Uwajimaya is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

1. Uwajimaya

600 5th Ave S (at S Dearborn St), Seattle, WA
Supermarket · International District · 107 tips and reviews

Lyssa A.Lyssa Ashlee: Yummy House Bakery and Papa Beard's! I also love that they have all the Hawaiian drinks for only 79cents! :)

Hilda C.Hilda Chan: Go to Papa Beards in the food court. Eat some cream puffs. Break out the sweat bands because there will be a party in your mouth.

Eric T.Eric Tigre: Terrific community grocery featuring everything from fresh seafood, Japanese groceries, Korean kim chi, local NW wine, fresh produce and more. Be aware of sell-by dates - some items are past due. Read more.

Ballard Market is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

2. Ballard Market

1400 NW 56th St (at Market), Seattle, WA
Supermarket · Ballard · 25 tips and reviews

budipbudip: The best fried chicken! Must try...

Jeff H.Jeff Hackmeister: Beat grocery option in Ballard. Great produce, big selection of prepared food and an impressive selection of beer and wine!

Troy M.Troy Morris: Leave plenty of time for wonderment and debate if you plan on visiting the beer section.

PCC Community Markets is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

3. PCC Community Markets

2749 California Ave SW (at SW Lander), Seattle, WA
Supermarket · North Admiral · 12 tips and reviews

Michelle D.Michelle D.: Excellent pizza by the slice or whole pie to go for what ails you after a long day.

Luis A.Luis Antezana: Best place in West Seattle to find pure foods. I especially love the salads and things in the deli, but their pies & cupcakes are terrible. Whatever they're doing to their pie crust should be illegal.

Eric T.Eric Tigre: West Seattle's PCC Natural Markets store has been undergoing a good remodel with mid-century lines and wood siding. Stop in for local products and organic produce at this inviting community store. Read more.

QFC is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

4. QFC

500 Mercer St (at 5th Ave N), Seattle, WA
Supermarket · 25 tips and reviews

Luís GuilhermeLuís Guilherme: Great supermarket! Fast checkout most of the time. Great selection, prices are on the higher side, but acceptable.

Ricardo F.Ricardo Fuchs: Nice clean store, conveniently located.

Chris GunrackChris Gunrack: Hooray! QFC now sells liquor, but be aware that the liquor tax isn't included in the sticker price

QFC is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

5. QFC

9999 Holman Rd NW, Seattle, WA
Supermarket · Greenwood · 8 tips and reviews

Phuong N.Phuong Nguyen: A very long line at Starbucks this location on Saturday. Not too bad tho.

Leland l.Leland louie: The back registers are always open

John P.John Porter: Know your parking lot layout, a bit confusing.

Metropolitan Market is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

6. Metropolitan Market

100 Mercer St (at 1st Ave), Seattle, WA
Grocery Store · Lower Queen Anne · 53 tips and reviews

Bill C.Bill Caples: Incredible selection and service. Not the lowest prices, everything they sell is top shelf. Great prepared meals as well!

BIGFOOTBIGFOOT: It amazing how at 3am I don't feel like a tweaker because of all this "high class" cheese and craft beer I'm buying. What aisle is the coffee filters and cough syrup in??

ShannonShannon: Go inside, walk to your left and behold the delicious cheese. Buy some, eat it be happy.

Trader Joe's is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

7. Trader Joe's

4609 14th Ave NW (at NW 46th St), Seattle, WA
Grocery Store · Ballard · 22 tips and reviews

Rebekah W.Rebekah Wolf: Trader Joe's Plantain Chips + Avocado's Number Guacamole = Best Snack Ever!

AkvileAkvile: Sign a petition on your way in, pick up some healthy and inexpensive groceries inside, and buy some real change on your way out. All in a single trip to TJ's.

Gina M.Gina M: Try the strawberry licorice from Australia...its delicious!

Trader Joe's is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

8. Trader Joe's

4555 Roosevelt Way NE (at NE 45th Street), Seattle, WA
Grocery Store · University District · 27 tips and reviews

Francie K.Francie Kay: Great hummus from Trader Joe's - the one with the pesto in the middle! Yum.

Kerry M.Kerry Moore: Kiddy sleuths who can locate Sasquatch "Sam" hiding in the store, will get a free lollipop at the samples counter! Double bonus upon checkout, some cool stickers to plaster on their bodies or you!! ;)

Kate K.Kate K: Get the milk chocolate truffle bar!! The best from their large selection of chocolates x)

PCC Community Markets is one of The 9 Best Supermarkets in Seattle.

9. PCC Community Markets

3610 S Edmunds St (37th Ave S), Seattle, WA
Organic Grocery · Columbia City · 7 tips and reviews

Opie F.Opie Frank: Best produce by far. Limited selection on most things but great quality. Amazing deli.

Maria N.Maria Nichol: The new store is the perfect size and has everything you possibly need. I love the huge selection they have at their food court! Definitely worth the price

Weslie M.Weslie M.: There's something beautiful in every nook and cranny. Welcome to the neighborhood!