Crist's Partner Badges

You can earn partner badges by following brands pages and then checking in at places those brands want you to experience.

Victoria's Secret: Victoria's Secret - Bombshell


ESPN: ESPN Foam Finger

April 20, 2014 

ESPN: ESPN Baseball Fever


NFL: Seattle Seahawks


NASA: Curiosity Explorer


NBC Politics: Political Wonk

September 08, 2012 

NBC Politics: Campaign Advisor

September 08, 2012 

NBC Politics: Chief of Staff

October 22, 2012 

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC


Pepsi: Pepsi Summer Fun

August 09, 2011 

Event: U.S. National Soccer Team


Puma: Puma - Team Captain


Puma: Puma - After Hours Athlete


Puma: Puma - Midnight Munchies

August 21, 2011 

AirCell: Mile High

June 28, 2012