Judaculla Rock is one of Weird.

1. Judaculla Rock

Judaculla Rd, Cullowhee, NC
Historic and Protected Site · 2 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: The rock measures about forty feet around and is covered with ancient symbols. Some archaeologists believe that Native Americans made them between 1,000-3,000 years ago.

Shangri-La Stone Village is one of Weird.

2. Shangri-La Stone Village

NC 86 (btwn Barnwell & Warren), Prospect Hill, NC
Sculpture Garden · 1 tip

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: Henry Warren started building in 1960 first with a waterwheel for his yards goldfish pond. He went on to build the miniaturized village until his death in 1977.

Centralia, PA is one of Weird.

3. Centralia, PA

City · 17 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: Burning underground since May 1962 when town officials wanted a small landfill cleared out. In the 1980's the government started buying out properties to get residents to move out.

Evergreen Cemetery is one of Weird.

4. Evergreen Cemetery

New Haven, VT
Cemetery · 1 tip

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: See the grave of Timothy Clark Smith who was paranoid of being buried alive. He died in 1893 on Halloween and had arrangements for a skylight to be built over his face in his grave.

Oakland Cemetery is one of Weird.

5. Oakland Cemetery

1000 Ronalds St. (Ronalds St & N Center St.), Iowa City, IA
Cemetery · 5 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: The Black Angel stands 8 feet tall and can be found standing watch over 3 members of the Feldevert family. Made of bronze she turns even darker over time.

6. Pocasset Cemetery

Tiverton, RI
Cemetery · 1 tip

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: When Rose Martin died in 1998 she loved her 1962 Corvair so much she asked to be buried in it. It was modified to fit her casket and takes up 4 burial plots.

Petersen Rock Museum is one of Weird.

7. Petersen Rock Museum

Redmond, OR
Public Art · 1 tip

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: Rock Garden created by Rasmus Petersen (1883-1952).

The Temple of Tolerance is one of Weird.

8. The Temple of Tolerance

203 S Wood St, Wapakoneta, OH
Sculpture Garden · 1 tip
Beer Can House is one of Weird.

9. Beer Can House

222 Malone St (btwn Venice St. & Lacy St.), Houston, TX
Historic and Protected Site · 13 tips and reviews

CultureMap HoustonCultureMap Houston: The Beer Can House began as an unusual hobby for a retired upholsterer John Milkovisch in 1968, and you can now check out the house and grounds on weekends, either on your own or via guided tours.

Richart's Art Yard is one of Weird.

10. Richart's Art Yard

203 M St, Centralia, WA
Art Gallery · 1 tip

Stephanie C.Stephanie C: Stop and stare - try and figure out what this place is.

11. World of Dr. Evermor

East Road (Hwy 12), North Freedom, WI
Sculpture Garden · 7 tips and reviews

Kevin B.Kevin Barry: Try going on a cloudy day following a rain shower. It really adds to the ambience (kind of like arriving in an abandoned vision of the future).

Eartha at DeLorme is one of Weird.

12. Eartha at DeLorme

2 Delorme Dr, Yarmouth, ME
Science Museum · 4 tips and reviews

Vanya P.Vanya Petra: Night Shot from Outside the DeLorme Building. (Not my Picture)

Ruins of Georgia Guidestones is one of Weird.

13. Ruins of Georgia Guidestones

1031 Guidestone Rd NW, Elberton, GA
Sculpture Garden · 14 tips and reviews & & Apparently no one knows who commissioned the Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build these monuments in 1979. See before going to see the Guidestones.

Ave Maria Grotto is one of Weird.

14. Ave Maria Grotto

1600 Saint Bernard Ave SE, Cullman, AL
Travel and Transportation · 3 tips and reviews

USA TODAYUSA TODAY: Joseph Zoettla, a Benedictine monk, worked for three decades on his creations, using postcards for inspiration. Read more.

The Haines Shoe House is one of Weird.

15. The Haines Shoe House

197 Shoe House Rd, Hellam Township, PA
Ice Cream Parlor · 8 tips and reviews

Benjamin D.Benjamin Dinkel: They have good ice cream, awesome tours, and a trip everyone can remember!

16. Chestnut Hill Cemetery

10 Ten Rod Rd, North Kingstown, RI
Cemetery · 1 tip

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: Pay respects to Mercy Brown. She died in 1892 at age 19 from consumption. She was thought to be a vampire and her body was dug back up shortly after her death.

Bishop Castle is one of Weird.

17. Bishop Castle

12705 State Hwy., Rye, CO
Castle · 9 tips and reviews

ColoradoColorado: This is an extraordinary work of art and architecture by a lone man (Jim Bishop). Entry is free but donations are accepted. Read more.

Thunder Mountain Indian Monument is one of Weird.

18. Thunder Mountain Indian Monument

800-804 E Star Peak Rd, Imlay, NV
Sculpture Garden · 5 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: Built by Frank Van Zant aka 'Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder' (1921-1989). He moved there in 1968 and started building his unique environment. Sadly he killed himself in the roundhouse in January 1989

Albany Bulb is one of Weird.

19. Albany Bulb

1 Buchanan Street (at Golden Gate Fields), Albany, CA
Beach · 12 tips and reviews

Karl H.Karl Hobart: Enjoy the waterfront scuptures, constructed from metal, rubble and brikabrak!

Porter's Sculpture Park is one of Weird.

20. Porter's Sculpture Park

45160 257th St, Montrose, SD
Sculpture Garden · 2 tips and reviews

Sam D.Sam Duboff: definitely worth the detour. one of the coolest places.

Blue Whale is one of Weird.

21. Blue Whale

2600 SH 66 (btwn Apache & Old Highway 66), Catoosa, OK
Historic and Protected Site · 18 tips and reviews

TravelOKTravelOK: This quirky Route 66 icon was named one of the Top 50 Roadside Attractions in America by Time Magazine in July 2010. A must-stop photo op along Route 66 just outside of Tulsa. Read more.

Forbidden Gardens is one of Weird.

22. Forbidden Gardens

23500 Franz Road, Katy, TX
Plaza · 4 tips and reviews

HISTORYHISTORY: Come & experience the mystery & magic of Imperial China. Guided tours take you back to the 3rd century BC to view the first Emperor's amazing 6,000 piece terra-cotta army replicated in 1/3 scale.

World's Largest Ball Of Twine   (made by a community) is one of Weird.

23. World's Largest Ball Of Twine (made by a community)

800-902 Wisconsin St, Cawker City, KS
Monument · 7 tips and reviews

TravelKSTravelKS: Each year a twine-a-thon is held in conjunction with the annual Cawker City picnic and parade, so the ball never stops growing.

World's Largest Twine Ball   (made by one man) is one of Weird.

24. World's Largest Twine Ball (made by one man)

305 1st St. (at E Williams St.), Darwin, MN
Historic and Protected Site · 9 tips and reviews

BMI EliteBMI Elite: Go here and peek inside the gazebo to check out the World's Largest Twine Ball!

Cadillac Ranch is one of Weird.

25. Cadillac Ranch

2015 S. Dowell Rd (I-40 W, S. Frontage Rd Between Exits 60 & 62), Amarillo, TX
Public Art · 82 tips and reviews

Social News NetworkSocial News Network: Cadillac's placed in the ground from front side up. An Amarillo staple that visitors can visit, and tag with spray paint to leave their mark. A must see in Amarillo.

Carhenge is one of Weird.

26. Carhenge

2141 County Road 59 (State Hwy 87), Alliance, NE
Sculpture Garden · 11 tips and reviews

USA TODAYUSA TODAY: A replica of Britain's Stonehenge, this strange monument is made from 1950s and 1960s cars that are very nearly the same dimensions as the stones that make up the real thing. Read more.

27. Stonehenge at Tranquility Farm

11591 Leonard, Nunica, MI
Historic and Protected Site · 2 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: On private property but can be seen from the street just south of town on Leonard Road.

Stonehenge II is one of Weird.

28. Stonehenge II

120 Point Theatre Rd S, Ingram, TX
Sculpture Garden · 1 tip
Foamhenge is one of Weird.

29. Foamhenge

5784 S Lee Hwy., Natural Bridge, VA
Sculpture Garden · 17 tips and reviews
Gilgal Gardens is one of Weird.

30. Gilgal Gardens

749 East 500 South, Salt Lake City, UT
Sculpture Garden · East Central · 6 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: The creation of Thomas Battersby Child Jr., former bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He started building in 1945 until his death in 1963.

Holy Land USA is one of Weird.

31. Holy Land USA

60 Slocum St (Overlooks I-84 and the Brass Mill Center), Waterbury, CT
Spiritual Center · 6 tips and reviews
Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens is one of Weird.

32. Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens

Summerville, GA
Art Gallery · 6 tips and reviews
Grotto of the Redemption is one of Weird.

33. Grotto of the Redemption

300 N Broadway Ave, West Bend, IA
Museum · 6 tips and reviews
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is one of Weird.

34. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

1001 Alaskan Way (at Spring St.), Seattle, WA
Gift Store · Seattle Central Business District · 37 tips and reviews

Ye Olde Curiosity ShopYe Olde Curiosity Shop: Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Heavener Runestone State Park is one of Weird.

35. Heavener Runestone State Park

18365 Runestone Rd, Heavener, OK
State or Provincial Park · 2 tips and reviews

Jared G.Jared Guynes: Did Viking explorers come to America, no, Oklahoma 650 years before Columbus? If you believe the stone, the answer is yes!

The Race Track is one of Weird.

36. The Race Track

Racetrack Valley Rd, Death Valley, CA
Other Great Outdoors · 3 tips and reviews

Trina BeanaTrina Beana: Rocks and boulders weighing up to 650 pounds move about on this dry lake bed. The rocks leave trails and nobody has ever seen them move. The Shoshoni Indians called this area Tomesha, ground afire.

Coral Castle is one of Weird.

37. Coral Castle

28655 South Dixie Hwy ("South Dixie Highway" and "157th Avenue"), Homestead, FL
Castle · 36 tips and reviews

American Eagle OutfittersAmerican Eagle Outfitters: The castle, 25 miles south of Miami, remains one of America's unexplainable architectural marvels. No one's really sure how one man carved more than 1,000 tons of limestone using only homemade tools.