Xi'an Famous Foods is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

1. Xi'an Famous Foods

648 Manhattan Ave (at Bedford Ave), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Greenpoint · 76 tips and reviews

Ben K.Ben Kessler (@kessler): Lamb burger, Mt. Qi Pork or Spicy Beef noodles, lamb dumplings, and you MUST get the cucumbers.

🐓🐓: Pretty much the same as the other Xi'ans... And by same I mean awesome.

Ray L.Ray Lin: Heaven has descended into the best nabe in NYC. The best hand-pulled noodles in all the land. You know the drill (N1, N2, N3...). Pro tip: Tap this tip's "Read More" for real-time store traffic meter. Read more.

Kings County Imperial is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

2. Kings County Imperial

20 Skillman Ave (btwn Union Ave & Lorimer St), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Williamsburg · 96 tips and reviews

Matt G.Matt Green: Mock eel was so good! (It's fried mushrooms) I also liked the pork fried rice and the pork soup dumplings.

Emmett D.Emmett Dzieza: Fantastic creatively done Chinese. Great addition to the neighborhood. Also, ridiculous tiki drinks!

kara s.kara silverman: Cocktails are delicious and strong. Ambiance is super fun. Double garlic eggplant is a must order.

East Wind Snack Shop is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

3. East Wind Snack Shop

471 16th St (at Prospect Park West), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Windsor Terrace · 45 tips and reviews

Luke P.Luke Pack: The pork dumplings are phenomenal. Sweet chili ribs are tender and a must try.

Emily W.Emily Wilson: The aged beef potstickers are worth the extra couple of dollars. I'll most definitely be coming back to try some of the other snacks this place has to offer.

Nicholas T.Nicholas Tang: Call ahead - the place closes when they run out of food, and so far (in their first week) they've been running out before 8.

Birds of a Feather is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

4. Birds of a Feather

191 Grand St (btwn Bedford & Driggs Ave), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Williamsburg · 49 tips and reviews

Barbara J.Barbara Jiang: Soft shell crab was out of this world!! Loved the tripe, cold noodles, and squid as well! Def go with the Sichuan dishes- amazing!!

Jesse K.Jesse Krieger: Kung pow chicken, Chinese broccoli, fried pork buns, cold noodles

Jesse L.Jesse Lane: You already know to get the soup dumplings. I recommend skipping the entrée and getting as many dim sum plates/small plates as possible. Sweet & Sour short-ribs and Sichuan cold noodles were great

China New Star is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

5. China New Star

2212 Flatbush Ave (Ave R), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Marine Park · 19 tips and reviews

Catherine R.Catherine Ritorto: Omg the best Chinese food I've had my whole life...boneless chicken meal wonton fried rice like I've never had it ...must try this place

Mike A.Mike Abrams: Best old school Chinese foot hands down. If you miss the 70s and 80s nice old Cantonese food with lotsa MSG this is the only place to be at.

Lisa R.Lisa Ryan: Their wonton soup is DELICIOUS!

China Hao Restaurant is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

6. China Hao Restaurant

937 Utica Ave (Snyder Ave), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · East Flatbush · 15 tips and reviews

MontyMonty: The BEST spot for chicken in Brooklyn. A word of advice..if you're ordering wings for a special event (Super Bowl, Boxing) get ur joint EARLY. Its get RIDICULOUS there and they might run outta wings.

Dee PhunkDee Phunk: I only order ONE thing here -- soy sauce chicken wings. Indigenous to East Flatbush. On big sports event days (popular days to order big quantities) be prepared to wait a while and / or yell @ people.

Sophia P.Sophia Powell: They Chicken is so good!

Hardee is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

7. Hardee

193 Utica Ave (Sterling Pl. @ Park Pl.), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Weeksville · 6 tips and reviews

Free T.Free Thinker: The honey bbq shrimp taste really good with blue cheese dressing!Don't worry, they have blue cheese dressing!!

Purple H.Purple Haze: Fresh Food All Day!

yuri b.yuri bell: Their General tso's tofu is delicious!

Yun Nan Flavour Garden is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

8. Yun Nan Flavour Garden

5121 8th Ave (at 52nd St), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Sunset Park · 39 tips and reviews

Ian W.Ian Westcott: The cold noodles are one of the best dishes you can eat in Sunset Park. Be sure to add more of their homemade spicy sauce if they underestimate you :)

Thaniya K.Thaniya Keereepart: The famous Yunnan Flavor Snack Shop has expanded and moved here. More seating room!

Katherine L.Katherine Lam: The noodles

M Shanghai Bistro is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

9. M Shanghai Bistro

292 Grand St (btwn Roebling St & Havemeyer St), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Williamsburg · 129 tips and reviews

Matthew W.Matthew Weinberg: I loved the beef will scallions and onions (minus the onions). And of course, the soup dumplings!

Joeski J.Joeski Joe: Shredded chicken with chili pepper(#65)

Christine H.Christine Huber: have the "pork buns," which are really soup dumplings, and the best at that!

Grand Sichuan House is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

10. Grand Sichuan House

8701 5th Ave (between 87th & 88th St), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Bay Ridge · 23 tips and reviews

Elizabeth Y.Elizabeth Yao: Loved it, very authentic sechuan I would go with the sweet fried fish and ma po tofu, and the spicy chicken!

Village VoiceVillage Voice: We love wontons laked in red oil and the cumin-dusted julienne of lamb topped with sesame seeds. Read more.

RxyRxy: Spicy Shrimp Wontons are Delicious! Pumpkin soup & spicy beef + peppers as well.

New Apolo Restaurant is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

11. New Apolo Restaurant

1477 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Bushwick · 13 tips and reviews

Christopher E.Christopher Edwards: Come early and get their breakfast sandwiches. So good.

Ak B.Ak Bangs: Jade is the SHIT!!!

ElektraElektra: Pink Hawaiians!!!!!!! 2 large ones will have u dunzo.com

China Delight is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

12. China Delight

4009 5th Ave (40th), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Sunset Park · 7 tips and reviews

Bryan L.Bryan Le: Everything always tastes great and clean and fresh!

Felicia Y.Felicia Yesari: You can place and pay for the order and get it delivered.

Casey M.Casey McDermott: It's true, best hot and sour soup ever! Also the lady that works at the counter is always super nice.

Wing Cheong is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

13. Wing Cheong

1389 Fulton St (btwn Marcy & Brooklyn Ave), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Bedford-Stuyvesant · 6 tips and reviews

Marco S.Marco Solis: Great food for cheap prices. Always come and pick something up before football games on Sunday.

Stephen E.Stephen Elliott: Best Chinese takeout in Bed-Stuy

Patrick L.Patrick Lin: Best chinese food in bed-stuy.

Xifu Food is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

14. Xifu Food

318 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Downtown Brooklyn · 7 tips and reviews

Kevin R.Kevin Ran: Don't let the store appearance fool you. These are the flavors that I grew up with. Beef noodle soup (N2) - noodles were nice and soft, broth extremely savory, meat perfectly braised and tender.

Gianna N.Gianna Nebbia: The pork dumplings are great. The prices are incredible- not sure how they can make money selling dumplings for 2$ but hey- I’ll take it

Megan M.Megan M: I don't understand how this super authentic dumpling spot has gone practically unnoticed since it's opening about a year ago. Dumplings are ON POINT and $3 fo 6!

Spicy Bampa is one of The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn.

15. Spicy Bampa

6920 18th Ave (btw Bay Ridge Avenue & 70th Street), Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Restaurant · Bensonhurst · 10 tips and reviews

Alex R.Alex Ravenel: Awesome Dan Dan noodles. The hot and crispy chicken with "ziran" flavor is great too--very crispy, lots of cumin flavor. Is like Szechuan Gourmet's cumin lamb, but with shatteringly crisp chicken.

Village VoiceVillage Voice: Spicy Bampa (& 50+ other eateries) will be sampling their fare at our 2013 Choice Eats tasting event on 3/19 - can't wait! http://ow.ly/h6OAc

Village VoiceVillage Voice: Village Voice is excited to have Spicy Bampa at the 2012 ChoiceEats food fest! Full list of restaurants here: http://ow.ly/8QjDQ