Chris' Partner Badges

You can earn partner badges by following brands pages and then checking in at places those brands want you to experience.

AT&T College Football: AT&T College Football


Event: AT&T Final Four Fanatic


The Urban Daily: It's All Black Music


Time Out Chicago: Time Out Chicago's Bar Hunter


Time Out Chicago: Time Out Chicago's 100 Best


Pepsi: Pepsi Summer Fun

August 03, 2011 

Metro News: Metro


Marc Jacobs Intl: Fashion Victim 2011


Eater: Eater 38

April 23, 2014 

Lucky Magazine: Lucky Magazine Elite Shopper


Event: BlackBerry Scene


Event: BlackBerry MWC11


sxsw2011: BlackBerry SXSW 2011



People: PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive

November 04, 2012 


Ellen: excELLENt fan

July 31, 2011 

Ellen: Riff Raffer


Ellen: Sounds So Good



VH1: VH1 Fanatic

August 15, 2011 

vh1 save the music: VH1 Save the Music


Starbucks: Starbucks Tribute



Bravo: Bravo Newbie

August 01, 2011 


Bravo: Real Housewife

August 01, 2011 


Bravo: Fashionista

August 14, 2011 


Bravo: Lookin' for Love

August 16, 2011 

Bravo: Andy Cohen


Bravo: Just Desserts

September 03, 2011 

HISTORY Channel: Historian

December 13, 2012 

HISTORY Channel: HISTORY ♥ London



LogoTV: RuPaul's Drag Race

August 01, 2011 

Puma: Puma - Midnight Munchies

August 16, 2011 


MTV: 2011 VMA Moonman

August 14, 2011 

Paris Las Vegas: Paris Ooh La La!

November 03, 2012 

Harrah's: Harrah's High Roller

November 06, 2012