Marukame is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

1. Marukame

Пятницкая ул., 29/8 (Климентовский пер.), Москва, Москва
Udon Restaurant · Замоскворечье · 791 tips and reviews

Eugene P.Eugene Pimenov: Best udon in the city. Cheap, too.

Maria V.Maria Voronina: Nice place to have a quick and cheap meal.

MarinaMarina: Cheap and tasty udon

Marukame is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

2. Marukame

ТЦ «Университи» (пл. Джавахарлала Неру, 1), Москва, Москва
Udon Restaurant · Раменки · 131 tips and reviews

Jayatheeswaran V.Jayatheeswaran Vijayakumar: Cheap, affordable & spacious! Good place to have a pow wow with a mate and have a few drinks!

Sergio V.Sergio Viareika: Cheap and authentic, best place in the area

Marina F.Marina Fashchilina: Cheap and nice, reminded me of NYC Japanese quick lunch joints. Don't expect anything special from their maki, try one of the udons instead.

Вай мэ! is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

3. Вай мэ!

Пятницкий пер., 8, стр. 1, Москва, Москва
Caucasian Restaurant · Замоскворечье · 403 tips and reviews

Irina F.Irina Fokina: Es un sitio increíblemente barato y rico. Además esta bastante cerca del centro. Cocina de Georgia y es muy recomendable

Juliet S.Juliet Sawyer: Good place! Georgian back soundtrack, fast, yummy, cheap, big portions.

Marina F.Marina Fateeva: Tasty. Cheap. Cozy. Georgian!

Ziferblat is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

4. Ziferblat

(Свободное пространство «Циферблат»)
Тверская ул., 12, стр. 1, Москва, Москва
Café · Тверской · 113 tips and reviews

Lucia O.Lucia Olivieri: amazing, cheap and cozy

Tiffany Z.Tiffany Z: Anti-cafe, very cute, apartment with many little rooms and clocks everywhere! I love the concept going on here, lots of different drinks and snacks! Good for work, or with friends!

NoNameProjectNoNameProject: Our temporary cloud office)))

Люди как люди is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

5. Люди как люди

Солянский туп., 1/4 (Солянский пр.), Москва, Москва
Café · Таганский · 627 tips and reviews

Polina S.Polina Sergeeva: i've been there THOUSANDS of times! it's one of my favorite places. go there for extremely cheap and amazingly delicious food and drinks. always fresh salads and newly baked bread. and awesome coffee! Read more.

Masha G.Masha G: One of the best cafés in Moscow, that is both cheap and cosy, and serves amazingly delicious food. Come early if you want to grab a table! (Cappuccino is 100 Rub!)

Galina S.Galina Svetova: Cosy cheap place. But not enough space,it could be difficult to find a table.Cash only.

Lao Lee is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

6. Lao Lee

Tsvetnoy Central Market (Цветной бул., 15, стр. 1), Москва, Москва
Vietnamese Restaurant · Тверской · 71 tips and reviews

Holden C.Holden Cou: Don't let the fancy mall scare you away: this is same old best cheap Pho in town

Vladimir M.Vladimir Mushkin: Tasty, big portions and friendly!

Sergey V.Sergey Vorontsov: Get a beer from the nearby Indian food stand to go with your pho bo soup.

Мр. Фалафель is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

7. Мр. Фалафель

ТРЦ «Авиапарк» (Ходынский бул., 4), Москва, Москва
Falafel Restaurant · Хорошевский · 92 tips and reviews

Ralph C.Ralph Clayton: Falafels are quite fresh and crunchy. Salad and veggies also super fresh. One of the best falafels I've tasted in moscow ! Recommended. Price is 150r per wrap. like 2 usd , cheap and high quality!

danyaladanyala: Fast service, tasty and cheap falafel and hummus, good variety of options. Perfect for vegetarians.

Darren D.Darren Donahue: Friendly staff (some speak English). Nice vegetarian options with falafel and hummus dishes. Fair prices

Хинкали Point is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

8. Хинкали Point

ул. Забелина, 1, Москва, Москва
Caucasian Restaurant · Хитровка · 98 tips and reviews

Holden C.Holden Cou: Now they also serve inexpensive Georgian wine. Try the spinach/cheese Osetin khachapuri and have a heavenly rosemary cookie for dessert

Ashot V.Ashot Vardanian: Cheap and quite tasty!

Elena S.Elena Shi: Modern and cheap café. Definitely not the best khinkalis in your life, but still good (it's just hard to make them really bad). Take the original ones with meat for an authentic choice.

Мандариновый гусь is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

9. Мандариновый гусь

ул. Петровка, 17, стр. 1, Москва, Москва
Restaurant · Тверской · 47 tips and reviews

Борис К.Борис Караулов: Cheap place in the center of Moscow. Free flow, a lot of seats and tables. Really nice place.

Maria Y.Maria Yaylenko: Cheap, good quality, jazz, atmosphere, location, not crowdy

Karsten S.Karsten S. Gundersen: To get something to eat fast.

Чайхана is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

10. Чайхана

ул. Щепкина, 27, Москва, Москва
Middle Eastern Restaurant · Мещанский · 96 tips and reviews

Andreas N.Andreas Nemeth: Садж is super delicious and lasts for 3 persons. In general, the prices are surprisingly inexpensive for the high quality.

Andrey S.Andrey Shipulin: Это заведение начисто лишено столичного гламура. Оно замечательно своей кухней и хорошим сервисом. Женщинам без мужчин сюда лучше не ходить;)

Виктор С.Виктор Самсонов: Пароль wi-fi:0102030405

Holy Berry is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

11. Holy Berry

ул. Новый Арбат, 21, Москва, Москва
Coffee Shop · Арбат · 34 tips and reviews

Tiffany Z.Tiffany Z: Want some good quality but cheap coffee? Search no more! Tiny little coffee stop with a nice range of interesting flavors and good coffees! 150 rubles on average! Americano/espresso only 50 rubles!

Madhubrata g.Madhubrata ghosh: Super delicious coffee and the maximum price is 150 rubles only.located right on new arbat road

Kasia K.Kasia K: no soy/almond/oat milk here

Jeffrey's Coffee is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

12. Jeffrey's Coffee

ул. Маросейка, 15, стр. 1, Москва, Москва
Coffee Shop · Басманный · 99 tips and reviews

Carlos S.Carlos Salazar: Service is impeccable. One of the few spots in which people speak English. And it's insanely cheap. A true wonder. I spent three days in Moscow, and went the three times.

Tiffany Z.Tiffany Z: Follows the time cafe concept; you pay for the amount of minutes rather than what you consume! There is a choice of many drinks & delicious biscuits, friendly staff, free wifi! What more do you need?

Lesha K.Lesha Karanyuk: Wi-fi - coffee123

Питчер Паб is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

13. Питчер Паб

Пятницкая ул., 82/34 (ул. Серпуховский Вал), Москва, Москва
Pub · Замоскворечье · 55 tips and reviews

Maria S.Maria Sedlyrskaya: Guess that is what must be around any corner in all neighbourhoods.Simple pub with reasonable ales,cheap finger food and clean loos.Way to go👍

Daria E.Daria Evtukhova: Cheap cider, good atmosphere

Ilya I.Ilya Ionov: It's a nice cozy place for the craft lovers. Nice selection on tap and one of the best prices in Moscow. And they also have some hot snacks, not just chips like in the most pubs 😀

Сайгон is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

14. Сайгон

ул. Сущевский Вал, 5/22, Москва, Москва
Vietnamese Restaurant · Бутырский · 214 tips and reviews

Abbot M.Abbot McNamara: It's really CHEAP here. Vietnamese food served by Vietnamese

Matt S.Matt Shannon: The first Vietnamese place I visited in Moscow, is as good as any of the restaurants, bun cha is my favorite. Cheap prices and quick service although the lack of Russian or English speakers is funny.

Mikhail С.Mikhail Сбдж: Excellent for the money. $5 for banh with shrimp and 100 grams of cold Russian vodka.

Table is one of The 15 Best Inexpensive Places in Moscow.

15. Table

Лесная ул., 45, Москва, Москва
Breakfast Spot · Марьина роща · 88 tips and reviews

Sergey V.Sergey Vorontsov: Order eggs any style, add bacon with whatever else you want, and get yourself a cheap and tasty breakfast.

Kat S.Kat S: Truly a hidden gem in a busy Moscow area. Lovely, cozy atmosphere, tasty all-day breakfasts and perfect coffee. Keep it up, guys!

Pavel K.Pavel Kolyvanov: Cosy and tasty