Cantina Agave is one of Shanghai.

1. Cantina Agave

291 Fumin Rd. (Changle Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
Mexican Restaurant · Jìngān · 91 tips and reviews

WolfWolf: Great place for food and drinks. Best atmosphere in town.

CITIZEN Café & Bar is one of Shanghai.

2. CITIZEN Café & Bar

222 Jinxian Rd, 上海市, 上海市
Cocktail Bar · Jìngān · 53 tips and reviews

Vincent T.Vincent Tan: Terrace is glorious in the afternoon sun. Pity it fills up so quickly

OTS Monkey Champagne Room is one of Shanghai.

3. OTS Monkey Champagne Room

38 Donghu Rd. (Xinle Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
Lounge · Jìngān · 42 tips and reviews

The Thirsty PigThe Thirsty Pig: Very cool lounge.

Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai is one of Shanghai.

4. Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai

199 Huang Pu Road, 上海市, 上海市
Hotel · Tílán qiáo · 39 tips and reviews
The Public is one of Shanghai.

5. The Public

Sinan Mansions, 507 Fuxing zhong lu, Building 1, 4th fl (Chong Qing Lu), 上海市, 上海市
Cocktail Bar · Xīntiāndì · 30 tips and reviews

An X.An Xiao: Great cocktail selection and view of the skyline. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Constellation 2 | 酒池星座 is one of Shanghai.

6. Constellation 2 | 酒池星座

33 Yongjia Rd (S Maoming Rd), 上海市, 上海市
Whisky Bar · Xīntiāndì · 34 tips and reviews

Ashton L.Ashton Lee: Excellent Tokyo style bar that makes each drink as it should be done, down to the shape of the ice.

港东盛宴 Canton Fare Shanghai is one of Shanghai.

7. 港东盛宴 Canton Fare Shanghai

569金陵东路 (西藏南路), 上海市, 上海市
Chinese Restaurant · Běixīn qiáo · 6 tips and reviews

Chye Y.Chye Yee: malaysian food closest to taste of home

Alchemist is one of Shanghai.

8. Alchemist

Block 32, Sinan Mansions, 45 Sinan Rd. (at Fuxing Rd. (M)), 上海市, 上海市
Cocktail Bar · Xīntiāndì · 30 tips and reviews

John O.John O'Toole: There are few places in this city where you can truly trust the bartender. This is one. Ask Ryan for something "to make me forget a bad day," or "celebrate because x," and what he makes will be it.

The Fat Olive is one of Shanghai.

9. The Fat Olive

2/F, 525-527 Fuxing Rd. Middle, Sinan Mansions (at Sinan Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
Middle Eastern Restaurant · Xīntiāndì · 15 tips and reviews

Lala W.Lala Wu: 胖橄榄和楼上yucca一样都是david laris同学开的。wifi密码是1234567890

Masala Art is one of Shanghai.

10. Masala Art

397 Dagu Rd (Shimen Yi Rd), 上海市, 上海市
Indian Restaurant · Jìngān · 37 tips and reviews

Paul S.Paul Salo: Masala Art on dagu lu is a good choice for Indian food in SH. If you have been to Hot Kitchen between Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry, you will be disappointed, however. Best Indian in SH currently.

Goga is one of Shanghai.

11. Goga

1 Yueyang Rd. (at Dongping Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
New American Restaurant · Xúhuì · 44 tips and reviews

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Ask Brad to put together a tasting menu for you. He often whips up dishes that are not on the menu. Everything is excellent.

Xindanwei is one of Shanghai.

12. Xindanwei

永嘉路50号 (陕西南路), 上海市, 上海市
Event Space · Xúhuì · 6 tips and reviews

An X.An Xiao: Amazing coworking space. Stop in for coffee and say hi to the folks there - everyone's super friendly and helpful.

Anar is one of Shanghai.

13. Anar

129 Xingfu Road, 上海市, 上海市
Bar · Zhǎngníng · 3 tips and reviews

simon l.simon loasby: super relaxed atmosphere... nice live music... Recommend to drop in some time for a Belgian beer!

俏江南 South Beauty is one of Shanghai.

14. 俏江南 South Beauty

881 Yan'An M Rd (Tongren Rd), 上海市, 上海市
Szechuan Restaurant · Jìngān · 14 tips and reviews

simon l.simon loasby: one of the nicest designer restaurants in town! super dekor... good food, gpod locatopn, valet parking!

15. Gioiamia Italian Restaurant & Lounge Bar

92 Xuan Hua Road, 上海市, 上海市
Italian Restaurant · Jìngān · 1 tip

simon l.simon loasby: good pizza & brunch!

Bocado is one of Shanghai.

16. Bocado

2/F, 47 Yongfu Rd. (at Wuyuan Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
Spanish Restaurant · Xúhuì · 33 tips and reviews

simon l.simon loasby: I recommend it! Nice atmosphere, warm, great food... 450Rmb per head including drinks.

House of Blues & Jazz is one of Shanghai.

17. House of Blues & Jazz

60 Fuzhou Rd (btwn. Sichuan Rd. & the Bund), 上海市, 上海市
Jazz Club · Wàitān · 31 tips and reviews
Cuivre is one of Shanghai.

18. Cuivre

1502 Huaihai Middle Rd (at M. Wulumuqi Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
French Restaurant · Xújiāhuì · 60 tips and reviews
Le Saleya is one of Shanghai.

19. Le Saleya

570 Changle Road, 上海市, 上海市
French Restaurant · Jìngān · 29 tips and reviews

J4NEJ4NE: Love the vibes there.. very cozy and friendly. you can imagine being somewhere in Europe. and creme brulee was said to be best in Town.

Old China Hand Reading Room is one of Shanghai.

20. Old China Hand Reading Room

绍兴路27号 | 27 Shaoxing Rd. (近陕西南路 | near Shanxi Rd. S.), 上海市, 上海市
Café · Xīntiāndì · 12 tips and reviews

Brian L.Brian Li: 尔冬强的书吧,地处文化氛围浓郁的绍兴路上。店堂空间舒适温馨,满是主人收藏的家具和摆件,钢琴、梳妆台、留声机、旧皮箱……无不折射出老上海曾经有过的颓废和优雅。书架里摆放着各类书籍,中英文都有。大沙发适合与闺蜜闲聊;独自一人的时候则常常坐在靠窗的一侧,晴天时有暖暖的阳光隔着树阴照到身上,雨天时有雨滴叮叮咚咚打在铁皮的屋顶上。浮生半日,便这么一晃而过。

名仕苑 Arcadia is one of Shanghai.

21. 名仕苑 Arcadia

广元西路88号 (乐山路), 上海市, 上海市
Residential Building (Apartment / Condo) · Shànghǎi jiāotōng dàxué · 2 tips and reviews

Adrian A.Adrian Au: Great serviced apartments

South Bund Fabric Market is one of Shanghai.

22. South Bund Fabric Market

399 Lujiabang Rd (Nancang Street), 上海市, 上海市
Clothing Store · Huángpǔ · 67 tips and reviews This is one of the best places in Shanghai to get fabrics for low prices. Some of the products you'll find are Chinese and Thai silk, as well as cashmere, wool, and cotton. Open from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

Legend Taste is one of Shanghai.

23. Legend Taste

康定路1025号 (近武宁南路), 上海市, 上海市
Yunnan Restaurant · Jìngān · 6 tips and reviews
Cin Cin Wine & Cigar Lounge is one of Shanghai.

24. Cin Cin Wine & Cigar Lounge

20 Nanjing Road East (at Zhongshan Rd. E-1), 上海市, 上海市
Wine Bar · Wàitān · 1 tip

Enjoy Weekly ShanghaiEnjoy Weekly Shanghai: They capture the luxurious and progressive nature of the 1930s Peace Hotel in a cutting-edge, multi-concept space with a cocktail bar, wine cellar and cigar lounge. 15% off drinks with our VIP card!

Constellation 3 | 酒池星座 is one of Shanghai.

25. Constellation 3 | 酒池星座

黄陂北路251号 (近江阴路), 上海市, 上海市
Whisky Bar · Rénmín Guǎngchǎng · 23 tips and reviews
Abbey Road is one of Shanghai.

26. Abbey Road

3 Taojiang Rd. (at Dongping Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
Swiss Restaurant · Xúhuì · 72 tips and reviews

Time Out ShanghaiTime Out Shanghai: A relaxed brunch option. All sets, such as the rich Breakfast Club (90RMB) include a coffee enriched by crema and served with warm frothed milk. House specialty is the potato pancake-like rosti. Read more.

Art Salon 屋里香 is one of Shanghai.

27. Art Salon 屋里香

Chinese Restaurant · Xīntiāndì · 12 tips and reviews
椰香天堂 Coconut Paradise is one of Shanghai.

28. 椰香天堂 Coconut Paradise

富民路38号 | 38 Fumin Rd. (btwn. Yan'an Rd. Central & Julu Rd.), 上海市, 上海市
Thai Restaurant · Jìngān · 43 tips and reviews

Chanisa K.Chanisa Kaewruen: I'm thai. And I think the food is fabulous, authentic! Have some shrimp or fish cake, Larb chicken, steam cod in lemon and Tom Yum Kung. U won't regret!

La Maison Gourmande is one of Shanghai.

29. La Maison Gourmande

246 Anfu Rd (Wulumuqi Rd), 上海市, 上海市
French Restaurant · Jìngān · 23 tips and reviews

Jeanette T.Jeanette Tenorio: Nice food. very fresh. Cozy place, lovely decor. i am still looking for a proper onion soup in shanghai. It's not on top of my list but I will probably go back.

SAMFAINA is one of Shanghai.


Fuxing Middle road 532 (Ruijin Road), 上海市, 上海市
Restaurant · Xīntiāndì · 26 tips and reviews

Roque d.Roque del Rio Torrijos:

Paradise Sunset Bar is one of Shanghai.

31. Paradise Sunset Bar

Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Gili Trawangan, Lombok
Bar · 19 tips and reviews

MumbHainessMumbHainess: Amazing view good food & service

Craft is one of Shanghai.

32. Craft

7 Donghu Rd., Donghu Hotel S. Wing (Huaihai Road), 上海市, 上海市
Hotel Bar · Xúhuì · 31 tips and reviews

MumbHainessMumbHainess: Arty fatty place great music, cocktail, & crowd .. All time fav hangout place

Café del Volcán is one of Shanghai.

33. Café del Volcán

80 Yongkang Lu (Xiangyang Nan Lu), 上海市, 上海市
Coffee Shop · Xúhuì · 72 tips and reviews

Time Out ShanghaiTime Out Shanghai: Providing a wide selection of varieties ranging from Yunnan to Ethiopia, this soothing venue is the ultimate destination for coffee enthusiasts. Always-irresistible Strictly Cookies are just 10RMB. Read more.