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      • New York, United States (46)
      • Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, United States (10)
      • Chelsea, New York, United States (5)
      • Sunset Park, Brooklyn, United States (5)
      • East Village, New York, United States (5)
      • American Restaurants (5)
      • Pizza Places (4)
      • Mexican Restaurants (4)
      • Flatiron District, New York, United States (3)
      • Bars (3)
      • Theme Parks (3)
      • Coffee Shops (3)
      • NoMad, New York, United States (3)
      • Valencia, United States (2)
      • Bakeries (2)
      • Philadelphia, United States (2)
      • Italian Restaurants (2)
      • Cajun / Creole Restaurants (2)
      • Burger Joints (2)
      • Spanish Restaurants (2)
      • BBQ Joints (2)
      • Performing Arts Venues (2)
      • San Diego, United States (2)
      • Tamaqua, United States (2)
      • Jim Thorpe, United States (2)
      • Estes Park, United States (1)
      • Washington Park, Denver, United States (1)
      • Denver, United States (1)
      • Sandwich Places (1)
      • Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • Garment District, New York, United States (1)
      • Savannah, United States (1)
      • Cuban Restaurants (1)
      • Caribbean Restaurants (1)
      • Salons / Barbershops (1)
      • Koreatown, New York, United States (1)
      • Río Grande, Puerto Rico (1)
      • East Meadow, United States (1)
      • Jackson, United States (1)
      • San Francisco, United States (1)
      • Downtown Savannah, Savannah, United States (1)
      • Center City East, Philadelphia, United States (1)
      • Nassau, Bahamas (1)
      • Jackson Heights, Queens, United States (1)
      • San Juan, Puerto Rico (1)
      • Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • Lower East Side, New York, United States (1)
      • Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • French Restaurants (1)
      • Dessert Shops (1)
      • Breweries (1)
      • Fast Food Restaurants (1)
      • Bagel Shops (1)
      • Drugstores / Pharmacies (1)
      • Hot Dog Joints (1)
      • Antique Shops (1)
      • Bridal Shops (1)
      • Seafood Restaurants (1)
      • Movie Theaters (1)
      • Chinese Restaurants (1)
      • Thai Restaurants (1)
      • Hotels (1)
      • South American Restaurants (1)
      • Indian Restaurants (1)
      • Hillcrest, San Diego, United States (1)
      • Upper East Side, New York, United States (1)
      • Pismo Beach, United States (1)
      • Irish Channel, New Orleans, United States (1)
      • Longwood, United States (1)
      • Gravesend, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, United States (1)
      • Mission Dolores, San Francisco, United States (1)
      • Mission Beach, San Diego, United States (1)
      • Luquillo, Puerto Rico (1)
      • Casselberry, United States (1)
      • Financial District, New York, United States (1)
      • New Orleans, United States (1)
      • Union Square, New York, United States (1)
      • Farmers Markets (1)
      • Dim Sum Restaurants (1)
      • Karaoke Bars (1)
      • Korean Restaurants (1)
      • Parks (1)
      • Soup Places (1)
      • Hobby Shops (1)
      • Diners (1)
      • Steakhouses (1)
      Devil's FoodOctober 28, 2014
      • Denver, United States

      Pomegranate Crepe was incredible when paired with the salty bacon. Amazing breakfast spot!

      Smokin Dave's BBQ and TaphouseOctober 20, 2014
      • Estes Park, United States

      Pulled pork was delicious but the baked beans stole the show for me. All around pretty solid BBQ, will definitely come back.

      IgnatiusMay 24, 2014
      Cajun / Creole
      • New Orleans, United States

      I gotta say, the food was a big "meh" but they sure make a refreshing Pimms cup!

      Hongchun Korean BBQApril 14, 2014
      • New York, United States

      Not worth the price. Nice interior, great service but the meat was so bland and tasteless. You're better off going a little further down to K-town.

      Goldie's Conch HouseDecember 5, 2013
      • Nassau, Bahamas

      If you come here without ordering conch in some form then you've missed out. I prefer the fritters, they're so good! Also, grilled grouper is incredibly good! This is the local spot to come to!!

      Ruriberto's Taco ShopNovember 14, 2013
      • San Diego, United States

      Carne Asada is good here but you know you're coming for the Fish Taco's. They are the best I've had here and they're open late for you and your late night drunk buddies.

      ChocolatNovember 14, 2013
      • San Diego, United States

      Chocolate ravioli wasn't as good as I'd hoped but certainly not bad. The pumpkin ravioli was magical if you're into Pumpkin! Gelato martini's are a must and any desert here is sure to make you smile.

      The Riddler's RevengeNovember 11, 2013
      Theme Park
      • Valencia, United States

      There goes my chance to have children! Now I know what scrambled eggs feel like! Wasaaaaay to rough!! I'd avoid if possible!

      Full ThrottleNovember 11, 2013
      Theme Park
      • Valencia, United States

      Worth the wait! It's best to know nothing about this ride and let it surprise you! We traveled from 6 Flags Great Adventure in NJ and this exceeded our expectations! Don't leave without riding it!

      Mo's Smoke HouseNovember 10, 2013
      • Pismo Beach, United States

      Anything here will knock your socks off from the shredded beef to the coleslaw! Top it off with their Sweet Carolina sauce and you'll be napping a lovely food coma in no time! Seriously delicious!!

      Mission Beach CafeNovember 4, 2013
      New American
      • San Francisco, United States

      If you leave here without ordering the Mushroom Eggs Benedict, I will personally barge in and punch you in the face! Don't think I won't!

      Mad. Sq. EatsOctober 17, 2013
      Food Court
      • New York, United States

      The. "El Tartufo" Panini at Charlito's Cocina is a true gem. It's certainly expensive but you'll know why once you sink your teeth into it. Order one early cause they run out of truffled salami fast!

      El ToroOctober 7, 2013
      Theme Park
      • Jackson, United States

      If you leave the park without getting on this coaster, then you've wasted your money.

      El ToroAugust 19, 2013
      • New York, United States

      The Breakfast Burritos here are so good! The eggs are perfectly fluffy. Chorizo is the way to go!

      Pounds & OuncesAugust 17, 2013
      • New York, United States

      Underwhelming at best. No ice in water, food was undercooked and way overpriced. Perhaps I came on a bad night cause all other reviews are great.

      Basile's Italian Restaurant and PizzeriaMay 26, 2013
      • Tamaqua, United States

      Eating here was the most pleasant surprise! Everything was great but the real magic is the Red Snapper & Baby Shrimp over angel hair pasta. Next time we're here, we're definitely coming back!

      Mariella PizzaMay 16, 2013
      • New York, United States

      Now that's a tasty chicken roll!

      Mad. Sq. EatsMay 10, 2013
      Food Court
      • New York, United States

      Sonrisa's Empenadas are the BEST Empenadas I've ever had. You can't go wrong with the beef, but the real magic is with the Chicken Curry. Don't leave here without grabbing one!

      Wendy'sMarch 16, 2013
      Fast Food
      • Brooklyn, United States

      For the time it took for my food to come out, I was expecting it to come out on fine china with real silverware and a glass of wine.

      Huey's Southern CafeMarch 12, 2013
      Cajun / Creole
      • Savannah, United States

      Fried Green Tomatoes.........nuff said!