1. Veterans Memorial Stadium

950 Rockford Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA
Baseball Stadium · 22 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Kennels play here LOVE watching them great players I met the Catcher!!!

2. Kirkwood Bookstore

Bookstore · 1 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: My mom works here:)!

3. Prairie Softball Field

Cedar Rapids, IA
Field · 1 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Love this place!!⚾

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

1100 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Ste 101, Cedar Rapids, IA
Wings Joint · 30 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Sports,Wings,Friends love the place!!!!!! And the food!!!!!!!

5. Dairy Queen

2100 6th St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA
Dessert Shop · Southwest Area · 3 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Best Blizzers here!!!!!!!!

6. Westdale Mall

2600 Edgewood Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA
Shopping Mall · 13 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Look for DanceNation it's a great dance place I dance there!!!!!

7. Prairie Creek School

Cedar Rapids, IA
School · 2 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Got to love my school❤

8. Prairie Heights Elementary School

401 76th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA
Elementary School · 1 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Love my Elementary school:)

9. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

2300 Edgewood Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA
Frozen Yogurt · 11 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: LOVE this place get Plain frozen yogurt then bunches of fruit on it.LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Menards

2800 Wiley Blvd SW (Williams Boulevard SW), Cedar Rapids, IA
Hardware Store · 3 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Great prices here but you want to buy a lot of stuff haha

11. Menards

200 Menard Ln (Collins Rd.), Marion, IA
Hardware Store · 6 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: Love this place great prices but you want so much stuff haha

12. McKinley Middle School

620 10th St SE (at 6th Ave SE), Cedar Rapids, IA
Middle School · 2 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: LOVE this place my daddy works here!:)

13. Target

3400 Edgewood Rd SW (at 33rd Ave.), Cedar Rapids, IA
Big Box Store · 9 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: U can get free cookies in the bakery isle only one though LOVE their bakery get the Danishes in the bakery soooo good:)

14. Dick's Sporting Goods

4601 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA
Sporting Goods Shop · 5 tips and reviews

EmmaEmma: This place is amazing for all you athletic people clothes to bats and balls!