1. Butch

San Jose, CA
Home (private) · Central San Jose · 3 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Take home a furball. Beard out with groovy tunes. And if you meet Jason smack him on the butt. Badonka!

2. Belli Building

722 Montgomery St (Jackson), San Francisco, CA
Historic Site · Jackson Square · 1 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: San Francisco Landmark #9

3. Pinkberry

368 Santana Row Ste 102, San Jose, CA
Frozen Yogurt · 42 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: It's a good thing that the yogurt is so refreshing... waiting in that line can wear a person out. WORD.

4. US-101 (James Lick Freeway)

US Highway 101, San Francisco, CA
Road · Potrero Hill · 12 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Toot toot - aaaahhh - beep beep!

5. Peet's Coffee

144 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA
Coffee Shop · 29 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Don't forget to thank your barista! Unless they screw up your order. Then tell him/her how awful they are.

6. Old Navy

2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA
Clothing Store · 8 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Beware: their automatic door is not so automatic as you might think. (aka: bonk! "ouch!")

7. Crepevine

367 University Ave (at Bryant), Palo Alto, CA
Creperie · Downtown North · 66 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Sitting next to a police officer at lunch means you must be careful about talking about how good the pot was you just smoked. Try code words like "ha ha stick" or "green cigarette". Or don't!

8. Original Joe's

301 S 1st St (at E San Carlos St.), San Jose, CA
Italian Restaurant · Downtown San Jose · 86 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: If you like your meatballs big try the spaghetti and meat balls. As the waiter said "they are pretty big. You put it all in your mouth."

9. Specialty’s Café & Bakery

3399 Bowers Ave (at Augustine Dr), Santa Clara, CA
Bakery · 59 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Snickerdoodle. It's all about the snickerdoodle. Breakfast of latte and snickerdoodle. Lunch of sandwich with snickerdoodle chaser. Or just by itself because, dammit, snickerdoodles are da bomb, yo.

10. Lawrence Expressway at Homestead Rd.

Homestead (at Lawrence Expwy), Santa Clara, CA
Road · 3 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: The beauty of this area is typified in the parking lots at three of the four corners here.

11. KFC

2595 Homestead Rd (at Las Palmas Dr.), Santa Clara, CA
Fried Chicken Joint · 4 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Please remember for this place (and all others) the contraction "they're" means "they are". "Their" is possession . "They are chicken sucks" makes no sense unless English is "you're" third language.

12. Las Flamas

2325 El Camino Real (San Tomas Expwy), Santa Clara, CA
Mexican Restaurant · 7 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: When strawberries are in season they have one of the best "agua fresca de fresa" (strawberry agua fresca") I've had at a taqueria. Yum!

13. Starbucks

267 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA
Coffee Shop · Downtown Campbell · 14 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Relax with a drink and a snack and admire all the men - some hot some not - from the local businesses and their admirers.

14. Delicious Dim Sum

752 Jackson St (btwn Ross & Duncombe), San Francisco, CA
Dim Sum Restaurant · Chinatown · 17 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Closed Wednesdays. BEST dim sum EVER.

15. Ariake

5190 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA
Sushi Restaurant · Mitty · 9 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Try a Spicy Mussel for a little zap to your meal. And remember... Spicy Mussels prefer that you swallow, not spit.

16. Agnews Developmental Center

1250 Hope Dr (at Palm Dr), Santa Clara, CA
History Museum · Rivermark of Santa Clara · 2 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Make sure to check out the Agnews Historic Information Center, a highlight of which is a campus map circa 1968. Clocktower is the highlight but the Mansion is also worth a look-see.

17. Cafe Cole

609 Cole St, San Francisco, CA
Café · Haight Ashbury · 23 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Veggie bagel (tomato, cucumber, sprouts) is a perfect start to the day. WORD.

18. Fraiche Yogurt

200 Hamilton Ave (at Emerson St.), Palo Alto, CA
Frozen Yogurt · University South · 148 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel C: Try the Mediterranean with figs. Figs are a natural fiber source which gives you a happy colon and nothing says "happy colon" like Fraiche!