Bamberg #4sqCities
Altenburg (Bamberg) is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

1. Altenburg (Bamberg)

Bamberg, Bayern
Castle · 7 tips and reviews
Dom St. Peter und St. Georg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

2. Dom St. Peter und St. Georg

Domplatz 5, Bamberg, Bayern
Church · 6 tips and reviews
Maxplatz is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

3. Maxplatz

Maximiliansplatz 1, Bamberg, Bayern
Plaza · 1 tip
Gabelmann is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

4. Gabelmann

Grüner Markt, Bamberg, Bayern
Well · No tips or reviews
Schlenkerla is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

5. Schlenkerla

Dominikanerstr. 6, Bamberg, Bayern
Brewery · 65 tips and reviews
Ambräusianum is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

6. Ambräusianum

Dominikanerstr. 10, Bamberg, Bayern
Brewery · 9 tips and reviews
Klosterbräu Bamberg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

7. Klosterbräu Bamberg

Obere Mühlbrücke 1-3, Bamberg, Bayern
Brewery · 15 tips and reviews
Brauerei Fässla is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

8. Brauerei Fässla

Obere Königstr. 19-21, Bamberg, Bayern
Brewery · 8 tips and reviews
Brauerei Spezial is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

9. Brauerei Spezial

Obere Königsstr. 10, Bamberg, Bayern
Brewery · 18 tips and reviews
Spezial Keller is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

10. Spezial Keller

Sternwartstr. 8, Bamberg, Bayern
Beer Garden · 28 tips and reviews
Brauerei Keesmann is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

11. Brauerei Keesmann

Wunderburg 5, Bamberg, Bayern
German Restaurant · 3 tips and reviews
Mahrs Bräu is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

12. Mahrs Bräu

Wunderburg 10, Bamberg, Bayern
German Restaurant · 15 tips and reviews
Brauerei Greifenklau is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

13. Brauerei Greifenklau

Laurenziplatz 20, Bamberg, Bayern
German Restaurant · 13 tips and reviews
Wilde Rose Keller is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

14. Wilde Rose Keller

Oberer Stephansberg 49, Bamberg, Bayern
German Restaurant · 5 tips and reviews
Altes Rathaus is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

15. Altes Rathaus

Obere Brücke, Bamberg, Bayern
City Hall · 3 tips and reviews
Universität Bamberg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

16. Universität Bamberg

An der Universität 5, Bamberg, Bayern
University · No tips or reviews
Bahnhof Bamberg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

17. Bahnhof Bamberg

Ludwigstr. 6, Bamberg, Bayern
Train Station · 9 tips and reviews
Fuchs-Park-Stadion is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

18. Fuchs-Park-Stadion

Soccer Stadium · No tips or reviews
Hainbadestelle is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

19. Hainbadestelle

Mühlwörth 18a, Bamberg, Bayern
Pool · 3 tips and reviews
Bambados is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

20. Bambados

Pödeldorfer Str. 174, Bamberg, Bayern
Water Park · 6 tips and reviews
brose Arena is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

21. brose Arena

Forchheimer Str. 15, Bamberg, Bayern
Basketball Stadium · 7 tips and reviews
Zum Sternla is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

22. Zum Sternla

Lange Str. 46, Bamberg, Bayern
German Restaurant · 5 tips and reviews
Welcome Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

23. Welcome Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg

Untere Sandstr. 32, Bamberg, Bayern
Hotel · 9 tips and reviews
Messerschmidt Hotel is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

24. Messerschmidt Hotel

Lange Str. 41, Bamberg, Bayern
Hotel · 1 tip
Kachelofen is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

25. Kachelofen

Obere Sandstr. 1, Bamberg, Bayern
German Restaurant · 6 tips and reviews
CineStar is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

26. CineStar

Ludwigstr. 2, Bamberg, Bayern
Multiplex · 5 tips and reviews
Odeon is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

27. Odeon

Luitpoldstr. 25, Bamberg, Bayern
Indie Movie Theater · 3 tips and reviews
Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg Fakultät Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

28. Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg Fakultät Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Feldkirchenstr. 21, Bamberg, Bayern
University · No tips or reviews
Grüner Markt is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

29. Grüner Markt

Bamberg, Bayern
Market · 2 tips and reviews
Villa Geyerswörth is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

30. Villa Geyerswörth

Geyerswörtherstraße 15-21a, Bamberg, Bayern
Hotel · 1 tip
Villa Concordia is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

31. Villa Concordia

Bamberg, Bayern
Art Gallery · 1 tip
Brauerei Gasthof Kaiserdom is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

32. Brauerei Gasthof Kaiserdom

Italian Restaurant · 1 tip
Heumarkt is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

33. Heumarkt

Heumarkt, Bamberg, Bayern
Plaza · No tips or reviews
Luitpold Boulevard Café is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

34. Luitpold Boulevard Café

Schönleinsplatz 4, Bamberg, Bayern
Café · 8 tips and reviews
Sandkerwa is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

35. Sandkerwa

Untere Sandstraße, Bamberg, Bayern
Fair · No tips or reviews
Heska is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

36. Heska

Austraße 10, Bamberg, Bayern
Hookah Bar · 1 tip
Lewinsky's is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

37. Lewinsky's

Untere Sandstr. 16, Bamberg, Bayern
Cocktail Bar · 4 tips and reviews
Obere Pfarre is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

38. Obere Pfarre

Church · No tips or reviews
Klinikum Bamberg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

39. Klinikum Bamberg

Buger Str. 80, Bamberg, Bayern
Hospital · No tips or reviews
Flugplatz Bamberg is one of Bamberg #4sqCities.

40. Flugplatz Bamberg

Airport · 1 tip

41. Plärrer

Bamberg, Bayern
Event Space · No tips or reviews