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      Walmart SupercenterAugust 20, 2013
      Department Store
      • Austin, United States

      Only stop here if your grandma is incontinent, and she's in your back seat. Most ghetto Wal-Mart in Austin. Even the gangs draw straws to see who gets stuck owning this hot mess.

      Georgia AquariumAugust 11, 2013
      • Atlanta, United States

      It has been estimated that half the water in the whale shark's tank has been recycled as urine. The shark has requested a Brita filter, but it's currently on backorder from Amazon.

      3 Saves
      Las Cruces International Airport (LRU)August 11, 2013
      • Las Cruces, United States

      This airport has only state of the art airplanes for your comfort. However,since the planes are made of balsa wood please don't smoke.

      The Green MonsterAugust 7, 2013
      • United States

      Not recommended at all! Only come here if you want to be driven insane by Cthulhu, he of the Elder Ones. On the other hand, you get a free beer coozie.

      Knotty Bodies EspressoAugust 3, 2013
      Coffee Shop
      • Seattle, United States

      I don't normally keep abreast of coffee places, but I was intrigued. Much like a cat with a cardboard box. Anyway, so I stopped here and was greeted by a really nice pair of...employees. Java too!

      5 Saves
      Inner Space CavernsAugust 2, 2013
      Other Outdoors
      • Georgetown, United States

      This place could use some remodeling, looks like it hasn't been updated in millions of years. Even the wall art looks like some caveman painted it, just sayin'. Low ceiling too, built by dwarves.

      H-E-BAugust 2, 2013
      • Austin, United States

      This brand new store is over 85,000 sq ft not including the gas station. They have a full service cafe and beer on tap, what's not to like?

      Whittington's Jerky General StoreJuly 16, 2013
      Convenience Stores
      • Johnson City, United States

      I love this place, grew up eating jerky from here. Make sure to try the Turkey Jerky, very tender and moist. They also help support the military by sending packages to troops overseas.

      Krispy Kreme DoughnutsJuly 9, 2013
      • Austin, United States

      There's only two reasons your face should looked glazed. Doughnuts is one of them.

      6 Saves
      2 Asian Guys, A Black Dude & A White GirlJuly 7, 2013
      • Spring, United States

      I think I saw this movie on VHS.

      Six Flags Fiesta TexasJuly 2, 2013
      Theme Park
      • San Antonio, United States

      They almost opened a park in France, but couldn't round up six white flags that weren't already being used.

      Mystery Pink GorillaJuly 2, 2013
      • Austin, United States

      The same alien species who built the statues on Easter Island, also left this icon to lead us to the stars. Of course the guy who told me that also wanted a dollar for washing my windshield.

      1 Save
      Willie Nelson StatueJuly 2, 2013
      Public Art
      • Austin, United States

      Rumor has it there's a secret compartment in the statue where Willie keeps some weed stashed in case of the Zombocalypse. Probably some Twinkies too!!!

      上海小籠包 Shanghai Family DumplingJune 26, 2013
      • Brooklyn, United States

      What exactly does the Shanghai family dump? Just curious, is that a kitten in that basket?

      2 Saves
      Parque Nacional Torres del Paineedited June 26, 2013
      National Park
      • Puerto Natales, Chile

      Sometimes if you pull it off too fast, you leave aluminum foil on your pie crust. Be careful kids!

      Dunkin DonutsMay 3, 2013
      • Uniondale, United States

      I see Richard Gere's moved up from hamsters!

      1 Save
      STAPLES CenterMarch 28, 2013
      • Los Angeles, United States

      Came here in a hurry for some staples for my red stapler. Damn, they don't even sell staples. Had to ride my big wheel all the way to Office Max, lost a rim doing it too!

      Expertise in Stadiums
      4 Saves
      Amaya's Taco VillageMarch 18, 2013
      • Austin, United States

      I love this place, great food at reasonable prices. My favorite is the beef enchiladas, number 16 on the menu.