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Las Vegas, NV
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    "This is a great spot to enjoy the view, beat the heat and have a bite to eat!" · June 17, 2011
    · Mount Charleston, United States
    "There is no better place in Las Vegas to experience the community of artists that congregate here. Grab a coffee at The Beat and enjoy all of the spaces in the building. You can get lost for hours!" · May 5, 2011
    Art Gallery
    · Las Vegas, United States
    "One of the last skateparks in North Las Vegas, it's great for one-of-a-kind bench and ledge areas for street skating. Infamous for the local crowd, we call this park "Bueno"." · May 5, 2011
    Baseball Field
    · North Las Vegas, United States
    "This skatepark is for advanced transitional skaters. This is a vert-skater playground. Wear a helmet and keep your eyes peeled for the "hidden bowl"!" · May 5, 2011
    Baseball Field
    · Las Vegas, United States
    "Unfortunately, this park is going to be moving to a new location, but we can't wait to get gnar when it opens!!!" · May 5, 2011
    Concert Hall
    · Las Vegas, United States
    "This park is super new and it's one of the few wooden parks in the Las Vegas area. If you're looking for smooth ground, this is a great park for you." · May 5, 2011
    Skate Park
    · Henderson, United States