Sisters is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

1. Sisters

Dlouhá 39, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Sandwich Place · Staré Město · 117 tips and reviews

Mirka CharlotteMirka Charlotte: Great revisited modern version of open sandwiches with homemade sourdough bread, full taste & fresh ingredients prepared on the spot. Tastes great, wi-fi (celerovy), friendly staff and nice plates :-)

Georges P.Georges P.: Soup of the day was great, sandwiches too, herring and wasabi one just heavenly. As an added bonus you can watch what's going on in Nase maso while munching your delicious fare :)

Mehmet Fatih Y.Mehmet Fatih Yıldız: Delicious open sandwiches, good coffee Very cute cafe.

Mr. Bánh Mì is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

2. Mr. Bánh Mì

Rumunská 30 (Londýnská), Praha 2, Hlavní město Praha
Vietnamese Restaurant · 104 tips and reviews

Marcela V.Marcela Vuong: Delicious banh mi and fresh rolls! Really great place to visit!

Jiri V.Jiri Vizek: One of best banh mi in Prague nice chips and cilantro mayo. Good service

Martina V.Martina Vychy: Delicious special banh mi! Possible to sit inside but better for take away. Good prices-around 80 CZK. Recommend if you like Asian baguettes! Yummy

Bánh Mì Makers is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

3. Bánh Mì Makers

Dlouhá 39, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Vietnamese Restaurant · Staré Město · 51 tips and reviews

ChinoiseriesChinoiseries: The coffee and the tasty tofu bahn mi

Petr J.Petr Jonak: Amazing noodle dishes. I liked then more than their Banh Mi (which is also very good)

Dylan S.Dylan Stilin: Roast pork bánh mì and ginger lemonade are very good.

Bread Gap is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

4. Bread Gap

Tržiště 371/3, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Sandwich Place · Malá Strana · 58 tips and reviews

JanaJana: Best sandwiches, hummus,salades, deserts, coffee & other delicious stuff for great prices, everything fresh...and great location together= beat breakfast combination!:-)

Magdalena M.Magdalena Mrázková: Absolutely superb veggie sandwiches, delicious hummus and oh so friendly stuff. I love this tiny place!

Johana A.Johana Adamkova: Fig and goat cheese sandwich is a must

banh—mi—ba is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

5. banh—mi—ba

Rybná 26, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Vietnamese Restaurant · Staré Město · 95 tips and reviews

Roma K.Roma Komm: Fresh Vietnamese spot right in city center. Young staff, nice interior, delicious banh mi.

Tommy B.Tommy Brtek: Pleasant interior and staff. Vietnamese baguette banh mi is amazing with all fresh ingredients and juicy meat. Just try.

Tom Z.Tom Zídek: Best banh mi in Prague, you have to taste it!!!

Havana Grill is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

6. Havana Grill

Rumunská 34, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
South American Restaurant · Praha 2 · 57 tips and reviews

Tanya G.Tanya Galitskaya: They changed the name to Havana grill, but steak sandwiches are still absolutely perfect and cheap. My favorite place in this neighborhood)

Charlotte S.Charlotte Spears: Steak in steak sandwich is excellent and very delicious with onions and peppers, bread was dry and needed a little sauce.

Vuk M.Vuk Milanovic: Food is great, and steak sandwich is really tasty for only 99czk. Nice staff. Place seems authentic and is small, only 3 x 4 seating places, but Namesti Miru is right nearby for some great take away.

Parlor Café is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

7. Parlor Café

Křižíkova 37 (Vítkova), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Ice Cream Shop · Karlín · 34 tips and reviews

Hana S.Hana Suvorov: Great place with great ice-cream sandwiches! And tonic with espresso... it's heaven 😌❤️

Andrea K.Andrea Krajicova: Love this place! Astonishing interior, close to the centre,nice stuff, original and delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches!

Luka P.Luka P.: 12 kinds of gin and 8 kinds of tonic! This place has much more to offer than just the best ice cream cookie sandwiches!

coffee room. is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

8. coffee room.

Korunní 1208/74, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Vršovice · 169 tips and reviews

Carly G.Carly Guglielmelli: These are the people who make funny signs to go with their good coffee. Try the simple and delicious bacon sandwiches here. Free wifi, jugs of water on the table, friendly staff.

Ktot K.Ktot Kakoytov: Great coffe, godlike goat cheese sandwich, warm armosphere, adorable people! And great music.

Marian R.Marian Rehak: Cosy small place with good coffee and sandwiches, but the waiting time can often be way too long ⏱

Cafe Letka is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

9. Cafe Letka

Letohradská 44 (Ovenecká), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Holešovice · 108 tips and reviews

Martin J.Martin Jarčík: Sitting here was really a personal experience. Just few tables, lovely staff, quiet, great flat-white and delicious home made sandwiches.

Martin M.Martin Marek: The atmosphere: lovely. One of the beautiful-lelest places in Prague. Brewery: Zemský pivovar Braník. Good, fresh sandwiches. The coffee here: Five Elephant (Berlin) passable as well, love it! Wifi.

Sebastian W.Sebastian Waters: Good coffee (from Five Elephants) and a decent selection of breakfast options from Granola Strawberry Jogurt to Avocado Sandwich. And very friendly and attentive people. Highly recommended.

Bistro Proti Proudu is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

10. Bistro Proti Proudu

Březinova 22, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Bistro · Karlín · 88 tips and reviews

Jiří Č.Jiří Černý: One of the best cafés in Prague. Number one for me. Try their sandwiches, cakes, whatever and you will fall in love with this place as well!!

Nela Z.Nela Zelenková: Don't miss this new place! They serve soup of the day, salads, sandwiches and amazing cakes. Everything is fresh and tasty. Service is perfect!

Lucie P.Lucie Pavelková: Amazing place! I need to recommend strongly this bistro - really nice staff, very good coffee and sandwiches. And I really like what architects did with interiors 😉

Home Kitchen is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

11. Home Kitchen

Jungmannova 8, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Eastern European Restaurant · Praha 2 · 111 tips and reviews

the_food_aficionadothe_food_aficionado: Charming little place to stop by and have breakfast, a snack or coffee. We had two open sandwiches and they were both delicious and incredibly filling. The home-made bread is very tasty!

Ayrat G.Ayrat Garifillin: Open sandwiches are really delicious, there're many combinations, try one with bacon and peach. They have home-made lemonade

Florian M.Florian Motz: Rustic atmosphere, delicious sandwiches, lovely service

Bageterie Boulevard is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

12. Bageterie Boulevard

Národní 27 (Na Perštýně), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Sandwich Place · Staré Město · 129 tips and reviews

Ömür İklim D.Ömür İklim Demir: Cheap and delicious sandwiches, ham&egg saved my day. :)

Massimo P.Massimo Parolisi: Good choice of sandwiches, fresh bread (you can choose among 4 types for your sandwich). Price good too, around 80kc each (no menu without drink)

Sezin A.Sezin Alagoz: Fast and delicious breakfast! The sandwiches are gourmet 👌🏼Loved mozarella and basil sandwich. Ham, bacon and cheese one was also very delicious.

Bakeshop is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

13. Bakeshop

Kozí 1 (V Kolkovně), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Staré Město · 237 tips and reviews

Lukas K.Lukas Korinek: lovely sandwiches and best strawberry smoothies in Prague

MartinaMartina: Great sandwiches, whole grain bread with cream and fresh vegetables :) and the best Xmas cookies, chocolate brownie with berries.

koka s.koka skowronska: Very, very good sandwiches, excellent cappuccino and well designed interior. Everything fresh and looks tasty. Quite expensive place, but worth it.

Sandwich Restaurant Nerudova is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

14. Sandwich Restaurant Nerudova

Nerudova 208/8, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Sandwich Place · Hradčany · 14 tips and reviews

Bread GapBread Gap: Something for really hungry (not only) ‪#‎vegans‬ :) - Bread Gap 300g vegan ‪#‎clubhouse‬ ‪#‎sandwich‬! ‪#‎lunch‬ ‪#‎tramezzini‬ ‪#‎breadgap‬ ‪#‎lessertown‬ ‪#‎nerudova‬ ‪#‎prague‬

Bread GapBread Gap: New pork 'n cabbage club sandwich to celebrate czech cuisine! ‪#‎sandwich‬ ‪#‎clubsandwich‬ ‪#‎porkandcabbage‬ ‪#‎bohemianrhapsody‬ ‪#‎czechcuisine‬ ‪#‎nationalfood‬ ‪#‎sendvic‬‬ ‪#‎breadgap‬

Emily A.Emily Andino: Cozy place with a very friendly staff. Pricey, but the breakfast sandwich menu is a good deal.

Breadway is one of The 15 Best Places for Sandwiches in Prague.

15. Breadway

Narodni 21, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Bakery · Staré Město · 13 tips and reviews

Massimo P.Massimo Parolisi: Fresh and tasty bread, ready to eat sandwiches and friendly staff

Carsten T.Carsten Titlbach: Try the toscana bread with grilled vegetables, pesto and fresh rocket. Tastes divine and is a meal in itself. Haven't found better bread and sandwiches in Prague.

Honza K.Honza Kubat: Good sandwitches, nice personal