Beata Te is one of Eating Taipei.

1. Beata Te

Italian Restaurant · Xìnyì Qū · 松仁路28號4樓, Sinyi District, T’ai-pei Shih One of our favorite refined XinYi lunch breaks - the 4-course set lunch (two appetizers, entrée, and dessert/coffee) is a great deal. Despite the sizeable lunchtime crowd, the scene remains peaceful. Read more.

Bellini Caffe is one of Eating Taipei.

2. Bellini Caffe

Café · Sōngshān Qū · 復興北路288號, Taipei The relaxed yet chic vibe is great, especially if we're having an informal business lunch or fun family dinner (with kids). The food is delish too, especially those thin crust pizzas. Read more.

吉品海鮮餐廳 Ji Pin Restaurant is one of Eating Taipei.

3. 吉品海鮮餐廳 Ji Pin Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · 信義路四段236號, Taipei The dim sum is really fantastic. The upscale yet understated vibe makes this a good spot for a low-key schmooze session with clients or a date, as well as a refined luncheon with family or friends. Read more.

4. Jiyuan Sichuan Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · DunHua S. Rd., Sec. 1, No. 324, Taipei Talk about chicken soup for the soul. The tender meat falls right off the bone, and the slow-cooked broth is divine - definitely an uplifting dining experience. Note: the portions are huge! Read more.

老乾杯 Kanpai Classic is one of Eating Taipei.

5. 老乾杯 Kanpai Classic

BBQ Joint · Xìnyì Qū · 松壽路9號8樓, Taipei Our go-to when we want to kick off a night out with friends - the festive vibe is fun, the grilling is better when you can share, and the XinYi District nightlife is really close by... Read more.

老張牛肉麵 is one of Eating Taipei.

6. 老張牛肉麵

Noodle House · Dà'ān Qū · 愛國東路105號 (麗水街), Taipei The beef noodles! (Note: we prefer the thicker noodles rather than the skinny ones.) It's also cleaner and nicer than other beef noodle spots around town. Read more.

三井日本料理 Mitsui Cuisine is one of Eating Taipei.

7. 三井日本料理 Mitsui Cuisine

Japanese Restaurant · Sōngshān Qū · 敦化南路一段108號B1-1, Taipei Ideal for impressing a date or a client. The food, setting, and crowd are all gorgeous. Order the omakase and a nice bottle (or two ... ) of wine or sake and revel in the experience. Read more.

寒舍食譜 is one of Eating Taipei.

8. 寒舍食譜

Chinese Restaurant · Xìnyì Qū · 松仁路38號, Taipei The food is truly excellent (and the people-watching is pretty entertaining too). Read more.

9. Norwegian Wood Coffee House

Café · Zhōngzhèng Qū · Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 3, Ln. 284, No. 9, Taipei The coffee is potent (they've got a great espresso machine), and the student vibes are cool. It's a great place to hunker down with a laptop and get some work done while on the road. Read more.

朝桂港式飲茶 is one of Eating Taipei.

10. 朝桂港式飲茶

Chinese Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · 台北市大安區敦化南路一段200號B1, Da’an District, T’ai-pei Shih Two words: shrimp dumplings. (Well, and the rest of the dim sum is pretty darn good too.) Great spot to take a group for a rambunctious, casual meal. Read more.

Paul is one of Eating Taipei.

11. Paul

Bakery · Dà'ān Qū · 仁愛路四段107號, Taipei Paul is a nice spot to grab a snack or light lunch and have a chat with a friend or catch up on some work. Read more.

STAY Taipei (Simple Table Allléno Yannick) is one of Eating Taipei.

12. STAY Taipei (Simple Table Allléno Yannick)

French Restaurant · Xìnyì Qū · 市府路45號4F, Taipei We love the set lunch - it's a great deal (much cheaper than dinner), and the afternoon scene is surprisingly hot. Plus it's an ideal spot for a posh lunch with friends after Taipei 101 shopping Read more.

欣葉 Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine is one of Eating Taipei.

13. 欣葉 Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwanese Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · 忠孝東路四段112號2樓, Taipei Perfect for an upbeat lunch break on ZhongXiao East Road. The food is great (don't miss the mochi with peanut powder for dessert!) and it's nice to try traditional Taiwanese fare in a refined setting. Read more.

Sonoma 焱 is one of Eating Taipei.

14. Sonoma 焱

Steakhouse · Dà'ān Qū · 敦化南路二段9號 (信義路), Da’an District, T’ai-pei Shih We like how there's a choice of Western and teppanyaki steakhouse experiences - it makes this a good spot to take choosy eaters (provided they eat meat!). The lamb chops are always a winner! Read more.

澄江日本料理 Sumie Nouvelle Cuisine Japanese is one of Eating Taipei.

15. 澄江日本料理 Sumie Nouvelle Cuisine Japanese

Japanese Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · 忠孝東路四段172號, Da’an District, T’ai-pei Shih The super fresh sushi. We come for the beautiful presentations as well as the gorgeous, market-fresh ingredients. Read more.

16. Tainan Tantsumien Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant · Wànhúa Qū · HuaXi St., No. 31, Taipei The incredibly fresh seafood and the namesake noodle dish (tantsumien) are both delicious. Plus, the bling décor is almost surreal given the pedestrian surroundings just outside the door. Read more.

The Sunlit Teppanyaki is one of Eating Taipei.

17. The Sunlit Teppanyaki

Restaurant · Sōngshān Qū · MinSheng E. Rd., Sec. 3, No. 131, B1, Taipei The teppanyaki is truly excellent, and we adore the fried rice made right in front of you (special request). Not only is it a feast for our stomachs, but also a delight for our eyes. Read more.

天香樓 is one of Eating Taipei.

18. 天香樓

Chinese Restaurant · Zhōngshān Qū · 台北市民權東路二段41號, Taipei The refined service and delicious eats make this a chic choice for impressing a date or a client. Our favorite dishes are consistently well executed. We always know we'll be getting a fabulous meal. Read more.

紫藤廬 Wistaria Tea House is one of Eating Taipei.

19. 紫藤廬 Wistaria Tea House

Tea Room · Dà'ān Qū · 大安區新生南路三段16巷1號, 台北市 This is such a peaceful, relaxing spot, and the teas are lovely. We also love the ritualized tea preparation (we prefer to let the experts take the lead, using the full set of traditional implements). Read more.

永康牛肉麵 Yong Kang Beef Noodle is one of Eating Taipei.

20. 永康牛肉麵 Yong Kang Beef Noodle

Noodle House · Dà'ān Qū · 金山南路二段31巷17號, Taipei Those steaming bowls of beef noodle soup--the tender chunks of beef, the chewy noodles, the rich broth, we just can't get enough. Order the classic Taiwanese version (hong shao niu rou mian). Read more.

21. 柚's 和食廚房

Japanese Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · 光復南路260巷7號, Taipei Be sure to sit at the bar so that you can see all the kitchen action. It's impressive, as are the fresh ingredients on display in front of you. We enjoyed the broiled fish. Read more.

東區粉圓 Eastern Ice Store is one of Eating Taipei.

22. 東區粉圓 Eastern Ice Store

Dessert Shop · Dà'ān Qū · 忠孝東路四段216巷38號, Taipei This is seriously yummy shaved ice. Part of the fun is mixing and matching toppings to create the best sundae possible. Our personal favorite combo is green (mung) bean, barley, and tapioca. Read more.

鼎泰豐 Din Tai Fung is one of Eating Taipei.

23. 鼎泰豐 Din Tai Fung

Dumpling Restaurant · Dà'ān Qū · 忠孝東路四段218號, Taipei We’re fans of classic flavors like pork with crab or shrimp, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the dumplings on the menu. We like this original location for its certain scruffy charm... Read more.

永康十五 (冰館) Yong Kang 15 is one of Eating Taipei.

24. 永康十五 (冰館) Yong Kang 15

Dessert Shop · Dà'ān Qū · 永康街15號, Da’an District, T’ai-pei Shih The ideal snack on a humid summer’s day, especially during mango season (mid-late summer). It's also just down to the street from legendary dumping joint DinTaiFung - make it a culinary double header? Read more.

YongHe DouJiang is one of Eating Taipei.

25. YongHe DouJiang

Breakfast Spot · Dà'ān Qū · XinSheng S. Rd., just south of RenAi Rd., Taipei Can't get better than this for a traditional Taiwanese breakfast. We usually order a fried dough stick and cup of sweet soy milk (or occasionally the savory version - either way, it hits the spot). Read more.