Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan is one of Belgrade.

1. Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan

(Beogradska tvrđava | Kalemegdan)
Kalemegdan bb, Београд, Central Serbia
Castle · Kalemegdan · 147 tips and reviews

Demetrios Ch. V.Demetrios Ch. V.: nice panorama of the rivers Sava&Danube!Spend a day here to see it!(it's huge!) don't miss the Military Museum(open10-17),with an open air section showing the tanks and cannons of the two world wars!!

2. Trg republike

Trg republike (Francuska), Београд, Central Serbia
Plaza · Trg Republike · 88 tips and reviews

Marcus A.Marcus Agar: Hook up to the free wi-fi from the nearby cafes, if you're a tourist and want to avoid roaming charges to check emails etc.

Skadarlija is one of Belgrade.

3. Skadarlija

Skadarska, Београд, Central Serbia
Pedestrian Plaza · Stari Grad · 118 tips and reviews

BWMarija®BWMarija®: At the top of Skadarlija,just next to the fountain with three female faces,you'll find a cute very old bakery... Try the specialty "gulaš u lepinji"- Meat stew in a bread roll to go

Narodna skupština Republike Srbije is one of Belgrade.

4. Narodna skupština Republike Srbije

Trg Nikole Pašića 13, Београд, Central Serbia
Capitol Building · Stari Grad · 17 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: On October 5th of 2000 this area was witness to the main events of the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević.

Knez Mihailova is one of Belgrade.

5. Knez Mihailova

Knez Mihailova, Београд, Central Serbia
Pedestrian Plaza · Stari Grad · 225 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: Main pedestrian and shopping promenade of the city. It can get fairly crowded on days with nice weather. Excellent area to sit in a café and people watch through the window.

Square Nine ***** is one of Belgrade.

6. Square Nine *****

Studentski trg 9 (Uzun Mirkova), Београд, Central Serbia
Hotel · Stari Grad · 72 tips and reviews

Tijana S.Tijana Stojanovic: best restaurant in the city !

Moskva **** is one of Belgrade.

7. Moskva ****

Terazije 20 (Balkanska), Београд, Central Serbia
Hotel · Trg Republike · 91 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: Built in 1906, recently refurbished, this centrally located hotel combines history and great service and includes a restaurant and cafe open to all.

8. Noir Beograd

Trg Republik, Београд, Central Serbia
Nightclub · Trg Republike · 3 tips and reviews

MARIA Z.MARIA Zen: Oh my God!!! This party is spesial for gay!!! But they are fun!:)

Klub Apartman is one of Belgrade.

9. Klub Apartman

Karađorđeva 43 (Male stepenice), Београд, Central Serbia
Gay Bar · Stari Grad · 11 tips and reviews

Dejan Z.Dejan Z.: Best Belgrade's queer parties ever!

Via del Gusto is one of Belgrade.

10. Via del Gusto

Knez Mihailova 48, Београд, Central Serbia
Italian Restaurant · Stari Grad · 161 tips and reviews

Antti N.Antti Nieminen: Breakfast is great!

Fenix is one of Belgrade.

11. Fenix

Патријарха Варнаве 13, Београд, Central Serbia
Gay Bar · Vračar · 3 tips and reviews
Tel Aviv Hummus House is one of Belgrade.

12. Tel Aviv Hummus House

Carice Milice 3 (Brankova), Београд, Central Serbia
Falafel Restaurant · Stari Grad · 69 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: Israeli proprietor brings authentic Falafel, Hummus, Kebabs and other middle eastern specialties to Belgrade

Kafanica Suvobor is one of Belgrade.

13. Kafanica Suvobor

Kralja Petra 70, Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Dorćol · 4 tips and reviews

NormanNorman: I like their Uštipci

Terazije is one of Belgrade.

14. Terazije

Terazije, Београд, Central Serbia
Plaza · Trg Nikole Pašića · 40 tips and reviews

Dimitris K.Dimitris Kanellopoulos: Go straight to Noir

Smiley is one of Belgrade.

15. Smiley

Terazije 5 (in passage leading to Cumiceva), Београд, Central Serbia
Gay Bar · Trg Republike · 6 tips and reviews

James A.James A Gunn: Small 'n smokey

16. Hram Svetog Save

Krušedolska 2a (Bore Stankovića), Београд, Central Serbia
Church · Neimar · 61 tips and reviews

danilo p.danilo pellegrinelli: the largest orthodox cathedral on the balkans, and one of the largest orthodox cathedrals in the world! unfortunately, mostly completed but the internal decorations still unfinished.

Nikola Tesla Museum is one of Belgrade.

17. Nikola Tesla Museum

(Музеј Николе Тесле)
Krunska 51 (Prote Mateje), Београд, Central Serbia
Science Museum · Vračar · 211 tips and reviews

massifmassif: Pay homage to one of the greatest geniuses of XIX-XX century, definitely worth a visit! Tickets includes a map of Belgrade.

Ruski Car is one of Belgrade.

18. Ruski Car

Obilićev Venac 29, Београд, Central Serbia
Breakfast Spot · Stari Grad · 8 tips and reviews

Gunnar P.Gunnar Peipman: Restaurant menu is very good. I suggest to try out foods from national kitchen.

19. Pivnica Klobasa

Masarikov trg 16 (Kej oslobođenja), Земун, Central Serbia
Diner · 31 tips and reviews
Velike stepenice is one of Belgrade.

20. Velike stepenice

Velike Stepenice 1 (Karađorđeva), Београд, Central Serbia
Diner · Stari Grad · 74 tips and reviews
Novak is one of Belgrade.

21. Novak

Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 54a, Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Novi Beograd · 73 tips and reviews

Nenad S.Nenad Stefanovic: You have to try "Pepper Steak"

Supermarket Concept Store is one of Belgrade.

22. Supermarket Concept Store

Uzun Mirkova 8 (btw Cara Uroša and Kralja Petra), Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Dorćol · 254 tips and reviews

Marcus A.Marcus Agar: A perfect place to get some work done of the laptop, using the free wi-fi, while enjoying an incredible fruit smoothie

23. Kula Sibinjanin Janka | Milenijumska kula

Gardoš (Grobljanska), Београд, Central Serbia
Historic Site · Gardoš · 45 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: This tower built in 1896 offers a nice view of Zemun and surroundings as well as occasional art expositions inside.

Iguana is one of Belgrade.

24. Iguana

Karađorđeva 2-4, Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Kalemegdan · 128 tips and reviews

Lyndon W.Lyndon Wright: The best food I had in Belgrade this trip and live jazz band as well highly recommended

Monument is one of Belgrade.

25. Monument

Čika Ljubina 9, Београд, Central Serbia
Italian Restaurant · Trg Republike · 161 tips and reviews

Ivan D.Ivan Dimitrijevic: Try Monument sandwich!

Proleće is one of Belgrade.

26. Proleće

Vuka Karadžića 11 (Carice Milice), Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Stari Grad · 49 tips and reviews

Belgrade N.Belgrade Nightlife Academy: Restaurant where nothing changed since socialism. Cool '80s interior. Join our Kafana Class to visit it and learn about the food and drinks of Serbia!

Sta je tu je is one of Belgrade.

27. Sta je tu je

Pop lukina 4, Београд, Central Serbia
Eastern European Restaurant · Stari Grad · 3 tips and reviews

Belgrade N.Belgrade Nightlife Academy: Great traditional restaurant. Visit it with and get great discounts on food and drinks!

Šiš ćevap is one of Belgrade.

28. Šiš ćevap

Bulevar maršala Tolbuhina 27 (btw Palmira Toljatija and Gramšijeva), Земун, Central Serbia
BBQ Joint · Novi Beograd · 84 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: any time of day or night there will be a huge line in front of this place, they are a 24hr junk food powerhouse

Loki is one of Belgrade.

29. Loki

Gospodar Jovanova 27 (Kralja Petra), Београд, Central Serbia
BBQ Joint · Dorćol · 67 tips and reviews

MilošMiloš: favourite late night stop for party-goers coming out of clubs located in downtown, open 24h.

Lorenzo & Kakalamba is one of Belgrade.

30. Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Cvijićeva 110 (Vladetina), Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Vukov Spomenik · 362 tips and reviews

Nenad N.Nenad Nikolić: Great combo of excellent specialties from South-East Serbia (Pirot), Tuscany (Florence) and surreal enterior. Every serious tourist should check it out!

Mala fabrika ukusa is one of Belgrade.

31. Mala fabrika ukusa

Nebojšina 49a (btw Lamartinova and Rudnička), Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Neimar · 191 tips and reviews

Masha L.Masha Leshchinskaya: Great traditional Serbian food and rakias! Check out chivapy (small kebabs) - they are truly delicious!

Villa Maska is one of Belgrade.

32. Villa Maska

Rankeova 7, Београд
Restaurant · Neimar · 194 tips and reviews

Marcel M.Marcel Marty: Probably one of the best restaurants in Belgrade. Try the grilled steak... It's awsome... :)

Slavija is one of Belgrade.

33. Slavija

Slavija, Београд, Central Serbia
Plaza · Vračar · 51 tips and reviews

Vladimir L.Vladimir LoOney: Next to Slavija Square is Slavija Park. Not that big but cool for chillout. There's also a playground for kids.

Manjež is one of Belgrade.

34. Manjež

Nemanjina, Београд, Central Serbia
Park · Cvetni Trg · 23 tips and reviews

35. Dorćol

Београд, Central Serbia
Neighborhood · 26 tips and reviews

David H.David Hill: The smartest, best looking, greatest love-makers live in this neighborhood!

Čorba kafe is one of Belgrade.

36. Čorba kafe

Braće Krsmanovića 3 (btw Crnogorska and Travnička), Београд, Central Serbia
Rock Club · Savski Venac · 33 tips and reviews
Ада Циганлија | Ada Ciganlija is one of Belgrade.

37. Ада Циганлија | Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija 2, Београд, Central Serbia
Lake · 152 tips and reviews

Danijel G.Danijel Gajan: Rent a bicycle for an hour and take a long relaxing ride around the lake. Better yet, do it with someone special ;)

38. Bajlonijeva pijaca | Pijaca Skadarlija

Skadarska bb (Džordža Vašingtona), Београд, Central Serbia
Farmers Market · Stari Grad · 29 tips and reviews
Skica is one of Belgrade.

39. Skica

Kosančićev Venac 28, Београд, Central Serbia
Café · Stari Grad · 23 tips and reviews

Zoran T.Zoran Torbica: beautifull panorama

Mornar is one of Belgrade.

40. Mornar

Dečanska 2, Београд, Central Serbia
Diner · Trg Republike · 20 tips and reviews
Znak pitanja (?) is one of Belgrade.

41. Znak pitanja (?)

Kralja Petra 6 (Kneza Sime Markovića), Београд, Central Serbia
Restaurant · Stari Grad · 149 tips and reviews
Buregdžinica Sarajevo is one of Belgrade.

42. Buregdžinica Sarajevo

Svetogorska 38, Београд, Central Serbia
Pie Shop · Stari Grad · 62 tips and reviews

Stevan S.Stevan Soskic: the best burek in the city.

Zemunska pijaca is one of Belgrade.

43. Zemunska pijaca

Masarikov trg 17 (Piljarska), Београд, Central Serbia
Farmers Market · Zemun · 16 tips and reviews

44. Mystic

Cumiceva 2 (Nusiceva), Београд, Central Serbia
Gay Bar · Trg Republike · 1 tip

James A.James A Gunn: Pop til 22h, turbofolk after

Pionirski park is one of Belgrade.

45. Pionirski park

Dragoslava Jovanovića, Београд, Central Serbia
Park · Stari Grad · 22 tips and reviews
Šta Je Tu Je is one of Belgrade.

46. Šta Je Tu Je

Cara Dušana 18 (Rige od Fere), Београд, Central Serbia
Eastern European Restaurant · Dorćol · 3 tips and reviews

Konstantin S.Konstantin Selenic: Cozy atmosphere, Incredible domestic food and amazing wild game specialties!

Jugoslavija *** is one of Belgrade.

47. Jugoslavija ***

Bulevar Nikole Tesle 3 (btw Aleksinačkih rudara and Goce Delčeva), Београд, Central Serbia
Hotel · Novi Beograd · 9 tips and reviews
Palata Srbije | SIV 1 is one of Belgrade.

48. Palata Srbije | SIV 1

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2, Београд, Central Serbia
Government Building · Ušće · 15 tips and reviews
Toma is one of Belgrade.

49. Toma

Kolarčeva 6, Београд, Central Serbia
Bakery · Trg Republike · 83 tips and reviews

Chad R.Chad Rains: Good pastries - savory & sweet - for 5am munchies after big night out. :)

Zemun is one of Belgrade.

50. Zemun

Београд, Central Serbia
Neighborhood · 43 tips and reviews