Ace Hotel Portland is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

1. Ace Hotel Portland

1022 SW Stark St (at SW 10th Ave), Portland, OR
Hotel · 78 tips and reviews

adrien j.adrien johnson: This place is hipster heaven! Really cool place with a great coffee shop and restaurant/bar accessible from lobby. Downside is they advertise free wifi but don't bother, it's so slow it's not usable.

Justin N.Justin N: fantastic modern hipster hotel in downtown Portland that I would highly recommend! that being said, they may neglect to tell you that parking costs $25/day in their lot until your checkout. beware!

Joseph C.Joseph C: Typical Hipster AirB&B hotel amenities: WiFi, bikes/ bikeable, awesome books & reading material, pop-up museum stlye wall art, turntables, alcohol stockable fridges, jumpable beds, everything walkable

Doug Fir Lounge is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

2. Doug Fir Lounge

830 E Burnside St (at SE 9th Ave), Portland, OR
Lounge · 132 tips and reviews

MazdaMazda: Hipster heaven in Portland. Make sure you have your beard groomed and your jeans skinny.

Andrew C.Andrew C: Another place to wang up some hipster gash.

Robert L.Robert Leary: This place is cool now that hipsters decided it's too popular for them. They still play any ironically named band in the basement though...apparently, that's actually bad enough still for the hips.

Coava Coffee Roasters Cafe is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

3. Coava Coffee Roasters Cafe

1300 Southeast Grand Avenue (Main), Portland, OR
Coffee Shop · 124 tips and reviews

Andie S.Andie Stolecka: Woodwork studio mixed in with a hipster study dome. Great coffee, though.

Sarah J.Sarah Joshi: Sooooo many hipsters and so much Bamboo.

Audrie B.Audrie Beth: All the hipsters. Also, while I'm not a big fan of the taste of coffee, a simple latte (no syrups!) was surprisingly really smooth and tasted great.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

1026 SW Stark St. (at SW 11th Ave.), Portland, OR
Coffee Shop · 134 tips and reviews

Tanya R.Tanya Reynolds: The people in the attached hotel lobby are hipster snooty but the coffee is very good

Randy H.Randy Hyde: OMFG too much hipsterness I couldn't stand it! went around the corner to the rooster

Pavan K.Pavan Kulkarni: Hipster coffee swag and some cold brew

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

128 SW 3rd Ave (btwn SW Ash & SW Pine St), Portland, OR
Coffee Shop · 168 tips and reviews

Jamee o.Jamee of Helena: F*cking Portland hipster crap. Try the Yirgachefe. And buy a pound of it for a free cup.

Haley B.Haley B: Keep an eye on the counter, hipsters steal coffee.

Alex B.Alex Brehm: Is it mainstream? Is it local? Portland hipsters are really confused by this excellent coffee "chain."

Bar Bar is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

6. Bar Bar

3943 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR
Bar · 46 tips and reviews

William M.William McGlothlin: Bar bar plays great music, has amazing fries, and is that ne hipster bar with homosexual tendencies. Pbr on draft.

Benjamin T.Benjamin Tran: Hipster feel with great Cajun fries.

Andrew W.Andrew Wiseman: Cool beer garden spot with lots of brews. The house made corn nuts are surprisingly tasty snax

Lúc Lác Vietnamese Kitchen is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

7. Lúc Lác Vietnamese Kitchen

835 SW 2nd Ave (at Taylor St.), Portland, OR
Vietnamese Restaurant · 156 tips and reviews

Caroline C.Caroline Chung: GOOD late night spot, seating is tight and efficient, inexpensive, cute hipster servers, legit cocktails and menu options. BAD pho soup had too much sugar and MSG, was totally parched the next day.

Brian T.Brian Tran: The place has got a hipster vibe to it and the food is amazing!

Bastian G.Bastian Greshake Tzovaras: Came with a group and got super quick and friendly service. And the food was great!

Sweedeedee is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

8. Sweedeedee

5202 N Albina Ave (btwn N Sumner & N Emerson St), Portland, OR
Café · 66 tips and reviews

Melissa L.Melissa Lim: Great breakfast and lunch fare with baked goods and breads made in house. There's always a line, but it's worth the wait. Lots of hipsters and Instagrammable moments!

Jenn Y.Jenn Y: The NE hipster brunch spot. To avoid the frustratingly long waits, go on a weekday or Sa/Su before 10am. We love the breakfast plate, corncakes and egg sandwich. Counter order then wait for a table.

andrea g.andrea gentl: great restaurant. good vibe. good spot for breakfast or brunch. cute ceramics for sale.

Jim & Patty's Coffee is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

9. Jim & Patty's Coffee

4951 NE Fremont St (at NE 50th Ave), Portland, OR
Coffee Shop · 40 tips and reviews

Chris B.Chris B: The hipster bowl.

Heather M.Heather Mader: Hipster Bowl is a steal! Coffee amazing, justlike the old days on Hawthorne.

Heather M.Heather Mader: Hipster bowl and London fog latte

Harlow is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

10. Harlow

3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd (SE 37th Ave), Portland, OR
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant · 51 tips and reviews

Lucas J.Lucas Johnson: Awesome hipster food and amazing cocktails

CTCT: Try and Mac and cheese! And wandering heart! I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I must say pretty satisfying! 😃👍

LandonLandon: just eat everything

Barista is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

11. Barista

823 NW 23rd Ave (btwn Johnson & Kearney), Portland, OR
Coffee Shop · 43 tips and reviews

AlejandroAlejandro: If my parents and grandparents were portland hipsters, this is where they would go.

Virginie L.Virginie Liao: Drip and espresso drinks are our go-to's! They roast their own beans and feature rotating guest roasters beans/drinks as well. Spacious, seats aplenty, welcoming hipster ambiance.

Albert G.Albert Glassburn: Sexy hipsteristas in a swanky Soho-meets-Portlandia coffeeroom. Great roars in comfy post-modern ceramicware. Tasty artichoke sandwiches. 👍

10 Barrel Brewing is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

12. 10 Barrel Brewing

1411 NW Flanders St (at NW 14th Ave), Portland, OR
Brewery · Pearl · 64 tips and reviews

Christine W.Christine Wu: Hipster pizza, Portland salad, and amazing sour brew!

Brice H.Brice Haver: Pizza is great and the brew is always top notch

Chris F.Chris F: A must see for Portland breweries. Excellent oyster shooters and mussels. Friendly knowledgable staff and fun atmosphere.

Goodfoot Pub & Lounge is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

13. Goodfoot Pub & Lounge

2845 SE Stark St (at SE 29th Ave), Portland, OR
Lounge · 34 tips and reviews

The Alco-Frolic's Guide to PDX BarsThe Alco-Frolic's Guide to PDX Bars: It's impossible to always be up for a night of dancing in a hot, moist basement full of hipsters, thankfully Goodfoot offers an upstairs with lots of games and decent food.

Anna P.Anna Powers: Hipster dance party!!

H. C.H. Colbert (@hrsch): The cucumber gin & tonic is really good, refreshing. Also, every so often DJ Takimba spins and brings the party. Come if you want to have a great night without any pretentiousness.

Killer Burger is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

14. Killer Burger

510 SW 3rd Ave (3rd & Washington), Portland, OR
Burger Joint · 68 tips and reviews

Jessica M.Jessica Maier: Super cool hipster burger joint, the service is awesome and all workers have a very positive energetic vibe. *All orders come with a vegetarian option*!!!

Valentino H.Valentino Herrera: As frightening as the peanut butter, bacon and pickle burger sounds, it works perfectly. A must-try.

Albert G.Albert Glassburn: Amazingness in a burger. Get the peanut butter bacon burger for crazy hour $5 burgers between 2-5pm!!!

Little Big Burger is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Portland.

15. Little Big Burger

3747 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR
Burger Joint · 57 tips and reviews

Aaron R.Aaron Rothblatt: Get a fucking number system that doesn't rely on some tone def hipster slaving over a grill. Try the whole deli system with LED #'s

Doane A.Doane Atwood: Not what it's cracked up to be. Like a hipster (or yuppy?) Dick's burgers (Seattle) with a more limited menu. Very expensive mini burger with more fancy ingredients than menu options.

Kellen B.Kellen Barranger: Might be the best fries in Portland. Don't forget to add bacon to your burgers, too.