1. TTC 67 bus Victoria Park Statiion

(Victoria Park / Denton Ave), Scarborough, ON
Bus Station · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: 67 always takes time!! During the day time it runs in a frequency of 10 mins and during evening 20 mins.

2. United Commercial Bank

Bashundhara Branch, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Bank · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Nice cozy atmosphere. Not that busy to bank with. At times I found them under staff but still you can finish banking much quickly then others branch. (dated: May 2013)

3. Fire On Ice

House 2, Road 9, Sector 1 (Uttara), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Food Truck · Uttara · 17 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: I liked their Tandoori items much compared to others items. But I must say burgers are great to have.

4. Fire On Ice

House 2, Road 9, Sector 1 (Uttara), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Food Truck · Uttara · 17 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Nice and delicious food. At times it takes time to serve the food. The plece becomes noisy due to live music so if you like to have a quite place for dinner then avoid during weekends.

5. Belabo CNG Filling Pump

Laxmipur, Bhairav (Dhaka-Sylhet Highway)
Gas Station / Garage · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Petrol and Octen is also available here. But for CNG pressure is not that high. Most important the have a engineering shop beside the refueling pump. This might be handy if you need one!

6. Hotel Ujan Vati & Resort

Dhaka-Sylhet Highway, Ashugong, B.Baria
Restaurant · 14 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: One of the best place to have journey break on Dhaka-Sylhet highway. Food and services reasonably good. However, price is of food is above average.

7. Pink City Shopping Complex

House #15, Road #103, Gulahan Anenue (Gulshan -2), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Mall · Gulshan · 2 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Nice ambiance for shopping! 30 car parking is available and BDT 20 is charged for irrespective of time. Sunday is full closed and Monday market opens at 2pm.

8. Mascot Plaza

Sector 07, Uttara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Mall · Uttara · 6 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Some popular local brands are available. Neat and clean atmosphere inside the building but parking facilities are limited.

9. HSBC ATM & BillPay Booth

Bshundhara R/A, Baridhara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Bank · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Located at the egde of Bashundhara Convention center. A quite place hence some caution must be taken during entry and exit.

10. Music Mania, Bashundhara

Bashundhara Road, Barishara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Record Shop · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Small shop...congested atmosphere and all the collections are limited.

11. Makka CNG Re-Feuling Station & Conversion Ltd.

Cha 107/A, Uttar Badda, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Gas Station / Garage · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: No generator is available meaning if your are in the que and electricity is gone then you'll be struck!! People in the station is not so professional. CNG pressure is not that high.

12. Ibrahim Automobiles

Plot#36, Sonargaon Janapath Road, Sector#11, Uttar, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Automotive Shop · Uttara · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: As per my experience this garage is good for minor repair/problems. For major activities of vehicle one should avoid this garage. Also take precaution while sending your driver alone.

13. Park: Uttara Sector #11

Road #05 & 06, Sector #11, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Playground · Uttara · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: For having a walk morning and evening is the best time. In afternoon young people flocks around and start playing cricket, football etc. meaning for calm environment avoid afternoon time.

14. Progoti Filling Station (CNG)

KA 38/B, Kuril, Bishwa Road, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Gas Station / Garage · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: They are best in business. Gas pressure is high and can entertain 6/8 vehicle at a time.

15. Premium Sweets, Uttara

Sector #06, Uttara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Dessert Shop · Uttara · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Premium Sweets is the pioneer in providing quality sweets items. They set standards which others are following. Excellent presentations and customer service is always visible.

16. American Burger, Bashundhara

Bashundhara, Baridhara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Burger Joint · 2 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: One of the best burger available in Dhaka city. But not a good place to sit and enjoy the food.

17. Captain's World

Road #06, Sector#07, Uttara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Fast Food Restaurant · Uttara · 2 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Taste their burger...i found it very good. Also a good place for kids to have fun as lots of rides are there.

18. RSR CNG Refueling Station

Abdullahpur, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Gas Station / Garage · Uttara · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Not a good place to refuel your car! Most of the time lined up cars stranded in the main road which creates problems to vehicles plying in the road.

19. Coffee World

GP House, Level 4, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Coffee Shop · 2 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Good to have a coffee shop inside GP House. Though they don't have a large variety of coffee. Beside coffee some other snacks items are also available there.

20. Nikunjo Model Service Center & CNG Filling Station

Nikunjo, Khilkhet, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Gas Station / Garage · 2 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Gas pressure is somehow ok...very well disciplined distribution system with plenty of gas dispenser.

21. Yellow

House #04, Sonargaon Janapath Road, Sector #07 (Uttara), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Clothing Store · Uttara · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: I like the products of Yellow. They are going fairly good with style, fabric and design. Be it for man, woman or children.

22. Tashin CNG Filling Center

Abdullahpur, Uttara, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Gas Station / Garage · Uttara · 3 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Best gas station (considering CNG pressure) in the adjacent area. But the behavior of the support people of the station is not up to the mark...they lack professionalism.

23. BFC, Uttara

Uttara Tower (Jashim Uddin Road), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Fried Chicken Joint · Uttara · 8 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Among other fried chicken joints BFC is great. Unique in price n taste.

24. Acer (Bashundhara R/A Outlet)

Amir Complex, Ground Floor, Ka-3/1-C, Bashundhara Road, Bashundhara R/A Gate, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Electronics Store · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Limited collection available at the store. But you can ask them to bring your preferred model of Acer Laptop/netbook.

25. AMTOB Office

12th Floor, Land View Tower, Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Building · Gulshan · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB)

26. VIP Studio and Lab

(Gulshan), Dhaka Division
Photography Lab · Gulshan · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: One of the best photography Lab in the city. They are very at their business.

27. BRTA, Ekuria

Keraniganj (Beside Dhaka-Mawa Highway), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Government Building · 3 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Only please where you have your driving test done officially in Dhaka.

28. Green Point Cafe

Army Golf Club (Dhaka Mensingh Highway), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Café · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Nice view for a coffee. Leisure time would just fly away.

29. Jatra

Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Arts & Crafts Store · Gulshan · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: Lots of colorful craftsmanship!! I like being there and buying useful household stuffs.

30. City Overseas Ltd. CNG Filling Station

Nikunjo, Khilkhet (Near Regency Hotel), Dhaka, Dhaka Division
Gas Station / Garage · 1 tips and reviews

TanzimTanzim: I hate the unprofessional attitude of the re-fueling station staffs.