Hendra's Partner Badges

You can earn partner badges by following brands pages and then checking in at places those brands want you to experience.

Mario Batali: Mario Batali

February 23, 2011 


People: PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive

February 17, 2011 

Whitney Museum: Whitneyphile



Bravo: Bravo Newbie

February 16, 2011 

Bravo: Andy Cohen


Bravo: Just Desserts


Event: Telefonica


Event: BlackBerry Scene


Event: BlackBerry MWC11


sxsw2011: BlackBerry SXSW 2011


Mazda: MAZDA2 Button Masher


Mazda: MAZDA2 Beat Junkie


Mazda: MAZDA2 Style Guru


Mazda: MAZDA2 Inner Driver



BBC America: BBC America Rugby

February 16, 2011 

Louis Vuitton: LV Insider



Starbucks: Barista

February 12, 2011 

Event: Blackberry Swarm

March 19, 2011 


Harry Potter: Harry Potter

July 15, 2011