Astoria, NY is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

1. Astoria, NY

Neighborhood · Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: The best neighborhood in Queens!

Bareburger is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

2. Bareburger

Burger Joint · Astoria · 3321 31st Ave (at 34th St), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Jalapeño Express w/Bison is delish!

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

3. Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Beer Garden · Astoria · 29-19 24th Ave (btwn 29th & 31st St), Astoria, NY

Bon Appetit MagazineBon Appetit Magazine: Open 91 years, this is the granddaddy of NY beer gardens. Leafy "Bohemka," as Czech expats call it, packs up to 1,000 beer swillers on warm days. Don't miss the dumplings and Staropramen lager. Read more.

Raven's Head Public House is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

4. Raven's Head Public House

Pub · Astoria · 3804 Broadway (at 38th St), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: This place has the best beers in Astoria.

The Queens Kickshaw is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

5. The Queens Kickshaw

Gastropub · Astoria · 4017 Broadway (at Steinway St.), Astoria, NY

Time Out New YorkTime Out New York: Here, grilled cheese receives the star treatment & all sandwiches are under $11. Try the rich melted Gouda, offset with pickled jalapeños, sweet guava jam & creamy black-bean hummus on brioche ($10). Read more.

Sanfords is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

6. Sanfords

American Restaurant · Astoria · 3013 Broadway (at 31st St.), Astoria, NY

Kane A.Kane Albarron: Go here! Cheap prices and great food! Don't be fooled by the trendy appearance, it's like a fancy diner!

L'Artiste is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

7. L'Artiste

French Restaurant · Astoria · 42-20 31st Ave (at 43rd St), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Quite the gem. The food is amazing!

Ornella Trattoria Italiana is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

8. Ornella Trattoria Italiana

Italian Restaurant · Ditmars · 2917 23rd Ave (btwn 29th & 31st St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: I insist anyone who comes here to try the duck meatballs. You won't regret it.

JJ's Asian Fusion is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

9. JJ's Asian Fusion

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 3705 31st Ave (at 37th St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Everything here is amazing! Edamame pot stickers,yellow tail sashimi, volcano roll, & the astoria roll are delish! Even the dessert!

Don Coquí Astoria is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

10. Don Coquí Astoria

Latin American Restaurant · Astoria · 2818 31st St (at Newtown Ave.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: The Don Coqui Paella was really good. Huge portion too. Best to be split among two people.

Mosaic is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

11. Mosaic

Lounge · Astoria · 25-19 24th Ave (at 26th St), Astoria, NY

Derek L.Derek L: 90 beers on tap, low key spot away from B&T people that might over flow from the beer garden

12. Rapture Lounge

Lounge · Astoria · 3427 28th Ave (at 35th St.), Astoria, NY

KelseyKelsey: Amazing specialty drinks! Great place to sit and chat with friends.

13. Sweet Afton

Bar · Astoria · 30-09 34th St (btwn 30th & 31st Ave), Astoria, NY

Time Out New YorkTime Out New York: This laid-back Queens gastropub offers an array of reasonably priced suds from craft breweries like Sixpoint, Lagunitas and Captain Lawrence. Complement your brew with beer-battered McClure’s pickles. Read more.

Dillingers Pub & Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

14. Dillingers Pub & Grill

Bar · Astoria · 4619 30th Ave (btwn 46th & 47th St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Come here for the hot wings. You wont regret it!

Pachanga Patterson is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

15. Pachanga Patterson

Mexican Restaurant · Astoria · 33-17 31st Ave (btwn 33rd & 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Great tacos. Awesome drinks.

Portalia is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

16. Portalia

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 35-03 Broadway (35th St), Astoria, NY

Kate P.Kate P: It doesn't get any better then Portalia!

Omonia Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

17. Omonia Cafe

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 3220 Broadway (at 33rd St.), Astoria, NY

Jason S.Jason Speenburgh: Baklava is amazing!!!

Sunswick 35/35 is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

18. Sunswick 35/35

Bar · Astoria · 3502 35th St (at 35th Ave.), Astoria, NY

Danny G.Danny Garcia: An incredible selection of constantly changing craft beers. The descriptions are SPOT on so use the menu as your bible, or loosen your lips and talk to the very friendly bartenders for recommendations

Astoria Brewhouse is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

19. Astoria Brewhouse

Bar · Astoria · 2850 31st St (btwn Newtown & 30th Ave.), Astoria, NY

Mike T.Mike Trainor: Great comedy every Wednesday at 830. Get there early!

Mad Donkey Beer Bar & Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

20. Mad Donkey Beer Bar & Grill

Bar · Astoria · 3207 36th Ave (btwn 32nd & 33rd St), Astoria, NY

Julian T.Julian Tamayo: 1) MJ, the bartender on Tues. and Wed. is THE definition of a New York bartender. 2) Ask for a pickle back. MJ had this shot locked down 3 1/2 years ago!

Malagueta Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

21. Malagueta Restaurant

Brazilian Restaurant · Astoria · 2535 36th Ave (at 28th St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: The Picanha is the best meal on the menu hands down!

22. Gleason's

Bar · Astoria · 33-08 Broadway (btwn 33rd & 34th St), Astoria, NY

Natalie A.Natalie Adorno: Wednesdays are trivia & u could win big!!!

Ditmars Station Pub & Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

23. Ditmars Station Pub & Restaurant

Sports Bar · Astoria · 22-55 31st St (btwn 23rd Ave. & Ditmars Blvd.), Astoria, NY

christinechristine: Good bar for beer and sports.

McCann's Pub is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

24. McCann's Pub

Pub · Astoria · 36-15 Ditmars Blvd (btwn 36th & 37th St), Astoria, NY

Hurricane B.Hurricane Blanch: Best local stumble in stumble out aaaaabsolutely shatterbombed pub in Astoria. If you see Kev from Boston chances are he won't remember being here.

Cávo is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

25. Cávo

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 4218 31st Ave (at 42nd St.), Astoria, NY
Grand Café is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

26. Grand Café

Restaurant · Astoria · 3701 30th Ave (at 37th St.), Astoria, NY

Kendall J.Kendall Jelinovic: Everything is awesome here

John Brown Smokehouse is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

27. John Brown Smokehouse

BBQ Joint · 1043 44th Dr (btwn 10th & 11th St.), Long Island City, NY

Time Out New YorkTime Out New York: Try the Rib Tips, rubbed down with paprika and brown sugar, then smoked over peach and pecan wood for three hours. It’s one of our #100best dishes and drinks of 2011. Read more.

5 Napkin Burger is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

28. 5 Napkin Burger

Burger Joint · Astoria · 3501 35th Ave (at 35th St), Astoria, NY

MetromixMetromix: We like spinoffs: “”Rhoda.” “Frasier.” “Melrose Place.” Add to the list: 5 Napkin Burger. The hulking 10-ounce burger—with comte cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli was a mainstay Nice Matin Read more.

Petey's Burger is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

29. Petey's Burger

Burger Joint · Astoria · 30-17 30th Ave (at 31st St.), Astoria, NY

Time Out New YorkTime Out New York: The addictive “double cheese”—a squishy toasted bun sandwiching 2 juicy patties cloaked in melted American cheese with onion, lettuce & tomato—is a gloriously greasy retort to Golden State smugness. Read more.

Favela Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

30. Favela Grill

Brazilian Restaurant · Astoria · 33-18 28th Ave (btwn 33rd & 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: So much good food to choose from. You can't go wrong with anything here. I suggest any of the Misto options.

Trattoria L'incontro is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

31. Trattoria L'incontro

Italian Restaurant · Ditmars · 21-76 31st St (at Ditmars Blvd.), Astoria, NY

Ashley E.Ashley Eileen: Don't even bother with the menu. The specials are FANTASTIC!!

Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

32. Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 2102 30th Ave (at 21st St), Astoria, NY
DiWine is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

33. DiWine

Restaurant · Astoria · 41-15 31st Ave (btwn 41st & 42nd St.), Astoria, NY

Melody E.Melody Ewing: I second the bacon-wrapped stuffed dates. One of the best things I've ever had. Also, be sure to ask for the cocktail on special and save a bundle!

El Boqueron is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

34. El Boqueron

Tapas Restaurant · 3101 34th Ave (at 31st Ave), Long Island City, NY

Adriana C.Adriana Castillo: Great service! Everyone was very nice and the food was great! The subway is a lil loud but the sangria minimizes the sound!

Rèst-âü-Ránt is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

35. Rèst-âü-Ránt

Wine Bar · Astoria · 3001 35th Ave (at 30th St), Astoria, NY

Bradford C.Bradford Campeau-Laurion: Great service, amazing bartenders and friendly owners. Solid selection of beers and wine with food to match. Love it in the summer with the outside tables. Great warm vibe inside too.

Aroma 31 is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

36. Aroma 31

Mediterranean Restaurant · Astoria · 3320 31st Ave (at 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Sean G.Sean Gallagher: $9.50 Brunch Special!

Christos Steakhouse is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

37. Christos Steakhouse

Steakhouse · Astoria · 41-08 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY

Johana T.Johana Talbot: Everything in this place is perfect!

The Sparrow Tavern is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

38. The Sparrow Tavern

Bar · Astoria · 24-01 29th St (at 24th Ave), Astoria, NY

Time Out New YorkTime Out New York: Down some beers while garage rock plays at this low-key neighborhood pub. Join the locals chilling at the bar over an American or international brew. Read more.

Hell Gate Tiki is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

39. Hell Gate Tiki

Cocktail Bar · Astoria · 12-21 Astoria Blvd (btwn 12th & 14th St), Astoria, NY
Blackbird's is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

40. Blackbird's

Bar · Astoria · 4119 30th Ave (at 42nd St.), Astoria, NY

Selena F.Selena Frederick: Weekend Brunch is probably the best bang for your buck you'll find. Three course meal and three drinks. Try the french toast at least once, you won't regret it. Awesome staff, too!

Gilbey's is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

41. Gilbey's

Pub · Astoria · 3201 Broadway (at 32nd St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Mike is the best bartender hands down!

Euro Delights is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

42. Euro Delights

Breakfast Spot · Astoria · 32-02 Broadway (at 32nd St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Breakfast crepes were yummy.

Pomme Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

43. Pomme Cafe

French Restaurant · Astoria · 3719 Broadway (at 38th St), Astoria, NY

Melody E.Melody Ewing: Food snobbery at its finest. Everything was phenomenal from start to finish. Everything is decadent and flavorful. This is my new favorite restaurant!

The Astor Room is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

44. The Astor Room

New American Restaurant · Astoria · 3412 36th St (btwn 34th & 35th Ave), Astoria, NY

Time Out New YorkTime Out New York: Romance your companion over a cocktail at this old-fashioned space. Try the Fairbanks (gin, dry vermouth, grenadine and apricot brandy) and enjoy nostalgic dishes like oysters Rockefeller. Read more.

The Garden at Studio Square is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

45. The Garden at Studio Square

Beer Garden · 3533 36th St (btwn 35th & 36th Ave), Long Island City, NY

Bon Appetit MagazineBon Appetit Magazine: Set in the cobblestone courtyard of an erstwhile factory in Queens, this spot holds up to 1,800 guests who come for 20-plus European and American brews on tap, plus hamburgers, sausages, even sushi. Read more.

Mama's Empanadas is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

46. Mama's Empanadas

Empanada Restaurant · Astoria · 3241 Steinway St (btwn Broadway & 34th Ave.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Great selections of empanadas fried or baked.

Wingstop is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

47. Wingstop

Wings Joint · Astoria · 31 14 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Anthony A.Anthony Aliffi: The atomic wings are exponentially hotter than cajun.

Copacabana Brazilian Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

48. Copacabana Brazilian Restaurant

Brazilian Restaurant · Astoria · 3116 36th Ave (btwn 31st & 32nd St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Good Brasilian buffet style food. And cheap too!

49. MexiBBQ Kitchen & Draught

Mexican Restaurant · Astoria · 37-11 30th Ave (btwn 37th & 38th St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Sunday brunch w/the $7 unlimited booze = Winning!

Broadway Station is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

50. Broadway Station

Sports Bar · Astoria · 3009 Broadway, Astoria, NY

Patrick H.Patrick Healy: Nice beer. Nice food. Not expensive. Crowd is usually friendly. Bartenders are pretty cool.

Canz @ Citi Roadhouse is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

51. Canz @ Citi Roadhouse

Sports Bar · Astoria · 4011 30th Ave (btwn Steinway & 41st St.), Astoria, NY

Joe R.Joe Rodriguez: Monica is the Best Waitress:)

Queens Comfort is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

52. Queens Comfort

American Restaurant · Astoria · 4009 30th Ave (btwn Steinway & 41st St.), Astoria, NY

Logan E.Logan Eichhorn: Just come in and eat. Leave your skinny jeans at the door

Break Bar & Billiards is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

53. Break Bar & Billiards

Pool Hall · Astoria · 3204 Broadway (at 32nd St.), Astoria, NY

The Expendables 2The Expendables 2: Play extreme pool, ping pong, air hockey and more at BREAK BAR & BILLIARDS! Grab a seat and ask what today's hardcore drink & food specials are! Brought to you by THE EXPENDABLES opening August 13!

Il Bambino is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

54. Il Bambino

Sandwich Place · Astoria · 3408 31st Ave (btwn 34th & 35th St.), Astoria, NY

CheapismCheapism: Enjoy tasty, low-cost paninis & tapas in a quaint atmosphere here. Eat mozzarella & olive spread crostini ($4.50) & a chorizo panini ($8.50). Read more.

Leng Thai is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

55. Leng Thai

Thai Restaurant · Astoria · 3309 Broadway (btwn 33rd & 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Lori P.Lori P: Everything here is good. EVERYTHING. Also, they give you huge portions, so you'll have lots leftover for another meal (or 2).

Ovelia Psistaria Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

56. Ovelia Psistaria Bar

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 3401 30th Ave (at 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Chris O.Chris Oz: Eat anything there it is a great place for brunch or just to hang out

Irish Rover is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

57. Irish Rover

Pub · Astoria · 3718 28th Ave (at 38th St.), Astoria, NY

Jennifer P.Jennifer Parsons: Every third drink is on the house. Awesome bartenders and fabulous service.

O'Hanlon's Irish Pub is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

58. O'Hanlon's Irish Pub

Pub · Astoria · 22-57 31st St (btwn Ditmars Blvd. & 23rd Ave.), Astoria, NY

Alexander B.Alexander Brown: Best damn pub in astoria, great bar tenders great atmosphere. Being at the end of the line makes getting home a breeze

Mundo Café & Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

59. Mundo Café & Restaurant

Café · Astoria · 31-18 Broadway #E (btwn Broadway & 34th Ave), Astoria, NY

Bradford C.Bradford Campeau-Laurion: Possibly the best restaurant in Astoria. Everything on the menu is carefully crafted. Must try the Red Sonja, the Ottoman Dumplings, red sangria and the souffle for dessert. When in doubt, ask Willie!

King Of Falafel & Shawarma is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

60. King Of Falafel & Shawarma

Food Truck · Astoria · 29-18 Broadway (at 30th St.), New York, NY

The Corcoran GroupThe Corcoran Group: Believe us. You've never seen oblong falafels like this before.

Bistro 33 is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

61. Bistro 33

American Restaurant · Ditmars · 19-33 Ditmars Blvd (Ditmars), Astoria, NY

Beer Goggins G.Beer Goggins Goggin: Delicious food and surprisingly good beer selection. Haven't tried the sushi. Dinner and brunch are both excellent.

Jackson Hole is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

62. Jackson Hole

Burger Joint · Astoria · 6935 Astoria Blvd N, East Elmhurst, NY

Andrea   D.Andrea  D: Try the Texan Burger... Hummm!!!

Sac's Place is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

63. Sac's Place

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 2541 Broadway, Astoria, NY

Matt C.Matt Cherette: Sac's is my favorite restaurant in Astoria. The pizza is second-to-none (I order mine well-done), as are the homemade pastas and gnocchi (Mama's lasagna!), the asparagus and prosciutto, and much more!

Sugar Freak is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

64. Sugar Freak

Cajun / Creole Restaurant · Astoria · 36-18 30th Ave (at 37th St), Astoria, NY

Sarah D.Sarah Dineen: Everything we had - gumbo, fried chicken, jambalaya - was delicious! The decor inside is awesome. I felt like I was in Bon Temps, LA minus the vampires.

65. 718 Restaurant

Cocktail Bar · Astoria · 35-01 Ditmars Blvd (at 35th St), Astoria, NY

Beer Goggins G.Beer Goggins Goggin: Amazing brunch and great drinks but very expensive for a Ditmars establishment. Kind of trendy but good for a special occasion.

Agnanti Meze is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

66. Agnanti Meze

Greek Restaurant · Ditmars · 19-06 Ditmars Blvd (at 19th St.), Astoria, NY

Village VoiceVillage Voice: Winner of Best Greek in the Village Voice 2011 Best Of issue! The fasolia plaki will make you rethink your childhood hatred of lima beans.

BZ Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

67. BZ Grill

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 27-02 Astoria Blvd (27th St), Astoria, NY

BravoBravo: If you want to travel to Astoria Queens for food, you must stop here! The price is right and you won't leave hungry at all. My personal favorite is Souvlaki Pork Platter. -Ed Cotton, Top Chef

Cevabdzinica Sarajevo is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

68. Cevabdzinica Sarajevo

Eastern European Restaurant · Astoria · 37-18 34th Ave (38th St), New York, NY

nymagnymag: Try the cevapi here, char-grilled Bosnian beef sausages garnished with a zingy red-pepper spread, clotted cream, and raw onion. Featured in Cheap Eats 2011!

Mombar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

69. Mombar

Middle Eastern Restaurant · Astoria · 25-22 Steinway St (btwn 25th & 28th Ave.), Astoria, NY

rebecca l.rebecca lieb: fluffiest, most fine-grained couscous ever.

Brick Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

70. Brick Cafe

Modern European Restaurant · Astoria · 30-95 33rd St (at 31st Ave.), Astoria, NY

Kane A.Kane Albarron: Get brunch here. Soooo good and awesome fresh squeezed oj

Taverna Kyclades is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

71. Taverna Kyclades

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 33-07 Ditmars Blvd (btwn 33rd & 34th St), Astoria, NY

Gabriel R.Gabriel Reyes: Lemon potatoes and the grilled octopus are a must

Arepas Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

72. Arepas Cafe

Arepa Restaurant · Astoria · 33-07 36th Ave (at 33rd St.), Astoria, NY

Kyra .Kyra 🍸✨: Authentic, inexpensive, filling, amazing, what more needs to be said?

Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

73. Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli

Sandwich Place · Astoria · 33-12 23rd Ave (btwn 33rd & 35th St.), Astoria, NY

Joseph L.Joseph LaSala: Amazing sandwiches. Sandwich king of Astoria

74. Café Triskell

French Restaurant · Astoria · 33-04 36th Ave (at 33rd St), Astoria, NY
Manila! Manila! is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

75. Manila! Manila!

Filipino Restaurant · Astoria · 47-16 30th Ave, New York, NY

VictorVictor: So much good stuff, don't know where to start: delicious Kare-Kare, ginataang tilapia, ginataang gulai

Mojave NYC is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

76. Mojave NYC

Mexican Restaurant · Ditmars · 22-36 31st St (at Ditmars Blvd), Astoria, NY

Alex P.Alex Paul: Must try: the sangrita, great drink

Basil Brick Oven Pizza is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

77. Basil Brick Oven Pizza

Pizza Place · Astoria · 28-17 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY

ThracianThracian: Great pizza! Brick oven baked with fresh ingredients. Very nice decor and friendly staff.

Thymari is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

78. Thymari

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 32-07 34th Ave, Astoria, NY

7th.List7th.List: Chef Cosmas Bisticas, formerly at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, has opened this Greek restaurant in Astoria. The menu includes roasted marrow bones topped with marinated white anchovies. Read more.

Kabab Café is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

79. Kabab Café

Middle Eastern Restaurant · Astoria · 25-12 Steinway St (btwn 25th & 28th Ave.), Astoria, NY

AskMenAskMen: Kabab Cafe is a safe bet for everything from hummus to lamb brain to a few rips off the water pipe with owner El Sayed himself.

Fatty's Café is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

80. Fatty's Café

American Restaurant · Astoria · 45-17 28th Ave (at 45th St), Astoria, NY

The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal: You can't go wrong with mofongo, a dish of ground plantains mixed with pork and cheese and dripping in cheese sauce. Read more.

Watawa is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

81. Watawa

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 33-10 Ditmars Blvd (btwn 33rd & 35th St.), Astoria, NY

Seth F.Seth Fradkoff: if you find yourself in astoria, queens craving raw fish and sake this is this place. fresh fish. innovative rolls and great service.

Soho Cafe & Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

82. Soho Cafe & Grill

American Restaurant · Ditmars · 22-15 31st St (btwn 23rd Ave. & Ditmars Blvd.), Astoria, NY
Butcher Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

83. Butcher Bar

BBQ Joint · Astoria · 37-10 30th Ave (at 37th St.), Astoria, NY

Tony X.Tony Xerray: You'd be crazy not to get the smoked pork belly. It blows the burnt ends out of the water. While you're here be sure to try one of their organic sodas and stick around for the free apple pie. Awesome.

Doyle's Corner is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

84. Doyle's Corner

Pub · Astoria · 4202 Broadway (at 42nd St.), Astoria, NY

Stephan M.Stephan McKenney: Newly renovated pub atmosphere .One of the coldest Guinness draughts I've had.

Daly's Pub is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

85. Daly's Pub

Pub · Astoria · 31-86 31st St (at Broadway), Astoria, NY

Patrick H.Patrick Healy: Good bar, good staff, good atmosphere, good music. This place has it all. Read more.

The Quays Pub is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

86. The Quays Pub

Pub · Astoria · 4502 30th Ave, Astoria, NY

Steve K.Steve Kelly: Buy backs probably more often than they should! Much appreciated though!

Stiniyiamas Bar Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

87. Stiniyiamas Bar Lounge

Lounge · Astoria · 3503 Ditmars Blvd (35th St), Astoria, NY

Stacy C.Stacy Carroll: Great spot with friendly staff for a quiet inexpensive - the back patio feels so homelike you'll never want to leave

Crescent Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

88. Crescent Lounge

Lounge · Astoria · 3205 Crescent St (at Broadway), Astoria, NY

Kane A.Kane Albarron: Many nights they have 2 for 1 drink specials and board games. Cool chill bar.

Zenon Taverna is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

89. Zenon Taverna

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 3410 31st Ave (at 34th St.), Astoria, NY

CheapismCheapism: Visit here for an amazing deal on delectable Greek & Cypriot cuisine. Try Keftedes (Cyprus Meatballs) for $13.50 or Mousaka for $13.95. Read more.

Cronin & Phelan's is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

90. Cronin & Phelan's

Pub · Astoria · 3814 Broadway (btwn 38th & Steinway St.), Astoria, NY

FoodspottingFoodspotting: Try the Roast Beef Sandwich

McCaffrey & Burke Bar & Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

91. McCaffrey & Burke Bar & Grill

Dive Bar · Astoria · 28-54 31st St (btwn Newtown & 30th Ave.), Astoria, NY

ECSECS: Great place to get a cheap drink with nice locals

Karaoke Shout is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

92. Karaoke Shout

Karaoke Bar · Astoria · 32-46 Steinway St (broadway/34 ave.), Astoria, NY

Kelly E.Kelly Escaravage: So much fun! If you score a 95 or better (and you don't have to be that good to get a 95) you win a Tshirt... If they run out, you can barter with the bartender for a shot instead ;)

William Hallet is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

93. William Hallet

Gastropub · Astoria · 36-10 30th Ave (at 37th St), Astoria, NY

Chris P.Chris Papastefanou: The best bar that I've ever been to! Derek and Chris are the best Manager- Bartender duo- this place can do no wrong. Great food, great drinks. They re-define the category of bars as we know it.

McLoughlin's Pub is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

94. McLoughlin's Pub

Pub · Astoria · 3106 Broadway (at 31st St.), Astoria, NY

Patrick H.Patrick Healy: Tommy is the man. If he's behind the bar you're night just got better.

Sissy McGinty's is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

95. Sissy McGinty's

Pub · Astoria · 25-67 Steinway St (btwn 25th & 28th Ave.), Astoria, NY

David N.David Nelson: Seriously THE best neighborhood bar in Astoria. Hands down.

Fayrooz Cafe Hookah Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

96. Fayrooz Cafe Hookah Lounge

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 2808 Steinway St (28th Ave), Astoria, NY

Vishal T.Vishal T.: I love this place. Great Hookah. Awesome flavors. Good service.

Teal is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

97. Teal

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 22-79 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

MichelleMichelle: 2-for-1 hookah happy hour during the week.

Glow Bar And Hookah Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

98. Glow Bar And Hookah Lounge

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 25-53 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Mike H.Mike Herbert: The mojitos are strong! Good combo hookah flavors. Try ace of spades.

Waltz-Astoria is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

99. Waltz-Astoria

Coffee Shop · Ditmars · 23-14 Ditmars Blvd (btwn 23rd & 24th St.), Astoria, NY

Max K.Max Kostaras: Waltz is amazing. Chai lattes hot or cold are the best, hot chocolate is perfect in the winter and if you need to get any work done this is the cafe to be.

Astoria Bowl is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

100. Astoria Bowl

Bowling Alley · Astoria · 19-45 49th St (btwn 19th & 20th Ave), Astoria, NY

Erik C.Erik Cintron: It has little bit of everything, has good bar food,good atmosphere mixture families and young crowd good drinks 25$ fishbowl will put on the floor highly recommended bowling is cheap and even arcades

Seva Indian Cuisine is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

101. Seva Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurant · Astoria · 30-07 34th St (btwn 30th & 31st Ave.), Astoria, NY

Jill H.Jill Hanner: Appetizer,2 entrees and bottle of wine under $50!! Affordable and delicious !

Namaste is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

102. Namaste

Indian Restaurant · Astoria · 31-15 30th Ave (btwn 31st & 32nd St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: The Goat Vindaloo is cooked to perfection. The sauce is nice and spicy.

New York Pão De Queijo is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

103. New York Pão De Queijo

Brazilian Restaurant · Astoria · 31-90 30th St (at Broadway), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: You can not just have one pao de queijo!

Chubby Burgers & Chicken is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

104. Chubby Burgers & Chicken

Burger Joint · Astoria · 2597 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Cindy G.Cindy G: the chubby burger is HUGE!! it definitely makes you want to take a nap afterwards.. totally worth it tho

Aegean Cove is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

105. Aegean Cove

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 2001 Steinway St (20th Avenue and Steinway Street), Astoria, NY

ellen r.ellen resnick: Just a wonderful upscale Greek restaurant and very welcoming and delicious. I also review

Rocky McBride's is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

106. Rocky McBride's

Sports Bar · Ditmars · 27-01 23rd Ave (at 27th St.), Astoria, NY
Locale is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

107. Locale

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 3302 34th Ave (at 33rd St.), Astoria, NY

LNY G.LNY G: Can't go wrong here. Everything hits the spot.

Cafe Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

108. Cafe Bar

Breakfast Spot · Astoria · 3290 36th St (at 34th Ave.), Astoria, NY

Britni S.Britni Schneider: I stumbled in and I LOVE this place! Great vibe! Super nice staff and very chill!

Nuevo Jardin de China is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

109. Nuevo Jardin de China

Latin American Restaurant · Astoria · 3205 Broadway (btwn 32nd & 33rd St.), Astoria, NY

Patrick H.Patrick Healy: Cuban Chinese food. Find a better place and I'll be there. Good food, good service, not cheap. Mixed drinks are surprisingly awesome.

Cafe Bugatti is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

110. Cafe Bugatti

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 31-05 34th St (at 31st Ave), Astoria, NY

Emily B.Emily Battles: Join us for brunch or stop by for dinner and try our famous tiramisu!

Bel Aire Diner is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

111. Bel Aire Diner

Diner · Astoria · 3191 21st St (at Broadway), Astoria, NY

Chris C.Chris Cook: Best diner in the area, hands-down. Give the over-played Neptune a skip & come here for great food & service.

Neptune Diner is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

112. Neptune Diner

Diner · Astoria · 31-05 Astoria Blvd (at 31st St), Astoria, NY

Bradford C.Bradford Campeau-Laurion: Astoria is known for its plethora of great diners but this is one of the best with its unchanged decor and large, filling portions.

Igloo Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

113. Igloo Cafe

Diner · Ditmars · 2226 31st St (btwn Ditmars Blvd. & 23rd Ave.), Astoria, NY

MetromixMetromix: It has a long list of healthy wraps and smoothies. Try the "Banana & The King" for a kick of banana, pineapple, peach, honey and, of course, yogurt. Read more.

Veslo is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

114. Veslo

Eastern European Restaurant · Astoria · 32-11 Broadway, Astoria, NY

Patrick H.Patrick Healy: Service is really good and the outdoor garden is always a good move. $5 don't hurt either.

Winegasm is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

115. Winegasm

Wine Bar · Astoria · 3186 37th St (at Broadway), Astoria, NY

Ran C.Ran Craycraft: Mac + Cheese is rad. Best I've ever had. Skip out on the bacon and skip out on living

Basurero is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

116. Basurero

South American Restaurant · Astoria · 3217 Steinway St (btwn Broadway & 34th Ave.), Astoria, NY

Cesar B.Cesar Betancur: Excelente comida en un tipico ambiente colombiano y los mojitos son deliciosos!!

The Chicken Shack is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

117. The Chicken Shack

Southern / Soul Food Restaurant · Astoria · 3502 30th Ave (at 35th Ave.), Astoria, NY

David J.David Jeffery: the Italian chicken sandwich is perfection!

Junko Sushi is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

118. Junko Sushi

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 33-02 Broadway (at 33rd St.), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Here you'll find really good sushi selection. And the presentation is so well done you kind of feel bad ruining it.

Athens Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

119. Athens Cafe

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 3207 30th Ave, Astoria, NY

Joanna J.Joanna Janus: Get the best Frappe in town!

LaGuli Pastry Shop is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

120. LaGuli Pastry Shop

Bakery · Ditmars · 29-15 Ditmars Blvd (btwn 29th & 31st St), Astoria, NY

JessicaJessica: Amazing cannolis!

Martha's Country Bakery is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

121. Martha's Country Bakery

Bakery · Astoria · 36-21 Ditmars Blvd (at 37th St), Astoria, NY

Arminda G.Arminda Guillama-Rodriguez: Red velvet is definitely a specialty here, but also try the cheesecakes!

Artopolis Bakery is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

122. Artopolis Bakery

Bakery · Astoria · 23-18 31st St #7 (btwn 23rd Rd. & 23rd Ave.), Astoria, NY

Pixie C.Pixie Canela: Scrumptious!!! All of it!

Astor Bake Shop is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

123. Astor Bake Shop

Bakery · Astoria · 12-23 Astoria Blvd (at 14th St.), Astoria, NY

amNewYorkamNewYork: Newly opened SoHo-style bakeshop has downtown vibe without the attitude.

Veronica's Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

124. Veronica's Bar

Dive Bar · Astoria · 3404 36th Ave (at 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Jeff R.Jeff R: 3.00 pints of draft , and 2 dollar shots of tequila

Mugshots is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

125. Mugshots

Bar · Ditmars · 2701 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY

Diana S.Diana S.: Try the Firecracker...Mugshots own specialty shot

Sitio Samba Sabor is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

126. Sitio Samba Sabor

South American Restaurant · Astoria · 3555 31st St, Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Here you'll find a fusion of Brasilian, Cuban, and Peruvian food. Try the national plate from the respective countries.

Crescent & Vine is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

127. Crescent & Vine

Wine Bar · Ditmars · 25-03 Ditmars Blvd (btwn 26th & Crescent St.), Astoria, NY

Jonathan Grimace B.Jonathan Grimace Bingers: Great wine and great beers are pairs nicely with build your own cheese platter! Try the beemster cheese! You'll be glad you did.

Egyptian Coffee Shop is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

128. Egyptian Coffee Shop

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 25-09 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Village VoiceVillage Voice: Winner of Best Hookah Bar in the Village Voice 2011 Best Of issue! Try a refreshing strawberry juice while you puff on real shisha.

Dominie's is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

129. Dominie's

Bar · Astoria · 34-07 30th Ave (btwn 34th & 35th St), Astoria, NY

Sean F.Sean Fewel: Brilliant bar!!! Friendly staff and great beers on tap. A must if pub crawling in Astoria!!!!

Bahari Estiatorio is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

130. Bahari Estiatorio

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 3114 Broadway, Astoria, NY

Michelin Travel & LifestyleMichelin Travel & Lifestyle: Krya Pikilia, an assortment of traditional specialty spreads, is the best way to sample them at Bahari estiatorio. - Inspector

Linn Japanese Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

131. Linn Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant · Astoria · 2913 Broadway, Astoria, NY

ThracianThracian: The food is delicious here & prices are pretty low. The decor leaves me feeling like I'm in a friend's loft.

Pita Pan is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

132. Pita Pan

Mediterranean Restaurant · Astoria · 37-17 30th Ave (38th St), Astoria, NY

Jesse S.Jesse Spector: Delicious pita sandwiches with fries in them.

Firdos Inc. is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

133. Firdos Inc.

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 25-21 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Jenny V.Jenny Volkers: I think this place is pretty awesome. It's nice to be with a group and just chill & talk. The atmosphere is relaxing and dim but the music can get loud but if you like that then by all means go.

Burger Club is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

134. Burger Club

Burger Joint · Astoria · 32-02 30th Ave, Astoria, NY

EwizzleEwizzle: Good food, beer, service, location and decor. We had the carolina and farmers market burger, both great! Definitely go here. We even got free desert :)

135. El Mariachi Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant · Astoria · 3311 Broadway (at 33rd st), Astoria, NY

NikoNiko: This is by far my favorite Mexican joint in Queens. Food is authentic, fresh and super cheap. The chips and salsa are great!

Rotana is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

136. Rotana

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 2551A Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Cory M.Cory McGrath: Go with the fresh orange hookah with orange tobacco. Had every flavor but this is by far the best

Max Bratwurst und Bier is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

137. Max Bratwurst und Bier

German Restaurant · Astoria · 4702 30th Ave, Astoria, NY

ThracianThracian: Lots of beer ya, great food ya, and the atmosphere is extra German. Don't expect the Apple Strudel to be Hans Landa of Inglourious Basterds quality though. Definitely have the Munich Potato Salad!

Go Wasabi is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

138. Go Wasabi

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 3402 30th Ave (at 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Bindi K.Bindi Kumar: I <3 this place. The udon soup is soo good. I usually get the soup, noho roll, soho roll and kauai yummy! there ice cream is great too (green tea). The staff is attentive and I <3 the jazz.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

139. Osaka Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 24-25 Broadway, Astoria, NY

Heather P.Heather Park: if you're looking for decent Japanese/Chinese place - this is WAY better than Iji

Matsu Sushi is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

140. Matsu Sushi

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 34-11 30th Ave, Astoria, NY

Patrick H.Patrick Healy: Sushimi presentation was pretty cool. Also the large bottle of free sake didn't hurt their cause. Got the live scallops sushimi appetizer w golden kiwi. Outstanding. Will certainly go back.

Yamashiro Sake Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

141. Yamashiro Sake Bar

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 3027 Steinway St (btwn 30th & 31st Ave.), Astoria, NY

Leila S.Leila Sarvghadi: White tuna sashimi. Melts like butter in your mouth.

142. Via Trenta

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 36-19 30th Ave, Astoria, NY

Javier S.Javier Sepulveda: Amazing spot with an upscale amotsphere. The pizza is to die for! The service is wonderful and everyone including the owner make you feel welcomed. A place to try

Deja Vu New York is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

143. Deja Vu New York

Lounge · Astoria · 3322 28th Ave (at 34th St.), Astoria, NY

Maya C.Maya Chernookova: Deja vue is awesome! Great atmosphere, enormous size of drinks unlike many other overprised places in the neighnoerhood. Delicious food, friendly staff and awesome DJs on the weekend.

Layali Beirut is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

144. Layali Beirut

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 25-60 Steinway St (28th Ave.), Astoria, NY

MayaPapayaMayaPapaya: Amazing food! The cauliflower appetizer is unbelievable. You get your own hooka from a choice of endless flavors. Great atmosphere.

Sangria's Bar / Grill / Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

145. Sangria's Bar / Grill / Lounge

Restaurant · Astoria · 36-05 30th Ave (3 Blocks from Steinway St.), Astoria, NY

shawn b.shawn b: The sangrias are good, some very sweet, some more traditional with a twist i.e the Ron burgundy. The wing variations are nice and the onion rings were crispy. I will come back for more.

La Rioja is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

146. La Rioja

Tapas Restaurant · Astoria · 33-05 Broadway (33rd St), Astoria, NY

Evie .Evie 👑: Great place. The half carafe of sangria is enough for two people.

Inner Circle is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

147. Inner Circle

Lounge · Ditmars · 23-02 31st St (23 Avenue), Astoria, NY

Reagan H.Reagan Herr: The food here is fan-fucking-tastic!

Bangkok Tasty is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

148. Bangkok Tasty

Thai Restaurant · Astoria · 29-06 23rd Ave (btwn 29th & 31st St.), Astoria, NY

Kevin G.Kevin Golden: Fried ice cream is awesome

Zorba's Souvlaki Plus is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

149. Zorba's Souvlaki Plus

Greek Restaurant · Ditmars · 2905 23rd Ave (29th street), Astoria, NY
Donato's Italian Bistro is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

150. Donato's Italian Bistro

Italian Restaurant · Astoria · 34-02 Broadway (at 34th St), Astoria, NY

Evie .Evie 👑: Nice atmosphere, good prices, great new spot in Astoria!

Tierras Colombianas is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

151. Tierras Colombianas

South American Restaurant · Astoria · 3301 Broadway (33rd St), Astoria, NY

Angie G.Angie Galarraga: Best bandeja campesina evvveeer try it

Bar 30 Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

152. Bar 30 Lounge

Bar · Astoria · 34-19 30th Ave (35st), Astoria, NY

Natalie A.Natalie Adorno: The couch in the back is awesome. Chips are bangin & the server Afrodite is fabbulous =)

Time Cafe Astoria is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

153. Time Cafe Astoria

Mediterranean Restaurant · Astoria · 44-18 Broadway (45th), Astoria, NY

KeiKa A.KeiKa A: My favorite spot for $12 brunch and $7 unlimited drinks!

Shillelagh Tavern is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

154. Shillelagh Tavern

Bar · Astoria · 4722 30th Ave (47th & 48th St.), Astoria, NY
Guacamole Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

155. Guacamole Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant · Astoria · 38-07 Broadway (btw 38th & Steinway), Astoria, NY

Jason S.Jason Speenburgh: Tasty Mexican. Pleasant staff.

Albatross Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

156. Albatross Bar

Bar · Astoria · 3619 24th Ave (at 37th St.), Astoria, NY

LaurenLauren: All mixed drinks served in PINT glasses, thats a good thing - order one!

Stamatis is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

157. Stamatis

Greek Restaurant · Ditmars · 29-09 23rd Ave (btwn 29th & 31st St.), Astoria, NY

Andrew A.Andrew Aliferis: After the meal is over you are usually treated to a free piece of Galaktoboureko.

Crave Astoria is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

158. Crave Astoria

Greek Restaurant · Astoria · 2855 36th St. (at 30th Ave.), Astoria, NY

Heather J.Heather J.: Service can be slow, but the food is great. Try the falafel sandwich, Crave burger, or either of their soups.

Blackrock Bar is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

159. Blackrock Bar

Bar · Ditmars · 27-20 23rd Ave (28th St), Astoria, NY

160. Central Lounge

Sushi Restaurant · Astoria · 2030 Steinway St (btwn 20th & 21st Ave), Astoria, NY

Marina A.Marina A: Make sure u try the central roll! Amazing!!

Casa Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

161. Casa Lounge

Hookah Bar · Astoria · 25-57 (Steinway St.), Astoria, NY

Jisuk C.Jisuk Cho: There is an awesome belly-dancer on Saturday nights.

System Dance Club is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

162. System Dance Club

Nightclub · 3210 37th Ave (btwn 32nd & 33rd St), Long Island City, NY
Las Margaritas Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

163. Las Margaritas Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant · Astoria · 3801 Broadway (at 38th St.), Astoria, NY
Flo Lounge Restaurant is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

164. Flo Lounge Restaurant

New American Restaurant · Astoria · 37-20 30th Ave (at 38th St.), Astoria, NY

165. Kumo Sushi Bar & Lounge

Sushi Restaurant · 4715 Northern Blvd (at 47th St.), Long Island City, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: All you can eat sushi and drinks for $30 with a 2-hour time limit.

Avenue Cafe is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

166. Avenue Cafe

Café · Astoria · 3527 30th Ave (at 36th St.), Astoria, NY

Emmanuel (Manny) A. N.Emmanuel (Manny) A. Nikoloudakis: Great Coffee - Good Service! Great Salads! They Take Cash & Credit Cards!

Plaza Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

167. Plaza Lounge

Café · Astoria · 29-20 30th Ave, Astoria, NY
Tapioca Story is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

168. Tapioca Story

Tea Room · Astoria · 27-22 30th Ave (29th Street/30th Ave), Astoria, NY

Randy S.Randy SU2: Be sure to pick up a coupon card and get it stamped on each of your visits because after your 8th purchased drink you get 1 free.

Villa Brazil Cafe Grill is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

169. Villa Brazil Cafe Grill

South American Restaurant · Astoria · 43-16 34th Ave, Astoria, NY

Carol S.Carol Stecca: A melhor comidinha caseira brasileira de NY!!!

Bud's Ale House is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

170. Bud's Ale House

Bar · 3402 Steinway St (at 34th Ave.), Long Island City, NY
Astoria Bier & Cheese is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

171. Astoria Bier & Cheese

Cheese Shop · Astoria · 34-14 Broadway (btwn 34th & 35th St.), Astoria, NY
The Strand Smokehouse is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

172. The Strand Smokehouse

BBQ Joint · Astoria · 25-27 Broadway (at Crescent St), Astoria, NY
Tantra Lounge is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

173. Tantra Lounge

Lounge · Astoria · 3550 31st St, Astoria, NY
Palladium is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

174. Palladium

Lounge · Long Island City · 36-14 31st St (at 36th Ave), Astoria, NY
Vanilla Sky is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

175. Vanilla Sky

Dessert Shop · Astoria · 33-18 Broadway, Astoria, NY

176. Home

Home (private) · Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago
Ramen Okidoki is one of Astoria-Astoria!.

177. Ramen Okidoki

Noodle House · Astoria · 34-05 30th Ave (at 34th St), Astoria, NY