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Elaborately decorative cocktails, it's really more about the atmosphere and presentation than the quality of the drinks themselves.

7. SuraMare

Se'adya Ga'on 24 (Tsiklag 21), Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Cocktail Bar · 15 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Great vibes, tasty food, excellent service and a killer view of the city. Perfect spot for drinks or a special occasion. The kind of place you want to come back to.

8. בוקה אחד העם

Café · 1 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Great prices and friendly staff, many vegetarian options but the portions are on the small side. Great spot for lazy breakfast or sitting for hours to work/study

9. HANgoût

5 rue du Moulin, Nice, PACA
French Restaurant · Vieille Ville · 4 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Try the assortment of entrées. Food and service were exceptional.

10. Kuli Alma (כולי עלמא)

Mikve Israel 10 (Barzilai), Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Bar · Lev HaIr · 39 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Trendy space for alternative events

11. Brasserie Bakery

Iben gavirol 70, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Bakery · 18 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Great coffee and French baked goods, quite possibly the best macaroons to be found in the city

12. Tomas

Jewish Restaurant · Emek Refaim · 1 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Food is decent, but nothing to write home about. Service was good and it's definitely family friendly

13. Baccio

85 King George St, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Café · 23 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Great atmosphere to work in, laptops on the window bar, great music and quality food at affordable prices

14. Brasserie M&R (בראסרי)

70 Ibn Gvirol St. (at Sderot David HaMelech), Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
French Restaurant · 124 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Some of the dishes can be overly buttered (what else would you expect from a French bistro?). Friday breakfast menu is great value, reserve in advance if possible unless you're in the mood to wait.

15. Bertie (ברטי)

King George 88, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Mediterranean Restaurant · 12 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Great cocktails, and make sure to ask to hear the daily specials.

16. Aroma (ארומה)

18 Hillel St. (Rabi Akiva), Jerusalem, Jerusalem District
Café · City Center West · 12 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: If you use an Aroma card you get a 10% discount

17. New Age Cafè

Via Nizza, 23/25 angolo Via Viterbo, 18/20 (Via Velletri), Rome, Latium
Cocktail Bar · 8 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Excellent cappuccino for 1€

18. Pizza Italia

Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, Jerusalem District
Pizza Place · Emek Refaim · 4 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Their spicy slices are delicious, and to wash it down they have remarkably tasty pink lemonade for NIS 7 a cup

19. Kadosh (קדוש)

6 Shlomtzion HaMalka St. (Koresh), Jerusalem, Jerusalem District
Coffee Shop · City Center West · 28 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Skip the food. Kadosh has a bakery upstairs, and all their desserts and breads are made right there. Did I mention delicious? Definitely try their brioche.

20. Mamilla Mall (שדרות אלרוב ממילא)

Alrov Mamilla Blvd., Jerusalem
Mall · Mamilla · 25 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: If you are looking for good food at Mamilla skip all the cafes and head to Pituim, (next to the Gap) and make sure to get one of their homemade desserts. Read more.

21. Meatos Grill Bar

2 Weizman St. (Dafna St.), Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Steakhouse · 8 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Try the Mushroom Tapas, followed by the Meatos burger (lamb topped with smoked duck). The fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert was delicious as well!

22. Marvad Haksamim

42 Emek Refaim St. (at Rachel Imeinu St.), Jerusalem, Jerusalem District
Middle Eastern Restaurant · Emek Refaim · 3 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Forget about the Hummus and go straight for the REd-Kubeh soup. Delicious, cheap, and uber filling

23. Hebrew University

Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Jerusalem District
University · Hebrew University · 9 tips and reviews

AhuvaAhuva: Looking for drinkable coffee on campus? Vitamin coffee at the entrance to the Humanities building