Romantic Beijing
Aman at Summer Palace Hotel Beijing is one of Romantic Beijing.

1. Aman at Summer Palace Hotel Beijing

1 Gongmenqian Street Summer Palace, Beijing, Beijing
Resort · Hǎidiàn qū · 8 tips and reviews After navigating the wilds of Beijing’s urban jungle, this makes for a lovely retreat. Private access to Summer Palace is marvelous–it's what makes Aman special. Their spa is also not to be missed. Read more.

2. Aman Spa

1 Gongmen Front St (at Aman at Summer Palace), Beijing, Beijing
Spa · Hǎidiàn qū · 2 tips and reviews We love how soothing low lighting, warm earth tones, and spacious private suites are combined with traditional Chinese touches like delicate carved wooden screens and antique wedding chests... Read more.

Park Hyatt Beijing is one of Romantic Beijing.

3. Park Hyatt Beijing

2 Jianguomenwai Street, Beijing, Beijing
Hotel · Guómào · 31 tips and reviews The views alone are a great way to take in Beijing’s up-and-coming urban landscape, where eye-popping skyscrapers spring up like mushrooms and the contrasts between old and new are breathtaking. Read more.

Park Hyatt Tian Spa is one of Romantic Beijing.

4. Park Hyatt Tian Spa

Spa · Chāoyáng qū · 1 tips and reviews
The Peninsula Beijing is one of Romantic Beijing.

5. The Peninsula Beijing

8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing (East Dong Dan Avenue), Beijing, Beijing
Hotel · Wángfǔ jǐng · 31 tips and reviews The spa and fitness areas are lovely and much needed in a dusty, draining city like Beijing. Also, we love the room's nifty control panel which gives outside temperatures. So simple yet appreciated. Read more.

故宫博物院 Forbidden City is one of Romantic Beijing.

6. 故宫博物院 Forbidden City

4 Jingshan Front St, Beijing, Beijing
Historic Site · Dōngchéng qū · 207 tips and reviews An absolute must see. The architecture is incredible, the history equally so. Make sure to spend as much time scoping the quiet back alleyways and living quarters as the magnificent throne rooms. Read more.

长城脚下的公社 Commune by the Great Wall is one of Romantic Beijing.

7. 长城脚下的公社 Commune by the Great Wall

Exit 16 at Shuiguan Badaling Highway, Beijing, Beijing
Hotel · Yánqìng · 6 tips and reviews This is an excellent get-away-from-it-all spot; spacious, luxe villas and gorgeous views make for a relaxing retreat from the stresses of Beijing. Nothing beats their access to the Great Wall either. Read more.

居庸关长城 Great Wall at Juyongguan is one of Romantic Beijing.

8. 居庸关长城 Great Wall at Juyongguan

昌平区南口镇居庸关村, Beijing, Beijing
Historic Site · Chāngpíng · 41 tips and reviews What an incredible experience. If you’re planning on visiting Huanghuacheng, we recommend starting at the entrance next to the reservoir and hiking to the summit of the “dragon spine” curve. Read more.

Anantara Spa at Commune by the Great Wall is one of Romantic Beijing.

9. Anantara Spa at Commune by the Great Wall

Exit at Shuiguan, Badaling Highway, Yanqing (北京延庆八达岭高速水关长城出口), Beijing, Beijing
Spa · Yánqìng · 1 tips and reviews The remote mountain setting is a lovely change from Beijing’s concrete jungle. Breathtaking views of the Great Wall and the fresh air leave us feeling pampered and relaxed long after our treatment. Read more.

北海公园 Beihai Park is one of Romantic Beijing.

10. 北海公园 Beihai Park

1 Wenjin St, Beijing, Beijing
Park · Dōngchéng qū · 29 tips and reviews One famous pastime at Beihait is the water calligraphy. It’s intended to be an esoteric metaphor for the fleeting nature of life’s pleasures, though the calligraphers are often a jolly, chatty bunch. Read more.

石舫 Stone Boat Cafe is one of Romantic Beijing.

11. 石舫 Stone Boat Cafe

Southwest corner of Ritan Park, Ritan 日坛公园西南角, Beijing, Beijing
Café · Zhāoyáng · 12 tips and reviews By day, hip freelancers pop in for a chill espresso, while in the evening, it’s a mix of professionals with loosened ties, couples out for an intimate chat, and creative types drawn by the music. Read more.

日坛公园 Ritan Park is one of Romantic Beijing.

12. 日坛公园 Ritan Park

6 Ritan N Rd (Near Chaowai Ave), Beijing, Beijing
Park · Zhāoyáng · 28 tips and reviews Tranquil. The Stone Boat Bar in the south of the park is a lovely spot for a scenic drink, while in the north, the roof terrace at Xiao Wang Fu is good for tasty eats in an atmospheric setting. Read more.

东方亮 Red Moon is one of Romantic Beijing.

13. 东方亮 Red Moon

1 East Chang An Avenue, Beijing, Beijing
Cocktail Bar · Wángfǔ jǐng · 8 tips and reviews We dig the sexy, sophisticated ambiance–ideal for wooing a date or schmoozing with clients. It reflects the cosmopolitan chic side of Beijing that has only recently emerged in the new millennium. Read more.

后海 Houhai Lake is one of Romantic Beijing.

14. 后海 Houhai Lake

Houhai, Beijing, Beijing
Lake · Dōngchéng qū · 41 tips and reviews We like pairing an afternoon of strolling the historic lanes and scoping some of the restored noble mansions dotting the lakeside with a restorative break at the Family Fu Teahouse. Read more.

秀 Xiu is one of Romantic Beijing.

15. 秀 Xiu

2 Jianguomen Outer St (at 6/F of Park Hyatt), Beijing, Beijing
Nightclub · Chāoyáng qū · 48 tips and reviews Different décors in the various rooms ensure that all guests are happy, regardless of whether you want to dance, chill, converse, etc. Views of Beijing’s nightscape are also spectacular. Read more.

床吧 Bed Bar is one of Romantic Beijing.

16. 床吧 Bed Bar

17 Zhangwang Hutong, Beijing, Beijing
Bar · Āndìng mén · 11 tips and reviews Lounging with a mojito in a sexy opium beds is a deliciously indolent and atmospheric way to wrap up an evening out in Beijing’s old city. We love the ever-so-hip and chilled-to-the-core combo. Read more.

潘家园旧货市场 Panjiayuan Antique Market is one of Romantic Beijing.

17. 潘家园旧货市场 Panjiayuan Antique Market

18 Huaweili (West of Panjiayuan Bridge), Beijing, Beijing
Arts & Crafts Store · Chāoyáng qū · 25 tips and reviews Get here by 6:00am if you want to snag the best items. Prices should generally be about one-third to one-half of the originally quoted figure, so don’t be shy about bargaining hard. Read more.

Hong Qiao Pearl Market 红桥市场 is one of Romantic Beijing.

18. Hong Qiao Pearl Market 红桥市场

9 Tiantan Rd (Opposite NE of Temple of Heaven(SE 2nd Ring Rd)), Beijing, Beijing
Flea Market · 37 tips and reviews If you know your plastic beads from your freshwater beauties and come prepared to haggle your hardest, you can score some great pieces. (We love the Fanghua multi-strand pearl necklace we designed.) Read more.

19. Metro Café (Sanlitun)

6 Gongti W Rd, Beijing, Beijing
Café · Dōng sì shítiáo · 1 tips and reviews It’s refreshingly peaceful and reassuringly reliable–the perfect spot for a long conversation and unfailingly lovely meal. We really dig summertime lunches on the outdoor terrace. Read more.

Green T. House is one of Romantic Beijing.

20. Green T. House

工人体育场西路 (东营房胡同), Beijing, Beijing
Chinese Restaurant · Dōng sì shítiáo · 8 tips and reviews The ambiance and design are stunning. Also, they’ve really hit their stride with the fusion menu recently, so you may find the bites even more impressive than the surrounds. Read more.

有璟阁 I Le Quai is one of Romantic Beijing.

21. 有璟阁 I Le Quai

工人体育场内12号看台对面(工体东门进入), Beijing, Beijing
Chinese Restaurant · Dōng sì shítiáo · 1 tips and reviews The location smack-dab in the center of the Workers’ Stadium complex makes this a lovely escape from Beijing’s usual grime and noise–sitting on their lakeside terrace in the summer is a delight. Read more.

Source is one of Romantic Beijing.

22. Source

Chinese Restaurant · Dōngchéng qū · 2 tips and reviews The courtyard surrounds are utterly charming–we especially love dining alfresco under the trees on warm summer evenings. The friendly but never overbearing service is also a joy. Read more.