‘Save to Foursquare’ Button for Publishers

Connect with your visitors in the real world!

When you add the ‘Save to Foursquare’ button to your site, your visitors can easily get foursquare reminders from you when they’re near the places you suggest. Best of all, it only takes a minute to set up.

When one of your visitors clicks the ‘Save to Foursquare’ button on your pages, it saves the contents to their Saved Places list in Foursquare. Then, when they’re out and about, Foursquare will buzz on their phone when they’re close to it.

Check out these sites that are already using the ‘Save to Foursquare’ button:

  • New York Magazine
  • Time Out Boston
  • Time Out Kids
  • Time Out Chicago
  • Time Out New York
  • CBS Los Angeles
  • Eater
  • Frommers
  • Ask Men
  1. Prepare your website

    Adding the ‘Save to Foursquare’ button is as easy as copying and pasting some code. Here’s how it works on the tech side of things: the button looks for location metadata embedded in the HTML of your page (specifically, hCard or OpenGraph, and even phone numbers). If it finds that, it’ll automatically match that location to the corresponding venue on foursquare (so, if your page is about a local Olive Garden, the button automatically finds the same Olive Garden in our system).

  2. 2
  3. Customize your button


    Your Save to Foursquare button will look like this:
    You are currently logged out
    When someone clicks the button, an item will be saved to their to-do list without attribution. If you want it to be attributed to you, login. (No account? Join.)
    Choose a button size:
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  5. Grab the code

    Copy and paste this code into the HTML for your website wherever you want the button to appear.