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An avid travel enthusiast with a knack for fine dining. HZ's collection of favorite locations, spots, and destinations.

Chicago Ridge, IL
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Halden Zimmermann
10 places updated September 16, 2016
10 places including Balena, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Benefit, Trunk Club - Chicago
Halden Zimmermann
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In this comprehensive list, you will discover a collection of locations that feature services regarding consulting.
Halden Zimmermann
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This is a collection of business organizations which serve the automotive industry. You will discover great discounts and tips after reading this comprehensive guideline on car dealerships and more.
Halden Zimmermann
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Some of favorite eateries.
Halden Zimmermann
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A list of some of the best eateries in Morton Grove, IL.
Halden Zimmermann
20 places updated
20 places including Top of the Rock Observation Deck, The NoMad Hotel, Lincoln Memorial, Magic Kingdom® Park
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