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Non-smoker, food loving, coffee drinking and non-driving Local of the Sydney Inner West .......

New South Wales
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John Patrick
3 places updated September 6, 2015
3 places including Carlisle Castle Hotel, Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, Munich Brauhaus
John Patrick
6 places updated August 15, 2015
6 places including Health Service Library, Rainforrest Cafe, Coffs Base Hospital Courtyard 12, Surgical Unit - Coffs Base Hospital
John Patrick
11 places updated August 15, 2015
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John Patrick
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John Patrick
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John Patrick
13 places updated February 18, 2015
13 places including Bellingen Gelato Bar, Big Banana, Harbour Side Markets, Cunningham's Bananas
    John's Recent Tips
    "Sandwich select is good. Had the steak sandwich and the Ruebin with the pulled pork. Both was yummy. On the dear side, maybe due to it being pair of Aanuka Beach Resort. Large coffee is $5.50"
    John PatrickJohn Patrick · February 18, 2015
    · Coffs Harbour, Australia
    "No longer using eCoffeeCard for frequent sippers. Now using the more popular "Rewardle" card system. Since I em into the frequent sippers cards, luck I have both."
    John PatrickJohn Patrick · September 8, 2014
    · Camperdown, Australia
    "Opal card is now in use at this platform and station. Good to see that this station has retained some of the old buildings which adds to its charm."
    John PatrickJohn Patrick · March 4, 2014
    · Stanmore, Australia
    "Now has eftpos. Sadly dose not do homemade relishes anymore :-("
    John PatrickJohn Patrick · February 14, 2014
    Coffee Shop
    · Leichhardt, Australia
    "Fairly standard coffee prices. Some of the item in the window are on the dear side. Friendly service."
    John PatrickJohn Patrick · February 12, 2014
    · Hunters Hill, Australia
    "Now has an shade due sail that has been put up. Bin has also been moved from around the corner to bus stop itself."
    John PatrickJohn Patrick · February 12, 2014
    Bus Station
    · Sydney, Australia