While you shop in the major cities of the world, discover the best boutiques, shops, and department stores to snag the best shoes and accessories! For the best deals in town and to discover high and low designer hotspots by following on Foursquare! First stop - New York City!

New York, NY
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New York
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2 places updated November 7, 2011
This list includes a tip on the absolute best shoe hotspots! These locations should be on your destination list when in search for a quality shoe with a design edge.
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1 place including Century 21 Department Store
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    "Classically treated leather shoes & handbags, this is the store to visit. We love great leather goods! The staff are both friendly & beautiful. Reasonably priced goods. Men and women styles." · February 2, 2012
    · New York, United States
    "Be sure to visit Century 21 Shoes, main entrance on Broadway; connected to main store thru back stairwell. Consistent bargain prices on Givenchy shoes & more. Hidden styles & sizes in overhead boxes." · November 7, 2011
    Department Store
    · New York, United States
    "Flagship boutique which opened in October 2011. Located on Bleecker Street, stop here for modestly priced booties in a wide range of styles - trimmed in fur or with metal heels. Shop men's styles too!" · November 6, 2011
    · United States