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      • American Restaurants (18)
      • Mexican Restaurants (9)
      • Italian Restaurants (7)
      • Los Angeles, United States (43)
      • Venice, Los Angeles, United States (13)
      • Venice, United States (13)
      • New York, United States (13)
      • Santa Monica, United States (12)
      • Mid-City West, Los Angeles, United States (11)
      • Seafood Restaurants (6)
      • Hotels (6)
      • Coffee Shops (6)
      • Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, United States (6)
      • Ocean Park, Santa Monica, United States (6)
      • San Francisco, United States (6)
      • Culver City, United States (5)
      • Cafés (5)
      • Bakeries (5)
      • Vietnamese Restaurants (4)
      • Silver Lake, Los Angeles, United States (4)
      • NoLita, New York, United States (4)
      • West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, United States (3)
      • Mission Dolores, San Francisco, United States (3)
      • Food Trucks (3)
      • Ramen / Noodle Houses (3)
      • Pizza Places (3)
      • Ice Cream Shops (3)
      • Donut Shops (3)
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      • Austin, United States (2)
      • East Village, New York, United States (2)
      • Palm Springs, United States (2)
      • Burger Joints (2)
      • Sushi Restaurants (2)
      • Wilshire-Montana, Santa Monica, United States (2)
      • Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants (2)
      • Dessert Shops (2)
      • Wine Bars (2)
      • Indian Restaurants (2)
      • Design Studios (2)
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      • Bars (2)
      • Bagel Shops (2)
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      • Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, United States (2)
      • Portland, United States (2)
      • Beverly Hills, United States (2)
      • Washington Culver, Culver City, United States (2)
      • San Gabriel, United States (2)
      • Southside, Berkeley, United States (2)
      • Berkeley, United States (2)
      • Seattle, United States (2)
      • Philadelphia, United States (2)
      • Reykjavik, Iceland (2)
      • Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States (2)
      • Rosedale, Austin, United States (1)
      • Bouldin Creek, Austin, United States (1)
      • Outer Sunset, San Francisco, United States (1)
      • East Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States (1)
      • Alameda, United States (1)
      • NoMad, New York, United States (1)
      • Rosemead, United States (1)
      • Pico, Santa Monica, United States (1)
      • Culver-West, Culver City, United States (1)
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      • Palms, Los Angeles, United States (1)
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      • Hosford-Abernethy, Portland, United States (1)
      • Hell's Kitchen, New York, United States (1)
      • Mission District, San Gabriel, United States (1)
      • San Pedro, United States (1)
      • Marina del Rey, United States (1)
      • Mission District, San Francisco, United States (1)
      • Alhambra, United States (1)
      • West Village, New York, United States (1)
      • South Robertson, Los Angeles, United States (1)
      • Downtown Santa Ana, Santa Ana, United States (1)
      • Temple City, United States (1)
      • North San Gabriel, San Gabriel, United States (1)
      • Westwood, Los Angeles, United States (1)
      • Tenderloin, San Francisco, United States (1)
      • Historic Cultural, Los Angeles, United States (1)
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      • Kärntner Viertel, Vienna, Austria (1)
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      • Manayunk, Philadelphia, United States (1)
      • Wilshire Center - Koreatown, Los Angeles, United States (1)
      • José Ignacio, Uruguay (1)
      • Mediterranean Restaurants (1)
      • Playa del Rey, United States (1)
      • Tribeca, New York, United States (1)
      • Lower East Side, New York, United States (1)
      • Ballard, Seattle, United States (1)
      Stir Market3 days ago
      • Los Angeles, United States

      snore bore claw my eyes out. nothing special, except for the steak which was so salty it was mummifying.

      Tandoor A India6 days ago
      • Playa del Rey, United States

      i can never decide between the chicken tikka masala and the butter chicken so i usually order both. one of my favorite places to get delivery when i want to be a blob on my couch.

      Primitivo Wine Bistro1 week ago
      Wine Bar
      • Venice, United States

      gjelina steals their thunder, but the food here is great and there is no crazy wait. the ribeye, scallops with corn puree, and paella are my favorites. i like their elderberry white sangria too.

      La Isla Bonita2 weeks ago
      Food Truck
      • Venice, United States

      so cheap, so delicious. my usual order is 2 asada tacos and the ceviche tostada.

      ICDC Beverly3 weeks ago
      • Los Angeles, United States

      the salt and pepper caramel donut when you want something ooey gooey and rich; the brown butter donut when you want a classic. or both if you're a greedy bastard like me. they were damn good!

      Ostrich FarmMarch 16
      • Los Angeles, United States

      i hoovered the flatbread with grilled leeks, stilton, and potatoes. 'twas mighty tasty.

      Expertise in American Restaurants
      Mission CantinaMarch 12
      • New York, United States

      i love their vietnamese breakfast. it comes with free snacks like shrimp chips and fried eggs with maggi sauce. ah, sweet ole' maggi sauce...condiment of my childhood.

      Expertise in Mexican Restaurants
      EstelaMarch 10
      • New York, United States

      delicious food and a wonderfully charming staff. we enjoyed everything we ordered, but the fried arroz negro with squid and good, me wants to cry. two thumbs, way the eff up.

      Expertise in American Restaurants
      Arcade BakeryMarch 9
      • New York, United States

      a twig b-tch's nightmare (but carby heaven for the rest of us). sammies available starting at 11am and pizzas at noon. get the chocolate pear danish if you're here for breakfast.

      Hotel San JoseMarch 5
      • Austin, United States

      wonderful hotel in an excellent location. lots of things to see, hear, and eat within a stone's throw. really sweet staff too.

      UchikoMarch 5
      • Austin, United States

      i had my bday dinner here and it was lovely. the menu is extensive so if i had to favorites: the hot rock (sear your own wagyu beef), scallop sushi, and fried milk dessert. skip the rolls.

      Odys and PenelopeFebruary 26
      • Los Angeles, United States

      the grilled blue prawns and fried mushrooms starters are so amazing! sadly, we didn't like our meats: the sirloin cap was tough and the bacon wrapped chicken's glaze gives it a holiday ham vibe.

      Expertise in American Restaurants
      Poppy + RoseFebruary 16
      • Los Angeles, United States

      the fried chicken sammie is the way to go. the bun is so light and fluffy, you'll think it's fat free, calorie free, and just the greatest thing to eat on a sunday afternoon.

      Faith & FlowerFebruary 16
      • Los Angeles, United States

      the crab risotto is like a warm hug. please order it, along with the tempura green beans and smashed potatoes.

      DinetteJanuary 5
      • Los Angeles, United States

      the strawberry waffle. love you, be mine always.

      BrilliantShineDecember 24, 2014
      • Santa Monica, United States

      food is good but beware - our server helped herself to a little extra lovin' by adding a $20 tip on our $53 bill...on top of the cash we left her. tsk tsk. thank goodness for amex customer service.

      Expertise in American Restaurants
      Hotel 101December 5, 2014
      • Reykjavik, Iceland

      excellent location and the staff is very sweet. room 505 has a great view overlooking the water and harpa.

      Spark | Design SpaceNovember 25, 2014
      • Reykjavik, Iceland

      sigga the owner is lovely and teaches at the design academy, so many featured artists have been students. the basement houses previous work so you can buy prints and such without bankrupting yourself.

      Black Seed BagelsNovember 13, 2014
      • New York, United States

      the #1 with tobiko cream cheese, hold the tomato. contrary to my usual greedy tendencies, i prefer the smaller bagel's perfect. c'mon, there's TOBIKO SPREAD.

      The Classic CoffeeNovember 13, 2014
      Coffee Shop
      • Los Angeles, United States

      damn good coffee and the space sure is puuurty --- i love the wall of planters.

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