Dwison's Partner Badges

You can earn partner badges by following brands pages and then checking in at places those brands want you to experience.

mtvU Spring Break 2012: mtvU Spring Break 2012


Travel Channel: Man v. Food Nation


Lufthansa: Lufthansa Eurovision Song Contest 2011


Lufthansa: Lufthansa Oktoberfest 2011


NFL: Washington Redskins


ESPN: ESPN Foam Finger

August 17, 2013 

ESPN: ESPN Baseball Fever


LA Weekly: LA Weekly


NASA: Curiosity Explorer

January 27, 2013 

NYPL: NYPL Centennial


Time Out Chicago: Time Out Chicago's Bar Hunter


Eater: Eater 38

March 13, 2012 

Explore Chicago: On Location

March 23, 2012 

Explore Chicago: Celery Salt

April 04, 2012 

Queensland: Shine Seeker


Metro News: Metro


Event: BlackBerry Scene


Event: BlackBerry MWC11


sxsw2011: BlackBerry SXSW 2011


Metropolitan Museum of Art: Met Lover


Pepsi: Pepsi Summer Fun


HISTORY Channel: Historian

January 27, 2013 

HISTORY Channel: HISTORY ♥ London



People: PEOPLE Hot Spot

March 24, 2012 


Starbucks: Barista

August 09, 2010 

The Grio: Black History

May 18, 2012