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      Traghetto Gondole Santa SofiaJuly 15, 2011
      Boat / Ferry
      • Italy

      Take photographs of tourists, pigeons, and gelato lovers in Venice’s most famous square, then hire a gondola ride to photograph the people and buildings along the Grand Canal. Read more

      Hotel DanieliJuly 15, 2011
      • Venice, Italy

      Take indoor photographs of the soaring multi-story lobby of this 5-star Venetian hotel. When you get home, rent The Tourist starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp and relive the magic! Read more

      Piazza SordelloJuly 15, 2011
      • Mantua, Italy

      Stand in front of the palazzo. Use a wide angle lens to shoot the opposite side of magnificent Piazza Sordello. The soaring Duomo should be on the right of your frame. Read more

      Piazza Leon Battista AlbertiJuly 15, 2011
      • Mantua, Italy

      Eat local seafood and amazing pasta outdoors and take pictures of street life on this charming square. Shoot a close-up of the Charles Dickens plaque on the restaurant’s second floor exterior! Read more

      1 Save
      Busch Gardens TampaJuly 15, 2011
      Theme Park
      • Tampa, United States

      Great photo ops on the open truck Serengeti Safari and other Up-Close tours. Night and Sunset options too! Jungala, Walkabout Way, Lory Landing and Bird Gardens for photos as well. Read more

      Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardenJuly 15, 2011
      • Cincinnati, United States

      Things to photograph: African Savannah, Wolf Woods, Spaulding Lorikeet Landing, Penguin Walkabout, Butterfly Garden, Tulips in the Spring. Check their schedule of animal encounters for photo ops. Read more

      Fort SteeleJuly 15, 2011
      History Museum
      • Ta Ta Creek, Canada

      You'll want a wide angle lens to photograph the buildings and a normal or telephoto lens to take people pictures. Consider taking a wagon or train ride too and visit the Old Time Photo Studio! Read more

      Devils HopyardJuly 15, 2011
      • New Haven, United States

      Try a very long shutter speed -1 to 2 seconds - and a polarizer to photograph the many waterfalls. A wide angle lens will be useful to shoot the covered bridges at the park. Read more

      Idlewild ParkJuly 15, 2011
      • Reno, United States

      Take the train ride for a good park overview then head to the Rose Garden for flower photos. Bring your macro lens for the flowers and a standard/telephoto for people/pets/landscapes. Read more

      Expertise in Parks
      1 Save
      Japanese Tea GardenJuly 6, 2011
      • San Francisco, United States

      The top features to take photos of are the tall moon bridge straddling a wandering brook, the Temple Gate & Pagoda above a waterfall and the sitting Buddha statue. Read more

      1 Save
      GuaymasJuly 6, 2011
      • Tiburon, United States

      Once you’re done eating your enchilada and polishing off a margarita, you can turn around and take great water pictures from their upstairs outdoor terrace. Read more

      1 Save
      Lombard StreetJuly 6, 2011
      • San Francisco, United States

      If you stand on top of Lombard Street, starting at Leavenworth Street, you can get a great shot of all the hairpin turns as well as some beautiful floral landscaping. Read more

      1 Save
      Painted LadiesJuly 6, 2011
      Historic Site
      • San Francisco, United States

      One of the iconic scenes of San Francisco is a row of turn-of-the-century Victorian houses. If you go there at sunset, you can capture your own iconic photo. Read more

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      Olana State Historic SiteJuly 6, 2011
      Historic Site
      • Hudson, United States

      While you may not be able to take photos inside the mansion, the colorful exterior of the mansion as well as the grounds is available for great photo shoots. Read more

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      Green Lane ParkJune 22, 2011
      • Green Lane, United States

      Hike around the reservoir for photos of wildlife, water fowl, flowers, winter ice formations, boats. Grab some photos of ethnic fishermen and women in interesting hats on Knight Road Bridge too. Read more

      Expertise in Outdoors & Recreation
      1 Save
      George Wyth State ParkJune 22, 2011
      • Waterloo, United States

      Great place to photograph people enjoying water sports with 4 lakes, beach and river. Use a fast shutter speed to capture the action. Also good for bird photography if you have a long telephoto lens. Read more

      Expertise in Parks
      2 Saves
      Anza-Borrego Desert State ParkJune 22, 2011
      • Borrego Springs, United States

      Desert landscapes, wildflowers, old stagecoach stations, canyons are some of the photo ops. Bring wide angle, macro, telephoto lenses. Be careful of getting dust in your camera when changing lenses. Read more

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      Dana Point HarborJune 22, 2011
      Harbor / Marina
      • Dana Point, United States

      Colorful boats and tall ships, whale watching, water sports, fireworks, beautiful scenery are all great photo ops here. Check out our article on photographing boats and harbors for photo tips. Read more

      Expertise in Outdoors & Recreation
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      Mission San Juan CapistranoJune 22, 2011
      • San Juan Capistrano, United States

      In addition to taking pictures of the mission, you'll also want to photograph the gardens. You can take a garden tour. Check out their photo policy if you're looking to do commercial photography. Read more

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      Boston Public GardenJune 22, 2011
      • Boston, United States

      Use a wide angle lens or panorama feature of your camera and a small aperture such as f/16 to capture the dramatic vistas around the Lagoon. Take photos of the Swan boats and suspension bridge too! Read more

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