Murat’s Liked Places

1. Premium Food Gate

Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Polish Restaurant · Matarnia · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Super attractive shop with all traditional Polish food and drinks. Prices vary, but fine. Do not go there if you are hungry, so seductive. Quick sandwiches are available.

SO!COFFEE is one of Murat’s Liked Places.


Juliusza Słowackiego 200, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Coffee Shop · Matarnia · 7 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: If you come to airport early, this is the only open place for any food and drink. Located all the way at the No1 check in area.

Original Burger is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

3. Original Burger

Długa 47/49, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Burger Joint · Śródmieście · 92 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: In OldTown, with fantastic and delicious burgers. Sides are extra and you don’t need them. Super cosy set up, drinks are also good. Outdoor seating available.

Game Over is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

4. Game Over

Tkacka 27, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Bar · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: One of the dive bars in OldTown. Drink options are great, cocktail menu is basic, but still fine. But the shot menu is cool with a lot of variety. A lot of space downstairs. Great after midnight!

5. Craft Coctails

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Cocktail Bar · Śródmieście · 1 tip

MuratMurat: Located in a small street in OldTown, with a fantastic selection of liquors and great menu of cocktails. ‘Democrate’ is awesome, refreshing, cool. Staff is great. lnside is not big, but still great!

6. Tiki Jungle

Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Tiki Bar · Śródmieście · 1 tip

MuratMurat: Literally underground. You have to take some stairs down. Not that big, but gets crowded late at night. Cocktail menu is good, prices are fine. Service gets slow when it is crowded.

Wiśniewski is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

7. Wiśniewski

Długa 70/71, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Bar · Śródmieście · 6 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Sounds like a wine place, but no! They serve traditional Polish cherry liquor with vodka, like some kind of dessert drink. Super delicious and sweet. Small, a place to stop by after dinner. Open late.

8. Piwo na Piwnej

Piwna 22/26, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Beer Bar · Śródmieście · 1 tip

MuratMurat: In OldTown, with great draft beer options. Pretty spacious, great for groups. Hanging out outside is fine. Smokey Joe, stout with whiskey 6.2% is fantastic. Tasting before ordering is welcomed.

Bazylika Mariacka, Wniebowzięcia NMP is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

9. Bazylika Mariacka, Wniebowzięcia NMP

Podkramarska 5 (btw. Świętego Ducha & Piwna), Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Church · Śródmieście · 29 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: One of the oldest, and the biggest, and build with brick, and having astronomy clock, and the peaceful church in Europe. In Oldtown. 16PLN to climb up 400+ stairs for the tower.

Fontanna Neptuna is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

10. Fontanna Neptuna

Długi Targ, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Fountain · Śródmieście · 28 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: In the heart of the OldTown, and one of the most important and famous tourist attraction. Always crowded with picture taking tourists. A must see.

Slony Spichlerz is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

11. Slony Spichlerz

Chmielna 10, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Bistro · Śródmieście · 5 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Street food gathering, like food court with Mex, Thai, Greek, Polish, burgers, chicken, pasta, pizza and dessert options. Also a big bar upstairs. Seating area available both inside and outside. Cool!

Whiskey in The Jar is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

12. Whiskey in The Jar

Chmielna, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Steakhouse · Śródmieście · 2 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Located by the river, has American style decoration and a very good whiskey menu. Looks like HarleyDavidsonCafe with a touch of HardRockCafe. Burgers and steaks are great. Outdoor seating available.

13. Elephant Club nad Motława

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Bistro · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Fantastic location for people watching. Sit outside in the sun, grab a beer and watch the people passing by. Food is also good, menu is very rich. Good prices.

14. Słodko Słono

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Dessert Shop · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Hidden gem, picturisque both inside with all the desserts and outside with all the flowers. Desserts are fantastic, delicious and light. Outdoor seating available.

15. Amare Gusto

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Italian Restaurant · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: A bit off the OldTown, by the river, with very rich menu. Food is good, traditional Italian with many pizza options. Drink menu is rich too, cocktail list is great, wine and liquor variety is nice.

16. Kladka Obrotowa sw. Ducha

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Bridge · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Small bridge, close to OldTown, linking old and new areas of the neighbour. It does not open, it rotates. Fun to watch.

17. Kebab King

Szafarnia 11, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Kebab Restaurant · Śródmieście · 2 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Nice location with good kebab options. Chicken is available. Prices are fine, open late, crowded and always a line. But goes fast. A lot of seating area including upstairs. Outdoor seating available.

Craft Coctails is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

18. Craft Coctails

Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Cocktail Bar · Śródmieście · 8 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Actually it is a Gin Bar! They can still fix any drink. Fantastic atmosphere, amazing gin selection, brilliant cocktail menu, super kind staff. Possibly one of the best cocktail places in the city.

Gdansk is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

19. Gdansk

City · 38 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Nice and beautiful city. OldTown area is fantastic with old buildings, great restaurants and bars with good atmosphere. Focus on the small and side streets in the core area for hidden gems!

20. Zabka

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Convenience Store · Śródmieście · 1 tip

MuratMurat: Polish 7/11. Very effective and efficient. Possible to find all basic needs and fundamentals. Prices are great!

21. iDream

Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Electronics Store · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Standard Apple store. But staff is very patient and helpful with all the crazy and meaningless questions! Great people!

Home&You is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

22. Home&You

Gdansk, Pomeranian
Furniture and Home Store · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Nice and cosy items and ideas for home improvement. Primary focus is on kitchen, however bedroom and bathroom items are also bery much available. Prices are affordable.

23. Super Pharm

Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Cosmetics Store · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: A mixed cosmetic and pharmay store. Cosmetic area is very big. Pharmacy area is relatively small, but still possible to find a lot. Staff is very helpful.

24. Hebe

Podwale grodzkie, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Cosmetics Store · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Located at the ground floor, pretty big and has everything you may need. Prices vary, but affordable.

25. Salon Expert

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Hair Salon · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: At the ground floor, for both men and women with male and female hair specialists. Spacious and bright. Prices are fine. Make a reservation, but walk-in is also fine.

Billy's is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

26. Billy's

Gdańsk, Pomorskie
American Restaurant · Śródmieście · 1 tip

MuratMurat: With very attractive decoration and very American music at the background, you fell like you are somewhere in MidWest in 60s. Food is really good, prices are very fine. Spacious, good for groups.

Forum Gdańsk is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

27. Forum Gdańsk

Targ Sienny 7, Gdańsk, Pomorskie
Shopping Mall · Śródmieście · 6 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Super central and super customer friendly with 3 floors, designer and no-name shops, good cafes and bistros, movie theater and a huge parking lot. Crowded at the weekends. Perfect for people watching.

28. Savchenko Foundation

Gdańsk, Pomeranian
Art Gallery · Śródmieście · No tips or reviews

MuratMurat: Hidden gem, one of the side streets in OldTown. Not big, but very artistic with both paintings and sculpture. Prices are affordable. Owner is very welcoming. Good for private receptions.

Terminal A is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

29. Terminal A

EWR Airport, Elizabeth, NJ
Airport Terminal · 14 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Super elegant, very chic and colorful with high ceiling and cool gate signs. You feel like you are in a shopping mall, with great food options. People seem to be very relaxed. Not feel like airport.

Concourse C is one of Murat’s Liked Places.

30. Concourse C

BNA Airport, Nashville, TN
Airport Terminal · 10 tips and reviews

MuratMurat: Like D Concourse, it is very bright and looks very new. Better food and restaurant options are available, with more spacious and wider walking area, more civilized and modern.