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      • Vancouver, United States (75)
      • Breweries (17)
      • Portland, United States (63)
      • Esther Short, Vancouver, United States (15)
      • Coffee Shops (14)
      • American Restaurants (13)
      • Northeast Hazel Dell, Hazel Dell, United States (12)
      • Downtown Portland, Portland, United States (11)
      • Bars (8)
      • Northeast Hazel Dell-Starcrest, Hazel Dell, United States (8)
      • Mexican Restaurants (7)
      • Pubs (7)
      • Grocery Stores (6)
      • Clothing Stores (6)
      • North Sifton - Orchards, Orchards, United States (6)
      • West Hazel Dell, Hazel Dell, United States (4)
      • Seattle, United States (4)
      • Pizza Places (4)
      • Salons / Barbershops (4)
      • Hotels (4)
      • Pearl, Portland, United States (4)
      • BBQ Joints (4)
      • Boise, Portland, United States (4)
      • Cafés (3)
      • Outdoors & Recreation (3)
      • Overlook, Portland, United States (3)
      • Columbia Way, Vancouver, United States (3)
      • Northeast Hillsboro, Hillsboro, United States (3)
      • Hillsboro, United States (3)
      • King, Portland, United States (3)
      • Troutdale, United States (3)
      • Eliot, Portland, United States (2)
      • Boca Raton, United States (2)
      • Hazel Dell, United States (2)
      • Cascade Park, Vancouver, United States (2)
      • Hardware Stores (2)
      • Ice Cream Shops (2)
      • Fast Food Restaurants (2)
      • Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants (2)
      • San Diego, United States (2)
      • Lloyd District, Portland, United States (2)
      • Old Town Chinatown, Portland, United States (2)
      • Montavilla, Portland, United States (2)
      • Bowling Alleys (2)
      • Beaverton, United States (2)
      • Southern / Soul Food Restaurants (2)
      • Waikoloa, United States (2)
      • Kailua, United States (2)
      • Airports (2)
      • Clackamas, United States (2)
      • Food Trucks (2)
      • Parks (2)
      • Breakfast Spots (2)
      • Fircrest, Vancouver, United States (2)
      • Queen Anne, Seattle, United States (2)
      • Hillsdale, Portland, United States (2)
      • Hayden Island, Portland, United States (2)
      • Wings Joints (1)
      • Fried Chicken Joints (1)
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      • Sellwood-Moreland, Portland, United States (1)
      • Irvington, Portland, United States (1)
      • North Tabor, Portland, United States (1)
      • Snoqualmie Pass, United States (1)
      • Marina, San Diego, United States (1)
      • Woodstock, Portland, United States (1)
      • Carson, United States (1)
      • Gaslamp, San Diego, United States (1)
      • Richmond, Portland, United States (1)
      • Miami Springs, United States (1)
      • Arnada, Vancouver, United States (1)
      • South Portland, Portland, United States (1)
      • Miami Beach, United States (1)
      • Goose Hollow, Portland, United States (1)
      • Hilo, United States (1)
      • Kenton, Portland, United States (1)
      • Donut Shops (1)
      • Cannon Beach, United States (1)
      • Battle Ground, United States (1)
      • Fort Lauderdale, United States (1)
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      • Sunnyside, Happy Valley, United States (1)
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      • Gyms (1)
      • Milwaukie, United States (1)
      • Camas, United States (1)
      • Arbor Lodge, Portland, United States (1)
      • Five Corners, United States (1)
      • Playgrounds (1)
      • Burger Joints (1)
      • Winlock, United States (1)
      • Interbay, Seattle, United States (1)
      • Kalama, United States (1)
      • Raleigh West, Beaverton, United States (1)
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      • Washougal, United States (1)
      • North Garrison Heights, Vancouver, United States (1)
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      Washington State University - VancouverApril 13
      • Vancouver, United States

      I'm an alum and I really enjoy coming back here. On a clear day you can see three mountains from the campus and the trails around campus are amazing.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      Larsen's BakeryApril 13
      • Vancouver, United States

      The baked goods here are absolutely incredible! I've never had better cakes. The dining room is very outdated but that's not why we go there, right?

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      StarbucksApril 13
      Coffee Shop
      • Portland, United States

      Typical Starbucks in another store brand. They do what they do so you know what you're going to get.

      TargetApril 13
      Department Store
      • Portland, United States

      A really nice new location. It's a decent shopping experience with a nice parking lot. There is a Starbucks inside. The lines can get long but generally move pretty well.

      Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyApril 13
      • Portland, United States

      I've always gotten really great service here. The food is usually good and you'll find all of their beers that you won't find anywhere else.

      Podnah's Pit BBQApril 13
      • Portland, United States

      Easily one of the best real barbecue joints in all of Portland. The service is good and all the food is good. I have yet to try something I didn't like.

      Columbia Credit UnionApril 13
      Credit Union
      • Vancouver, United States

      I tend to get really good service here.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      Oregon Food BankApril 13
      • Portland, United States

      I've been all the way through this facility and it is clean and well run. The people are dedicated to the mission and all seemed very competent.

      Grilled Cheese GrillApril 13
      Food Truck
      • Portland, United States

      All kinds of fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches? Sign me up! Nice outdoor seating for food truck but you could also tuck into an old school bus to get out of the rain if you want.

      Radio RoomApril 13
      • Portland, United States

      The food and service here was surprisingly good. The location is really nice and overall it was a really nice experience for brunch. I'll have to go back to try the deck.

      Salt & StrawApril 13
      Ice Cream
      • Portland, United States

      As many free samples as you want? Yes please! Get here early on days when its not sunny or the weekend and you won't have to wait in the insane line.

      Mama's KitchenApril 13
      • Vancouver, United States

      The people running this restaurant are really great. I've only had breakfast, but it was pretty good. Nothing very special. The location is terrible in the bar with attached to it is very sketchy.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      Alder Food CartsApril 13
      Street Food Gathering
      • Portland, United States

      So many selections, where to start?!

      Jake's GrillApril 13
      • Portland, United States

      It's good if you like an old fashioned experience. The wait staff and bar staff are attentive and skilled.

      McMenamins Market Street PubApril 13
      • Portland, United States

      Happy hour is your best option here. Most people tend to be disappointed with the price they paid for a full meal. Otherwise, typical McMenamin's experience and decent beer.

      Expertise in Breweries
      McMenamins Mall 205April 13
      • Portland, United States

      Typical McMenamins. Just so-so on service. Go at happy hour so that you won't be disappointed.

      LapellahApril 13
      • Vancouver, United States

      One of the better dining experiences anywhere within 15 miles. The staff are really really good and the smell of the place with the wood fire is amazing. go during happy hour for the prices.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      Thatcher's CoffeeApril 13
      Coffee Shop
      • Vancouver, United States

      Really great product and a very nice environment. The design of the building can make it loud sometimes but the wifi is strong and it's a great place to meet w/ people.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      Main Event Sports GrillApril 13
      New American
      • Vancouver, United States

      I've seen this place over serve people more times than I care to admit. They try hard with the food and with the interior design, but they need to just be what they are: a local sports bar.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States
      Dublin Down Irish PubApril 13
      • Vancouver, United States

      I got sick off of food here once. The place does not seem clean at all and definitely over serves people. it's a fake Irish bar but it has a fantastic Scotch selection.

      Expertise in Vancouver, United States