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    Mediterranean Restaurant 9650 Strickland Rd Raleigh, NC

    People also say (42 tips):

    • Sassool
      Sassool: "Get one free baklava on your first check-in!"
  • 9.5

    State Farmers Market

    Farmers Market 1201 Agriculture St Raleigh, NC

    People also say (106 tips):

    • Andre M.
      Andre McIntosh: "Fresh local produce. Whatever is in season in North Carolina. There is another part for our of state items. Vendors are very nice and welcoming. They give you advice on how to cook veggies new to you."
  • 9.5

    North Carolina Museum of Art

    Art Museum 2110 Blue Ridge Rd Raleigh, NC

    People also say (64 tips):

    • Shahrooz S.
      Shahrooz Shahandeh: "The permanent collection contains an AWESOME modern art portion and it is free to the public. Highly recommend checking it out if you're in Raleigh."
  • 9.2

    Trophy Brewing & Pizza

    Brewery 827 W Morgan St Raleigh, NC

    People also say (90 tips):

    • Laura D.
      Laura Daughtry 💁🏼: "Don't get me wrong—the beer is amazing; but the pizza is what you should come for. The best one is the Most Loyal: roasted chicken, honey, basil pesto, mozzarella, and tomatoes. It's INCREDIBLE."
  • 9.3

    Goodberry's Frozen Custard

    Ice Cream Shop 9700 Strickland Rd Raleigh, NC

    People also say (10 tips):

    • William V.
      William Vaughan: "Carolina Concrete is the thing to get! My favorite is the Oreo cookie with vanilla custard... It's fantastic!"
  • 9.3

    Lake Johnson Nature Park

    Nature Preserve Avent Ferry Rd Raleigh, NC

    People also say (14 tips):

    • Deanna
      Deanna: "Careful about letting your dogs swim in the water. My friend's dog has been getting sick the last few times she has swam there."

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  • People also say (24 tips):

    • The News & Observer
      The News & Observer: "Things that fit inside the new exhibit, its largest ever: Two full-size houses, authentic tobacco & textile mill façades, multiple tractors and a scale replica of the Wright brothers’ flying machine."
    • JennaLeigh
      JennaLeigh: "The museum made history fun. Very interactive and allows children to touch and become interested. My daughter loved enlisting in WW1 and getting her picture taken."
  • People also say (61 tips):

    • Visit North Carolina
      Visit North Carolina: "Where can you find a fossilized heart, a 2-story waterfall & hummingbirds & butterflies zipping around indoors? At the southeast's largest natural history museum! Don't forget to take a pic w/ Willo!"
    • The News & Observer
      The News & Observer: "Visit Stumpy, "the mother of right whales, " weighing 77 tons until she fell prey to a ship strike in 2004. Unlike most such displays, this is one you can actually touch."
  • 9.3

    Lake Lynn Trail

    Trail 3100 Lynn Rd Raleigh, NC

    People also say (19 tips):

    • Mekayla R.
      Mekayla Robles: "Perfect to watch well as people watch. Dog friendly. The larger wooden bridge can sometimes be crowded though, if you have a bully breed like me, watch for children and small dogs."
    • Sterling
      Sterling: "Good trail around the lake. Most of the trail is quality asphalt and other part word decking over the lake. It's around 4 miles if you walk completely around."

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