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Bostonian living in China for more than a decade. Foursquare Super-User. If have any issues with venues in China, please DM @FoursquareChina on Twitter.

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Dave Mc
13 places updated September 11, 2018
Venues to visit in Fukuoka. Cruise from China, so I'll only be on land for 2 days and don't want to miss the coolest places to see!
Dave Mc
0 places updated September 4, 2018
The coolest places on the planet, a representation of human culture.
Dave Mc
35 places updated September 16, 2018
Places that I'm just dying to go....
Dave Mc
9 places updated September 26, 2018
These venues have the languages messed up and we should check if someone is deleting translations.
Dave Mc
168 places updated September 25, 2018
United States' Embassies, Consulates and Missions in Europe, Asia & Oceania.
Dave Mc
112 places updated September 25, 2018
United States' Embassies, Consulates and Missions in North America, South America, and Africa.
    Dave's Recent Tips
    "It's OK and something fun to experience, especially if you've never been to China before but honestly, the outdoor show at Huaqing Palace is much better and will really knock your socks off."
    Dave McDave Mc · 11 hours ago
    Performing Arts
    · 西安, 中国
    "The food is just so-so, and as a foreigner, I found the show not very interesting even with a table full of translators. It's a fun experience though, but not on par with the show at Huaqing Palace."
    Dave McDave Mc · 11 hours ago
    · 西安, 中国
    "Every time my kids have to attend a birthday party, we end up here looking for a gift. Every time, we find nothing - very disappointing. 😟"
    Dave McDave Mc · 1 day ago
    Toys & Games
    · Xuhui, 中国
    "Be careful, the single-serving snacks seem really cheap so you fill up the basket and don’t realize you just bought ¥250 of cashews and duck tongues! 🦆"
    Dave McDave Mc · 1 day ago
    · Yangpu, 中国
    "Location is really good, no one knows about this first floor shop, so there’s no line, but... they don’t know how to make coffee yet! The foam on the cold brew made the coffee tan! ☕️"
    Dave McDave Mc · 2 days ago
    Coffee Shop
    · Jing’an, 中国
    "Hidden in the corner, you can’t even see the logo, but.... still every single seat is taken. I hope Xi Jingping slaps these guys!"
    Dave McDave Mc · 2 days ago
    Coffee Shop
    · Xuhui, 中国