Federico's Partner Badges

You can earn partner badges by following brands pages and then checking in at places those brands want you to experience.

NFL: Washington Redskins


Vodafone Italy: Vodafone Passport


visitPA: PA Shooflyer


visitPA: PA Retail Polka


visitPA: PA 4 Score & 7


visitPA: Groundhog Day


Event: U.S. National Soccer Team


visitPA: Lock & Keystone


visitPA: PA Groundhog Day 2012


visitPA: Groundhog Day 2013


The Urban Daily: It's All Black Music


NYPL: NYPL Centennial


Event: Telefonica


supermodelme: SuperConnected


supermodelme: SuperStyle


Starbucks: Starbucks Tribute


Queensland: Shine Seeker


Perry Ellis: Perry Ellis Heritage


Pepsi: Pepsi Summer Fun


Victoria's Secret: Victoria's Secret - Bombshell


Lufthansa: Lufthansa Eurovision Song Contest 2011


Lufthansa: Lufthansa Oktoberfest 2011


Ellen: Riff Raffer


Ellen: Sounds So Good


Audi: Audi Winter Ride

March 10, 2012 

Marc Jacobs Intl: Fashion Victim 2011


NASA: Curiosity Explorer


mtvU Spring Break 2012: mtvU Spring Break 2012


MOMA: Art Addict