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IKEA Wenshui Road Hutai Road BaoshanBaoshan, Shanghai • August 4, 2013

Opening August 15,2013 mark your Calendar,it's close in Xingzhi Road and Dachang town Subway metro line 7

上影CGV 大宁影城Shanghai, Shanghai • July 24, 2011

My place where i stay...

红星美凯龙 | Red Star Macalline FurnitureShanghai, Shanghai • November 3, 2012

Good and cheap furnitures! Classic from bathroom, tiles, and other kitchen accessories! Many design to choose and the elevator and escalator are amazing!


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3 places including Ajisen Ramen | 味千拉面, IKEA Wenshui Road Hutai Road Baoshan, Microsoft Shanghai- Zizhu Campus
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5 places including Kohler China, Microsoft, IKEA Wenshui Road Hutai Road Baoshan, Microsoft Cafeteria

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200 places including 莲花路地铁站 | Lianhua Rd. Metro Stn., 世纪公园地铁站 | Century Park Metro Stn., 曹杨路地铁站 | Caoyang Rd. Metro Stn., Shiguang Rd. Metro Stn. | 市光路地铁站
32 places including Meilan Lake Metro Stn. | 美兰湖地铁站, Gucun Park Metro Stn. | 顾村公园地铁站, 行知路地铁站 | Xingzhi Rd. Metro Stn., 东安路地铁站 | Dong'an Rd. Metro Stn.
103 places including 曲阜路地铁站 | Qufu Rd. Metro Stn., 商城路地铁站 | Shangcheng Rd. Metro Stn., 翔殷路地铁站 | Xiangyin Rd. Metro Stn., 新江湾城地铁站 | Xinjiangwancheng Metro Stn.
4 places including 红星美凯龙 | Red Star Macalline Furniture, IKEA | 宜家家居, 金盛国际家居, 红星美凯龙 | Red Star Macalline Furniture