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Welcome to bellevue tea! The bellevue range of teas has been selected and designed to make sure you get a really great tasting, good quality cup of tea, every time.

If you request bellevue tea at a new venue, cafe, bar or restaurant, please tag bellevue tea when you check-in and/or write a tip so we can give you a voucher for a free cup of bellevue tea!

There are 8 teas in our range:
- a silky sweet and subtle White tea
- a pale, fragrant and elegant Darjeeling
- a distinctive, well balanced Ceylon black
- a robust and bright Breakfast tea
- a classic and lightly fragrant Earl Grey
- a traditional Sencha green tea
- a mild, sweet and gently soothing Rooibos
- and our refreshing and calming Peppermint infusion
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