Sveta’s Liked Places

1. Osteria Vecia Carbonera

Bar · Cannaregio · No tips or reviews

2. Zeus Cafe Wine

Badacsonytomaj, Veszprém megye
Wine Bar · No tips or reviews

SvetaSveta: Lovely bistro with an excellent selection of local wines, freshly prepared delicacies, single origin coffee, teas and other refreshments.

L'oca Golosa is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

3. L'oca Golosa

Dessert Shop · 2 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: The best pasticceria around. Pleasant staff, excellent desserts, cakes made to order, seasonal offer of pannetone and colombine, a true treat! I highly recommend. Mainly outdoor seating.

Kuore Sa is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

4. Kuore Sa

Bar · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: My absolute favorite place! Words can't really describe, but let me try: living piece of regional history, local culinary and drinks, fantastic cultural programs, excellent service.

Antica Pasticceria Venexiana dal Conte is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

5. Antica Pasticceria Venexiana dal Conte

Castello 6403, Venezia, Veneto
Café · 4 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Great place, great owner, jukebox. Love it!

Acer is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

6. Acer

Via Manin, Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Distillery · 3 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Excellent shop with exquisite selection of worlds top spirits and wines. There are also gastronomy delights - spices, pasta, jams, etc. Friendly staff ready to help. Gift packaging available.

Bar Lipa Kobarid is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

7. Bar Lipa Kobarid

Markova ulica 1, Kobarid, Občina Kobarid
Bar · No tips or reviews

8. Kavarna Štart

Nova Gorica
Coffee Shop · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Excellent croissants and most delicious coffee in Primorska!

A.B.C. Volkswagen is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

9. A.B.C. Volkswagen

Car Dealership · No tips or reviews
Picerija Bolero is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

10. Picerija Bolero

Logatec, Logatec
Uncategorized · 4 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Pro tip: pizza bolero, minus tomatoes, plus nacho cheese. Delicious!

Soca River is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

11. Soca River

River · 2 tips and reviews
Burek Gorica is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

12. Burek Gorica

Eastern European Restaurant · 1 tip
Zlato runo is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

13. Zlato runo

Štihova ul. 2, Ljubljana, Dobrova
Eastern European Restaurant · 5 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Amazing food, great interior, fantastic hospitality!

14. Kromberk

Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica
Neighborhood · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Tranquil and rather picturesque residential area.

Panovec is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

15. Panovec

Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica
Other Great Outdoors · 3 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Beautiful forest with several hiking paths, workout track, and workout zone.

Petrol is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

16. Petrol

Mednarodni Prehod 1A, Šempeter pri Gorici, Občina Šempeter-Vrtojba
Fuel Station · No tips or reviews
Lidl is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

17. Lidl

Letališka c. 5, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Supermarket · 3 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Value for money, occasionally great outfits.

18. Omv Ajševica

Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica
Fuel Station · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Gas and coffee. Better coffee than on Petrol if you ask me.

Otium Dei is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

19. Otium Dei

Viale XX Settembre, 39 (Via Brigata Pavia), Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Bar · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Craft beer heaven and very cosy place.

Arrivals is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

20. Arrivals

VCE Airport, Tessera, Veneto
Airport Terminal · 2 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Expensive parking.

Venezia Tronchetto Parking is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

21. Venezia Tronchetto Parking

Isola Nuova del Tronchetto, 33/M, Venice, Veneto
Parking · Piazzale Roma · 19 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Try the upper floors for scenic views.

Tronchetto - Terminal 103 is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

22. Tronchetto - Terminal 103

Venice, Veneto
Boat or Ferry · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Park and sail!

Estro is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

23. Estro

Dorsoduro 3778, Venice, Veneto
Wine Bar · San Polo · 30 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Natural wine, excellent service, beautiful place. Very tolerant of noisy friendly crowds with puppies!

Sveta Gora is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

24. Sveta Gora

Other Great Outdoors · 2 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Great views, and there's a restaurant that's usually closed when I visit.

25. Decathlon

Villesse, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Sporting Goods Retail · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Favorite decathlon so far!

Portopiccolo is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

26. Portopiccolo

Portopiccolo Sistiana
Harbor or Marina · 8 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Posh. And also kind of boring. Sterile. Posh.

27. Sander's Stradje

Prešernovo nabrežje 2, Piran, Piran
Beach · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Find as many carved stone sculptures as you can!

Piransko obzidje is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

28. Piransko obzidje

Ulica IX. korpusa, Piran, Piran
Sculpture Garden · 4 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: For just 2 euro per person these outer walls of Piran are yours to explore. Best view of Piran guaranteed. Afterwards have a cold beer in a cafe next door.

Garažna hiša Fornače is one of Sveta’s Liked Places.

29. Garažna hiša Fornače

Fornače, Piran, Piran
Parking · 9 tips and reviews

SvetaSveta: Park here, take a free bus to the center of Piran.

30. Rihemberk

Scenic Lookout · 1 tip

SvetaSveta: Beautiful castle ruin, slightly renovated, with breathtaking views of Vipava valley.