FUGLEN TOKYO is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.


富ヶ谷1-16-11, 渋谷区, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 147 tips and reviews

LeleLele: Gorgeous interior, super cozy and multi-lingual staff.

Nora W.Nora Worawan Ongcharit: Trendy coffee house with beautiful cozy interiors

Kyungwoo N.Kyungwoo Nho: Nighttime you can drink Cocktails and Beer. Cozy & Stylish

February Cafe is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

2. February Cafe

雷門1-7-8, 東京, 東京都
Café · 浅草 · 58 tips and reviews

Dimitar D.Dimitar Dinchev: What a cozy, tourist friendly Japanese coffee place! Also there is WiFi - password 11221122 :)

ThalisThalis: Nice quick breakfast in cozy coffee shop.

Manal H.Manal H: Small cozy cafe, limited seating area, coffee is excellent!

Be A Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

3. Be A Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk

千駄ヶ谷3-51-6, 東京, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 千駄ヶ谷 · 40 tips and reviews

Emanuel A.Emanuel Avermaete: Nice cozy place. My double espresso was prepared with the greatest care ever. These guys take their coffee serious. Very friendly atmosphere. Recommended!

L H.L H: Cozy corner

MarcoMarco: Drip coffee is amazing. Cozy place, like just like 4 seats XD

Kayaba Coffee is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

4. Kayaba Coffee

谷中6-1-29, 東京, 東京都
Café · 谷中 · 37 tips and reviews

Elisa E.Elisa Ey: Cozy cafe with great cakes. I love this place. Get the hot lemonade in winter.

Ethan O.Ethan O.: Adorable cozy little coffee. Get the Roasted Green Tea Latte or the Hot Ginger drink. Avg. 500¥.

Guy C.Guy C: Set lunch of meal and coffee for 1000 yen (8 usd). Upstairs is very nice, just 5 tables and floor sitting.

Sarutahiko Coffee is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

5. Sarutahiko Coffee

恵比寿1-6-6 (斎藤ビル 1F), 東京, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 恵比寿 · 106 tips and reviews

Julia M.Julia M: Great coffee, exceptional staff/service! Cozy little place to rest a while. Coffee is delicious and complex.

Genki U.Genki U.: Cozy space with peppy baristas working on espressos and pours. The coffee... Okay.

Abdullah k.Abdullah k.h: Very nice small cozy coffee shop serving specialty coffee

Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne 神楽坂店 is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

6. Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne 神楽坂店

神楽坂4-2 (コンフォート神楽坂 1F), 東京, 東京都
French Restaurant · 神楽坂 · 19 tips and reviews

Mika A.Mika Amal Y: A cozy French cafe run by a French chef. You recognize some French customers too:)

Philip S.Philip Seifi: Delicious galettes, cozy atmosphere, French language service and menu.

Luis T.Luis T.: Best crepes in Tokyo and probably in Asia. No kidding.

Mamma Luisa's Table is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

7. Mamma Luisa's Table

東2-20-16, 東京, 東京都
Mediterranean Restaurant · 渋谷区 · 7 tips and reviews

James B.James Barnwell: Excellent fresh pasta. Good wine. Cozy atmosphere.

Mireya B.Mireya Benedetti: Everything was delicious. If you're looking for great food and a cozy rustic atmosphere this the place to go.

Irene U.Irene Ulbrich: The ambience, the food, the café! A must to stop by and enjoy this restaurante italiano!

iriya plus café is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

8. iriya plus café

下谷2-9-10, 台東区, 東京都
Café · 20 tips and reviews

mahalotonmahaloton: 古民家カフェ 居心地よかった。 パンケーキがメイン?! 味は普通かなぁ?!

Elisa E.Elisa Ey: I loved this place! Cozy atmosphere, great interior et really lovely menu with lots of options. Go for the meat loaf or the pasta, and the pancakes. They have a good lunch deal.

Karlsson M.Karlsson Martin: Really good for studying. Try the pancakes with salmon for a treat!

Turret COFFEE is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

9. Turret COFFEE

築地2-12-6 (SK東銀座ビル1F), 東京, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 築地 · 107 tips and reviews

joe q.joe quint: Very cozy environment. Fits about 15 to 20 people. Laid-back, casual would be a good word.

Gosia W.Gosia Wszkk: Easily best coffee I had in Tokyo! Go for the Turret latte. Space itself is quite small but cozy.

Li Neng L.Li Neng Lee: Tried their flat white here. One of the best coffee I've had in Japan so far after visiting Sendai and Osaka.

Harajuku Gyoza Lou is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

10. Harajuku Gyoza Lou

神宮前6-2-4 (岡島ビル), 東京, 東京都
Dumpling Restaurant · 北青山 · 227 tips and reviews

Giuseppe M.Giuseppe Mazzaglia: One of the most cozy and authentic place to eat I found in Tokyo. And gyoza dumplings are just great

Kailey L.Kailey L.: Gyoza skin is very thin, so that means more filling! Delicious gyoza, and this place is casual and cozy for a quick beer and snack. Highly recommend. Lineup was not too bad on Sat late afternoon.

LoreLore: Really tasty gyoza in a cozy place. Gyoza are prepared in front of you. Recommended.

Paddlers Coffee is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

11. Paddlers Coffee

西原2-26-5 (1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 13 tips and reviews

Luise W.Luise Win: Delicious Lemonade, great coffee, friendly Staff and cozy athmosphere... maybe the best coffeeshop in tokyo 🌸

Shiyin L.Shiyin Lin: Super cute and hip, good coffee

Bommy C.Bommy Cha: Beautiful cafe serving stumptown coffee.

COMMUNE 2nd is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

12. COMMUNE 2nd

南青山3-13, 東京, 東京都
Street Food Gathering · 青山 · 62 tips and reviews

David N.David Noël: Serendipitous find wandering the alley next to Blue Bottle. A food truck food court in a cozy and quiet setting.

Heather R.Heather Rodriguez: Who knew they had this collection of food trucks. Very cute and cozy place.

Sven S.Sven Simon: Perfect after work beer place with awesome food too

Imakatsu is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

13. Imakatsu

(六本木 イマカツ)
六本木4-12-5 (フェニキア ルクソス 1F), 東京, 東京都
Tonkatsu Restaurant · 六本木 · 39 tips and reviews

Alex N.Alex Nguyen: absolutely delicious tonkatsu. lunch set which includes rice, miso soup, & tsukemono (pickles) is +¥200. the staff are very attentive & speak english. the restaurant is cozy & the seating is so cute.

DerekDerek: Both Chicken and Pork Katsu are fantastic. Don't forget to follow the advice to use just a little salt on the first bite of katsu.

Manuel B.Manuel Bally: Great tonkatsu restaurant with an amazing service and the waitress was speaking an perfect English. She gave us really good advices and was always there if we needed something.

Meikyoku Kissa Lion is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

14. Meikyoku Kissa Lion

道玄坂2-19-13, 東京, 東京都
Café · 道玄坂 · 30 tips and reviews

Dave H.Dave Holtz: A cozy cross between a concert hall and a tea house. Don't speak - there is a performance in progress!

Tim L.Tim Lucas: Classical music and matcha in a incredibly gorgeous, mahogany-decked room that's a cross between a concert hall and a café.

@soyrev@soyrev: the best cafe in the world

nemo Bakery & Cafe is one of The 15 Best Cozy Places in Tokyo.

15. nemo Bakery & Cafe

小山4-3-12 (TK武蔵小山ビル 1F), 品川区, 東京都
Bakery · 20 tips and reviews

Johnny L.Johnny Linnert: Very cozy spot to grab a tasty sandwich, pastry, or bagel. Cannot recommend the Canadian Bagel enough.

Krishna S.Krishna Sivaranjan: The chocolate croissant was great. Nice and flakey. I also liked that they slightly toasted it.

Aude Y.Aude Yukiko: Great breads and a nice rillette sandwich.