51 Main at the Bridge is one of Town hangouts for students.

1. 51 Main at the Bridge

New American Restaurant · 51 Main St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: This all-age place is College-owned but that doesn't stop you from having a good time w/ friends over board games and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise). Live music, student acts will make a good night.

Two Brothers Tavern is one of Town hangouts for students.

2. Two Brothers Tavern

Pub · 86 Main St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: A good restaurant to take parents. The bar side to the left is "the bar" in town. Remember there is a "downstairs" with another bar/dancing/karoake (tues)/etc.

Middlebury Market & Sama's Cafe is one of Town hangouts for students.

3. Middlebury Market & Sama's Cafe

Café · 54 College St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: When people say "town" is "far" -- they're wrong. Right on College st, Sama's is the perfect setting to grab a quick bite, buy beer, get a coffee, etc. especially if you're walking from campus.

Middlebury Farmers' Market is one of Town hangouts for students.

4. Middlebury Farmers' Market

Farmers Market · Marble Works (outdoor) or Flatbread (indoors) (at Maple St), Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Trust me - get off campus Saturday mornings by kicking it at the farmers' market. See professors, staff, friends as you load up on goodies. Outdoor markets (Sept and May) better than winter indoors.

Mister Up's is one of Town hangouts for students.

5. Mister Up's

American Restaurant · 25 Bakery Ln, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Bison burgers. Waterfront seating. More townies than students but a good escape, even if it's under the new bridge now.

Costello's Market is one of Town hangouts for students.

6. Costello's Market

Deli / Bodega · 2 Maple St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Many Middkids don't know about this hidden gem. Good food, reasonably priced. Try a hot sandwich.

Carol's Hungry Mind Cafe is one of Town hangouts for students.

7. Carol's Hungry Mind Cafe

Café · 24 Merchants Row (at Main St), Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: This study spot-coffee shop is a great place to hunker down. But you need to buy something, anything. Downstairs has extra seating. Meet a professor here too - Parini is fond of this place.

Stone Leaf Teahouse is one of Town hangouts for students.

8. Stone Leaf Teahouse

Tea Room · 111 Maple St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Study spot for students. If you can make it out here -- take an afternoon to hit the books while sipping oolong, jasmine, or one of the other hundred varieties. Meet the owner.

Noonie’s Deli is one of Town hangouts for students.

9. Noonie’s Deli

Sandwich Place · 137 Maple St (Marbleworks), Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: The traditional "sandwich place" in Marble Works. Amazing bread. Purple's pleasure is popular. BIG sandwiches. Another good "bring the parents" location.

Middlebury Bagel And Deli is one of Town hangouts for students.

10. Middlebury Bagel And Deli

Bagel Shop · 11 Washington St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: While students might not get to this place on a weekday morning, it makes for a nice weekend morning place. Sandwiches on bagels, bagels, and Co-op next door.

Middlebury Natural Food Co-op is one of Town hangouts for students.

11. Middlebury Natural Food Co-op

Grocery Store · 9 Washington St, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Not a student hangout per se. But student crunchies know this is one of the best markets for a chunk of bread and cheese so you can have a picnic on your hike of snake mountain...

Taste Of India is one of Town hangouts for students.

12. Taste Of India

Indian Restaurant · 1 Bakery Ln (at Main St), Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Someway, somehow you will end up here, if you're a student. Buffet lunches are a good bet. You might meet students living in the building above.

13. Burrito Cart

Burrito Place · Frog hollow, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Yup - a food cart in Middlebury. Don't miss it.

Rosie's Restaurant & Coffee Shop is one of Town hangouts for students.

14. Rosie's Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Diner · 886 Route 7 S, Middlebury, VT
A&W All American Food is one of Town hangouts for students.

15. A&W All American Food

Burger Joint · 1557 Route 7 S, Middlebury, VT

MiddBlogMiddBlog: Summer(ish) only. Apparently one of the only roller-drive-up places left in the country. No kidding.