OST Cafe is one of A brief history of foursquare.

1. OST Cafe

Coffee Shop · East Village · 441 E 12th St (at Avenue A), New York, NY

DensDens: Naveen and I built half of the original foursquare prototype here (pre-SXSW 2009). This was before I was drinking coffee, so I was downing like 5 hot a day here (someone's gotta pay for that wifi!)

Think Coffee is one of A brief history of foursquare.

2. Think Coffee

Coffee Shop · Greenwich Village · 248 Mercer St (btwn W 3rd & W 4th St), New York, NY

DensDens: Naveen & I built 1/2 of the foursquare prototype here (mostly at the back table near the bathroom). The "mayor" feature in 4SQ came from our buddy Chad making fun of us for camping at that table :)

3. Corner Shop Cafe

Breakfast Spot · Greenwich Village · 643 Broadway (at Bleecker), New York, NY

DensDens: There's been a bunch of diff bars below this cafe. At @lock's bday party in Jan 2009, downstairs is where @Naveen & I decided we should try to replace dodgeball w/ 4SQ & launch it @ SXSW in March.

4. Essex Ale House

Bar · Lower East Side · 179 Essex St (btw Houston & Stanton), New York, NY

DensDens: Before this place as Essex Ale House, it was called 12" (er, vinyl record) which was ground zero for early days of dodgeball.com. On the day dodgeball was bought by Google we threw a huge party here.

Ace Bar is one of A brief history of foursquare.

5. Ace Bar

Bar · Alphabet City · 531 E 5th St (btwn Avenue A & B), New York, NY

DensDens: This was a go-to during my grad school days at NYU, Ace Bar was always used as the "example" for dodgeball.com & foursquare use cases. It's still the first place I think of when testing new features.

NYU ITP is one of A brief history of foursquare.


College Arts Building · Greenwich Village · 721 Broadway Fl 4 (at Waverly Pl), New York, NY

DensDens: Hey, I graduated from ITP in 2004! My thesis project, dodgeball.com (sold to Google in 05) was born here. A lot of the "life as a game" ideas in 4SQ came the "Big Games" class Frank Lantz's taught.

The Magician is one of A brief history of foursquare.

7. The Magician

Bar · Lower East Side · 118 Rivington St (at Essex St), New York, NY

DensDens: This place was ground zero for the blogger/Gawker scene in 2003-2004 and has always been a big hangout for the early dodgeball.com crowd. My brain is hardwired to use "The Magician" as a test search.

The Scratcher is one of A brief history of foursquare.

8. The Scratcher

Bar · East Village · 209 E 5th St (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave), New York, NY

DensDens: Official after-work bar of team foursquare. If both bathrooms do not have foursquare stickers on the doors/mirrors/toilets, someone's getting fired... #justsaying

Vazacs Horseshoe Bar / 7B is one of A brief history of foursquare.

9. Vazacs Horseshoe Bar / 7B

Dive Bar · Alphabet City · 108 Avenue B (at E 7th St), New York, NY
Max Fish is one of A brief history of foursquare.

10. Max Fish

Bar · Lower East Side · 178 Ludlow St (btwn E Houston & Stanton St), New York, NY

DensDens: Back in the dodgeball.com days, this spot is where the very first "friend-of-a-friend" message actually worked back in 2005 ("Hey, Mona is across the street and you know Mona thru Brian - say hi!"). Read more.

East Village Tavern is one of A brief history of foursquare.

11. East Village Tavern

Bar · Alphabet City · 158 Avenue C (at E. 10th St.), New York, NY

DensDens: When we were still working on foursquare out of my apt, this place was where the very first "pop-up tip" actually worked ("At EV Tavern? Try the fries!") That's when I knew we were onto something good

The Bowery Electric is one of A brief history of foursquare.

12. The Bowery Electric

Music Venue · NoHo · 327 Bowery (at E 2nd St.), New York, NY

DensDens: We threw a massive party here on the eve that Google shut down dodgeball. @harryh made t-shirts (I still have some), me & @arainert DJed & @naveen and I launched foursquare a week later @ SXSW 2009.

Bleecker Street Bar is one of A brief history of foursquare.

13. Bleecker Street Bar

Bar · NoHo · 56 Bleecker St (at Crosby St.), New York, NY

DensDens: Bleecker Bar may be the home to the very first checkin ever (2001?) One of the orignal use cases from the dodgeball.com days: "I want to know when my friends are at the bar watching a baseball game."

Verlaine Bar & Lounge is one of A brief history of foursquare.

14. Verlaine Bar & Lounge

Bar · Lower East Side · 110 Rivington St (btwn Ludlow & Essex St.), New York, NY

DensDens: Where I met @harryh for the first time (2005). It was a few mos before the dball/Goog deal went thru, but HarryH (a Goog eng) knew the deets & pitched me on wanting to work w/ us once we got to Goog.

Angry Wade's is one of A brief history of foursquare.

15. Angry Wade's

Sports Bar · Boerum Hill · 224 Smith St (at Butler St.), Brooklyn, NY

DensDens: Back in October 2004, my buddy Alex & I were here watching a Red Sox/Yankees playoff game when we got the call from Google saying that they wanted to buy Dodgeball.com (the predecessor to Foursquare)