Terakawa Ramen is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

1. Terakawa Ramen

204 N 9th St, Philadelphia, PA
Ramen Restaurant · Chinatown · 71 tips and reviews

Jason L.Jason Lee: First time, try the ten ten ramen with corn and bamboo shoots. Don't forget the crispy skin sausage & oolong tea.

Kristie H.Kristie Howie: Great Ramen! The pork is the best with the best flavor and the buns are amazing.! The crispy pork buns so good and the staff is wonderful!

Hello B.Hello Bear: miso ramen + pork buns + shu mai tempura + hot green tea = amazing meal

Cheu Noodle Bar is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

2. Cheu Noodle Bar

255 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · Washington Square West · 82 tips and reviews

Rebecca B.Rebecca Barber: The pork belly buns are to die for! Pork belly ramen and duck pho were super tasty as well. Can't wait to try more!

ChenyuChenyu: Pork belly buns (w chilli) and ramen are amazing ! Chicken wings also top notch(eat the green pepper) - (from someone who has tried ippudo& momofuku famous buns)

Serious EatsSerious Eats: Washington Square West's hipster-y, alternative noodle bar that dishes out ramen as well as any traditional Japanese soup shop, not to mention a number of other tasty Asian favorites.

Ramen Bar is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

3. Ramen Bar

4040 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · Spruce Hill · 39 tips and reviews

Sandy D.Sandy DeVito: Vegetarians rejoice!: their veggie miso ramen is DELICIOUS, the broth is rich and flavorful, the bowl is huge, and it's $8. Bask in its awesomeness. Can't wait to hunker down here this winter.

Lori Y.Lori Ying: Shoyu chashumen is the best ramen dish here!

Ikai L.Ikai Lan: The Kara Kara is the best ramen, and this is coming from someone who doesn't usually like spicy ramen

Nom Nom Ramen is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

4. Nom Nom Ramen

20 S 18th St (at Ludlow St), Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · Center City West · 34 tips and reviews

Amy V.Amy Von: Pork buns are amazing !! Had the pork cheek ramen special it was life changing. . Treat your self! Cash only folks and bring plenty kinda pricey!

Andrew W.Andrew Wee: Tasty ramen with very good soft boiled egg which is a must-try! Tonkotsu pork is succulent and tender!

Andy K.Andy K: In Philly this is one of the best options for Ramen so far. Karai is the way to go.

Hiro Ramen is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

5. Hiro Ramen

1102 Chestnut St (11th St), Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · Center City East · 22 tips and reviews

cupkeykcupkeyk: Ramen tastes good. Lunch special is good. You get a bowl of ramen of your choice, salad and a choice of appetizer (edamame, gyoza or karaage chicken).

Breanna T.Breanna Tullos: Cool little ramen place, although it can be easy to miss from the outside. I very highly recommend the Gates of Hell!

Rachel S.Rachel Shifman: only one vegetarian option for ramen but damn is it good! tasty veg ramen is hard to find!! great byob place

Tampopo is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

6. Tampopo

269 S 44th St (at Spruce St), Philadelphia, PA
Asian Restaurant · Spruce Hill · 18 tips and reviews

Peng C.Peng Chen: Get the tampopo ramen, it's pretty good.

Barrett L.Barrett Lane: Skip the ramen and go for the bibimbap.

Mjumbe P.Mjumbe Poe: I normally like spicy, but the ramen's better without it. The broth is more drinkable.

Yamitsuki is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

7. Yamitsuki

1028 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA
Ramen Restaurant · Chinatown · 3 tips and reviews

My N.My Nguyen: We came for the soft opening and receive water after 20 minutes and after 40 minutes hadn't even received the so-called matcha drinks. Had no chicken ramen and told us to pay cash after we sat down.

Julia N.Julia Naumowicz: Their vegetarian Ramen is amazing!! Everything on the menu looks great and it's all made in house, and they make their own tea drinks. Basically if you love food this is the place for you

ɢerryɢerry: Good place, delicious ramen. What could you ask more?

Morimoto is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

8. Morimoto

723 Chestnut St (at 7th St), Philadelphia, PA
Japanese Restaurant · Center City East · 91 tips and reviews

The FeastThe Feast: The Iron Chef's first restaurant put Philadelphia on the culinary map, and the quality has never dipped below perfection. Of course, the Omakase is where it's at, but we love the Ramen, too. Read more.

Dave L.Dave Liao: Doing go here for the ramen. You'll buy disappointment. On the bright side, they have tasty main entrees, drinks, and a robust sake selection.

EpicuriousEpicurious: The Iron Chef's restaurant in the City of Brotherly Love will have you loving your neighbor by the very first bite of tuna carpaccio pizza or soba carbonara (try the half order for a great deal).

Nom Nom Ramen is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

9. Nom Nom Ramen

34th St (Walnut St), Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · University City · 2 tips and reviews

Daniel W.Daniel Wolf: Excellent ramen for $9. You may have a 10 minute wait, but it's worth it. Check this place out!

Clara W.Clara Wu: overpriced and not great. ramen bar wins on vibes - but as it turns out, also wins on flavor over non nom. go there instead.

CoZara is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

10. CoZara

3200 Chestnut St (At 33rd St.), Philadelphia, PA
Japanese Restaurant · University City · 9 tips and reviews

Daniel W.Daniel Wolf: This place is amazing!! They offer generous drinks and small appetizers for $2 during happy hour. Nothing beats that value, and everything is delicious. Also, try the mushroom mazeman ramen.

Ryan E.Ryan Escobar: Happy Hour is a pretty good deal! There was a ramen special and although it was small, it was very fresh and flavorful.

Ashley D.Ashley Dunn: Great happy hour! Drinks and food for $2!

Cheu Noodle Bar Fishtown is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

11. Cheu Noodle Bar Fishtown

1416 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · Northern Liberties - Fishtown · 3 tips and reviews

Benjamin K.Benjamin Kintner: Inauthentic ramen styles may be some people's cup of soup, but not mine. And not when they're not particularly well made. Miso ramen has broth that's too sweet and noodles that are under cooked.

Chris S.Chris Smith: The Beet Rangoon was such a unique flavor. I loved them. Also, Miso Ramen every time.

Becki F.Becki Frieiefnfn: The beet rangoons are INSANE. Must try. Current dessert of the week is the best deconstructed blueberry cheesecake bowl I've ever had. Could eat 6 wow.

Pho 75 is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

12. Pho 75

823 Adams Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Noodle House · Lawncrest · 9 tips and reviews

Jay G.Jay Gao: The best pho comes out of less "fancy" looking restaurants. I've been to sooo many pho places but this one for sure is my favorite of them all. They've got the recipe for perfect bowl of pho.

Mike S.Mike Stanford: Best authentic pho in the area.

Tom S.Tom Sytsma: They are pretty much a one trick pony. All they offer is pho. If you a are looking for any other Vietnamese foods, this isn't the place. No summer rolls :(

Seiko Japanese Restaurant is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

13. Seiko Japanese Restaurant

604 N 2nd St (at Green St), Philadelphia, PA
Sushi Restaurant · Northern Liberties - Fishtown · 15 tips and reviews

ElizabethElizabeth: Shoyu ramen with pork

Michael K.Michael Kind: The lunch box specials are the best deal: miso soup, Ginger salad, rice, 2 dumplings, 3 veg tempura, 2 California roll pieces, 1 sushi piece and 1 full roll of your choice for under $13.

liliana f.liliana fnu: Seiko special maki....northern liberty and snow white

Cafe Soho is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

14. Cafe Soho

468 W Cheltenham Ave (at 5th St), Philadelphia, PA
Korean Restaurant · Oak Lane - East Oak Lane · 33 tips and reviews

Jackie F.Jackie Fresh: The soy wings and the ramen noodles - best meal ever

Kimberly S.Kimberly Strow: Soy wings are delicious, I didn't want to stop eating! I also really enjoyed my mango bubble tea!

Philadelphia MagazinePhiladelphia Magazine: Café Soho’s bon chon, or Korean fried chicken, is twice-fried (meaning more crunch, less grease) and served with a mysterious spicy/sweet soy dipping sauce and a side of pickled radish. Read more.

Serpico is one of The 15 Best Places for Ramen in Philadelphia.

15. Serpico

604 South St, Philadelphia, PA
American Restaurant · Washington Square West · 35 tips and reviews

Tamkinat F.Tamkinat Firoz: Amazing food and ambiance. Peter Serpico takes his food to another level. Try the long hot ramen. It's amazing 👌👏👌👏👏👌

Philly.comPhilly.com: You must try Cope's corn raviolo. South Street chef Peter Serpico uses the Pennsylvania staple, along with chorizo, white cheese, pickled and roasted onions, sour cream and lime in his ravioli. Read more.

EaterEater: Bill Addison: "Order 2 dishes: lobes of sashimi-grade scallops backstroking through buttermilk & a bowl of dashi decorated with trompe l'oeil, including gelatinized cubes of crème fraiche & pea pods." Read more.