Jomon is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

1. Jomon

(ジョウモン 六本木店)
六本木5-9-17 (藤森ビル 1F), 東京, 東京都
Yakitori Restaurant · 六本木 · 76 tips and reviews

ブルーノブルーノ: Not very Japanese (couldn't see local people while there, everyone was western) but amazing atmosphere and good food. Staff is friendly and the skewers are really good (try the cheese and pancetta)!

Maria Elisabetta G.Maria Elisabetta Gungui: Nice ambience, friendly staff, delicious skewers (start with the tasting menu to make sure you get something unusual and you'll be surprised how gorgeous they all are), generous sake/shō-chū servings!

Jenna F.Jenna Friedman: Hip yakitori spot. Large menu, great sake, friendly staff. They also had no issue accommodating my gluten free needs. I Recommend!

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

2. The Roastery by Nozy Coffee

神宮前5-17-13 (ダイイチHOKI神宮前ビル 1F), 東京, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 北青山 · 125 tips and reviews

Toby P.Toby Phipps: Awesome coffee and hip but very friendly staff. Only 4 items on the drink menu - talk about specializing! Opens at 8am - great before work pick-me-up.

Lin A.Lin Akhbar: Very friendly staff and good coffee

Aude Y.Aude Yukiko: Amazing latte with beans by NOZY. Very friendly staff, and don't forget to try the lemon muffin. Good soft cream for hot days to stroll down Cat Street.

Sushizanmai is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

3. Sushizanmai

(すしざんまい 本店)
築地4-11-9, 東京, 東京都
Sushi Restaurant · 築地 · 139 tips and reviews

Desmond S.Desmond Soon: Chuo Toro Tuna very good here and very reasonable. Good for foreigners who are not yet pros at Sushi. Tourist friendly. English menus

Irmak S.Irmak S: Not a massive queue outside like some other places in the area, and the staff are friendly, the fish is delicious and overall it's pretty great!

Adam M.Adam McNamara: Friendly chefs, quality fish, and great value for money.

GLITCH COFFEE&ROASTERS is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.


神田錦町3-16 (香村ビル 1F), 千代田区, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 35 tips and reviews

Aude Y.Aude Yukiko: Very good latte and nice cinnamon roll with a lemon frosting. The space is very luminous and the staff super friendly.

Alan H.Alan Hyndman: Awesome coffee, beautiful decor and really cool friendly staff. They were very accommodating of our ignorant non-Japanese speaking ways. Highly recommend!

MarcoMarco: Coffee is great and roasted in the place! The place is really small so make sure to go at quiet hours. In our case was midday of a Monday. The staff is super friendly and speak some English!

Ta-im is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

5. Ta-im

恵比寿1-29-16 (ベルハイムC 1F), 東京, 東京都
Israeli Restaurant · 恵比寿 · 23 tips and reviews

Johnny L.Johnny Linnert: Amazing Israeli food! Tasty hummus, pita sandwiches, schnitzel, falafel, and much more. The owner Dani is very friendly, as is the rest of the staff!

Marina G.Marina Gabovich: Really authentic Israeli cuisine, super friendly owner and nice atmosphere! Hummus is really great!

Kasia K.Kasia Klasa: Delicious falafel and hummus! Vegan friendly!

Turret COFFEE is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

6. Turret COFFEE

築地2-12-6 (SK東銀座ビル1F), 東京, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 築地 · 93 tips and reviews

Nicolas R.Nicolas Rafenomanjato: The seasonal coffee mocha is divine... Good service and old 90's soul & R&B tunes...

Irmak S.Irmak S: Absolute must-go coffee shop if you're in Tsukiji and love coffee. The turret latte is other worldly, and the owner(?) is so so friendly, and hand crafts each drink with great care.

Alex N.Alex Nguyen: all drinks are triple ristretto and delicious! great music and friendly baristas/staff. very cute shop as well.

Kaikaya is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

7. Kaikaya

円山町23-7, 渋谷区, 東京都
Seafood Restaurant · 61 tips and reviews

Mike B.Mike Bassguy: Great atmosphere, super friendly staff with great recommendations. Tuna jaw, swordfish skewers and steak with herb butter and wasabi were all fantastic but everything was top notch too. Will be back!

Søren BryderSøren Bryder: Love this place. The staff is super friendly, the food is great (ask the waiter for the fixed menu) and the sake is served in great quantities.

Don 🤖 M.Don 🤖 M: Friendly seafood restaurant with lots of character and great dishes. Try the grilled tuna head.

LIFE Son is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

8. LIFE Son

代々木4-5-13 (参宮橋レインボービルIII 1F), 東京, 東京都
Café · 初台 · 13 tips and reviews

Reese W.Reese W: Excellent bread and food. Relaxed space and friendly staff.

laetitialaetitia: Very good food, friendly staff. English menu available. Place is as pleasant inside as outside on the terrace. I went for dinner, you may need a reservation.

Nicolas R.Nicolas Rafenomanjato: Lunch is always good - affordable and friendly staff...

Yamazaki is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

9. Yamazaki

(寿司処 やまざき)
築地5-2-1 (築地卸売市場6号館), 東京, 東京都
Sushi Restaurant · 築地 · 24 tips and reviews

Vanessa M.Vanessa Marrou: No lines, fresh and excellent sushi next door to the "tops sellers". The staff was super friendly and provided hot tea to the line outside!

Jack H.Jack Harrison: The sushi here is fantastic and the staff are very friendly. Why on earth would you queue for 2+ hours for one of its neighbours!

BleakerBleaker: Today's recommendations are good. Chef is friendly and talkative.

COMMUNE 246 is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

10. COMMUNE 246

南青山3-13, 東京, 東京都
Food Court · 青山 · 50 tips and reviews

Elise B.Elise Bomhof: This is a hidden gem! Tucked away behind expensive shops; there is this little food court with food trucks, craft beers, music, benches and friendly people.

Ivana K.Ivana Kurtović: Nice food market at the heart of harajuku, outdoor sitting, vegan friendly, craft beers, and other

Ivana K.Ivana Kurtović: Very cute food court, open sitting area, lounge, beer, vegan friendly, sausages, potatoes

Shabuzen is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

11. Shabuzen

(しゃぶ禅 六本木店)
六本木3-16-33 (青葉六本木ビル B1F), 東京, 東京都
Shabu-Shabu Restaurant · 六本木 · 7 tips and reviews

Per A.Per Assawin: Shabu very welcome staff

Adam M.Adam McNamara: Really friendly staff, huge, and has an English menu.

Poonam G.Poonam Gupta: I never leave tips but the staff is the most friendly and patient I have come across in my week in tokyo.

Sarutahiko Coffee is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

12. Sarutahiko Coffee

恵比寿1-6-6 (斎藤ビル 1F), 東京, 東京都
Coffee Shop · 恵比寿 · 105 tips and reviews

sputneeksputneek: Favourite weekend coffee haunt within walking distance from the Ebisu station. Seating is limited but the friendly staff will go out of their way to create space for customers.

JiniJini: Friendly staff, menu is in English.. Just point to order :) Best caramel latte, very balanced and not too sweet.

FMDFMD: brilliantly friendly staff and great coffee 👌🏻

Kaisu is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

13. Kaisu

赤坂6-13-5, 東京, 東京都
Hostel · 赤坂 · 7 tips and reviews

Stanislav G.Stanislav German-Evtushenko: Very clean place and friendly staff! Perfect location!

Dominik S.Dominik Strzalkowski: Fantastic, friendly staff, great place, beautiful interior!

Tiffany K.Tiffany Kim: Adorable little hostel, comfy and cozy with the most amazing decor and cool staff! The capsules are much nicer than any other I've ever stayed in!

factory is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

14. factory

渋谷2-8-7 (青山宮野ビル 1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Café · 26 tips and reviews

Brad S.Brad Stephenson: HUGE beer selection! Free WiFi, good food and friendly staff and customers. @25cafes

Jonathan D.Jonathan Dahan: Beer WiFi friendly outlets

Philip S.Philip Seifi: Speedy WiFi, power outlets, friendly service and an expansive beer selection.

Morimoto XEX is one of The 15 Best Places with Good Service in Tokyo.

15. Morimoto XEX

(atelier 森本 XEX)
六本木7-21-19 (星条旗通り), 東京, 東京都
Japanese Restaurant · 六本木 · 15 tips and reviews

Pertti L.Pertti Lehesvuo: Take menu, taste seafood, enjoy The Beef. Great and attentative staff.

Shamael A.Shamael Al-Sharikh: Delicious palette of Japanese cuisine, from sashimi to Kobe beef. The staff is also super friendly. A definite thumbs up!

Kris C.Kris Concepcion: The sushi omakase is quite good and interesting. The staff are incredibly friendly.