Yoyogi Park is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

1. Yoyogi Park

代々木神園町/神南2, 東京, 東京都
Park · 明治神宮 · 138 tips and reviews

Jon S.Jon Steinback: On a Sunday, swing through and see the Dancing Elvises (Elvi?) and wander down towards the Harajuku entrance from some Harajuku girls. Good Okonomiyaki from street vendors, too!

FRIENDS IN TOKYOFRIENDS IN TOKYO: The best place for a picnic when the weather's nice, we love sitting by the lake and chilling. Not too many people on weekdays. See dancing Japanese "Elvises" at the entrance on every Sunday!

Jonathan K.Jonathan Kramer: Go on Sunday afternoon to check out the rockabilly club dancing.

Robot Restaurant is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

2. Robot Restaurant

歌舞伎町1-7-1 (新宿ロボットビル B2F), 東京, 東京都
Other Nightlife · 歌舞伎町 · 125 tips and reviews

KateKate: reco'ed by NYT Travel - fem bots (controlled by real women) dance for customers as they eat. Could be highly entertaining, or highly awkward turtle.

Amelda L.Amelda Lim: Intense and sensory overload! Cute girls and crazy bling bling robots and dancing, what else can one ask for?

Abdullah A.Abdullah Al-Haddad: You don't wanna miss this one if enjoy hard loud Japanese music mixed with Japanese girls wearing traditional kimonos dancing with giant robots on the stage 😍

WOMB is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.


円山町2-16 (スタジオアリアス 1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Nightclub · 61 tips and reviews

Samuel O.Samuel Osorio: This is one of the Best clubs in Tokyo!!!Great for house, techno and a special place for drum&bass. Three floors in here, small lounge, main dancing floor and small bar on the third.

Todd W.Todd Wolfson: If you are hungry from dancing, there is a food menu (tabemono). The options from left to right are curry (カレー), Portuguese chicken bites (チキン), and udon (うどん). I recommend the chicken.

Serafettin B.Serafettin B.: In the main dance room there are only two bar staff behind the bar serving over 600 people. The queues for drinks at peak times is pitiful.

SOUND MUSEUM VISION is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.


道玄坂2-10-7, 東京, 東京都
Nightclub · 道玄坂 · 16 tips and reviews

Foxxy B.Foxxy B: Drinks are weak (but relatively cheap), crowd is not very authentic Tokyo, and music varies from terrible (top 40 dance in the main room) to OK (90s pop, hip hop, & R&B anthems in the middle room).

Roxy A.Roxy A: 4 dance floors! Go to ladies night!

Oliver T.Oliver Tang: Awesome club with lots of side rooms with different music.

Rock no Cocoro is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

5. Rock no Cocoro

宇田川町10-1 (バークビル 3F), 東京, 東京都
Bar · 神南 · 4 tips and reviews

Hana B.Hana BCN: Finding Rock no cocoro completely changed my experience of Tokyo, met wonderful people and danced till the sun rised :)

tmktmk: Check out their Mooo~Parties Read more.

RonniRonni: Had fun playing Jenga with the bartender here while enjoying the night

AiSOTOPE LOUNGE is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.


新宿2-12-16 (セントフォービル 1F), 新宿区, 東京都
Nightclub · 5 tips and reviews

ichiro l.ichiro loo: Various parties on weekends. Sometimes only for men or women. Really fun to dance and enjoy music here. A lot of hot gogo boys!

ichiro l.ichiro loo: Gorgeous Drag Queen Show on weekends. Entrance fee is about 20〜30USD, but sometime you can get a discount if you have flyers. Sometime the party only play Japanese songs, so better check before enter.

Ben C.Ben Chung: Lol... The underwear party was so interesting 😆😆😆😆😆

ageHa is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

7. ageHa

新木場2-2-10, 江東区, 東京都
Nightclub · 21 tips and reviews

CNNCNN: Anyone who thinks youth is wasted on the young might find contradictory evidence if they make the trek out to ageHa, a large venue in east Tokyo with multiple dance floors, rooms and a pool. Read more.

Albara A.Albara Almusa: Very bad DJ, wired songs and he keeps interrupting every one....can't dance to him talking every 10 seconds

Jenny S.Jenny S: One of my favs worldwide! Top sound system, lights/lasers, smoke- and drinks-free main room, 4 rooms total and outdoor food court. Just WOW

Metal Bar GODZ is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

8. Metal Bar GODZ

歌舞伎町1-10-5 (えびす会館 B1F), 東京, 東京都
Bar · 歌舞伎町 · 7 tips and reviews

Natalie C.Natalie Cherry B: LOVE this bar! lovely staff and atmosphere, you will be here til 5am dancing your butt off though! ;) requested my band and they played it, video and all! 💜💜

Daniel P.Daniel Pereira: Best metal music bar of Japan! If you're a lover of the style you can't miss the team that has worked to make it THE best!

Daniel P.Daniel Pereira: Be sure to use the paper stripes and pen to write the name of your favorite tune and have it played for you!

CIRCUS Tokyo is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

9. CIRCUS Tokyo

渋谷3-26-16, 渋谷区, 東京都
Music Venue · 2 tips and reviews

Derek H.Derek Hess: Nice club with international Dj's starts to be fun late around 1 am. Not allowed to drink and dance!

Angie W.Angie Walton: Go to Soup and add to this list - B1, 3-9-10 Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo - Clubs and Gig Spots - http://www.timeout.com/tokyo/music/best-music-spots-in-tokyo#tab_panel_2

Harajuku Ekimae Stage is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

10. Harajuku Ekimae Stage

神宮前1-19-11 (はらじゅくアッシュビル 6F), 東京, 東京都
Indie Theater · 千駄ヶ谷 · 1 tip

ともぞんぬともぞんぬ: 女優やモデルのタマゴによる圧倒されるほどのステージパフォーマンスが楽しい!

Lighthouse Records is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

11. Lighthouse Records

道玄坂2-9-2 (正実ビル4F), 東京, 東京都
Record Shop · 道玄坂 · 3 tips and reviews

Steffen T.Steffen Torset: Great little (dance music) record shops. The type of place you have to know about to find, so if your nearby now, drop by!

nmasuonmasuo: Vinyl oriented record store. Mainly 12 inch of House Music, Techno, Disco, Jazz, etc.You can listen all items in the store, we have 4 turntables to listen.Also check out our sound with vintage Kli Read more.

Atsushi F.Atsushi Furuo: アナログはやっぱりおもしろいのー

ZAKURO is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.


西日暮里3-13-2 (谷中スタジオ 1F), 東京, 東京都
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 谷中 · 12 tips and reviews

Kazuhiro K.Kazuhiro Kotani: 単なるトルコ料理店と思ったら、とんでもない。ベリーダンスあり、店員の毒の効いた声、ハマること間違いなし!!

Madoka Y.Madoka Yuriko: 店員さんが、えーとやかましいというかおしゃべりな人です笑 毎晩ベリーダンスが見られる唯一のお店らしい。

CongmeiCongmei: 年に一度トルコから輸入しておられるというモザイクランプ類は恐らく日本最安値です。一番小さいものが2,000円!また、LINEの「レストランザクロ」アカウントを登録し、会計時にその旨伝えると棗やし(ホルマー/デーツ)が2つ頂けました(^-^)(04, May 2014)

LIQUIDROOM is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.


東3-16-6, 東京, 東京都
Rock Club · 渋谷区 · 26 tips and reviews

Steffen T.Steffen Torset: Only been here for one club night, but enjoyed the "non smoking" of the dance floor. You don't see that many places in japan:-)

SonyMobileWTA M.SonyMobileWTA Manager: Liquidroom is both a club and a music stage. It's recommended to buy tickets as early as possible for the live music acts!

FRIENDS IN TOKYOFRIENDS IN TOKYO: Not too big, one of the great concert halls in Tokyo. Also known as a club. We've seen Negoto and Mariko Goto live there in June 2012. Was super!

MOGRA 秋葉原 is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

14. MOGRA 秋葉原

秋葉原3-11 (松菱ビル B1F), 東京, 東京都
Nightclub · 秋葉原 · 20 tips and reviews

Serafettin B.Serafettin B.: The reception counter and lounge are located on the first floor, and at the end of the hallway there are drink counters and coin lockers.

Hampus A.Hampus Andersson: Amazing club in the nerd district of Tokyo, Akihabara. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of anime/games.

Luis T.Luis Tate: Anime was not my thing. Was.

Tokyu Theatre Orb is one of The 15 Best Places for Dancing in Tokyo.

15. Tokyu Theatre Orb

渋谷2-21-1 (渋谷ヒカリエ 11F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Theater · 9 tips and reviews

AyaAya: Better to come here 30 min in advance and enjoy the view. Takes some time to get in as elevator arrives on 11F but the entrance is on 12F, and theater is on 12-14F. So many climbings.

Kentaro S.Kentaro Sakamoto: S席を取れても、範囲が広くって、酷い席だったりするので、チケット買うときは要注意!

Sakura T.Sakura Teraoka: エレベーターを降りた11階に、ローソンとシアターカフェ有り。