New York Penn Station

New York Penn Station (NYP)

Train Station
Chelsea, New York
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  • Mike E.
    "Check out the Krispy Creme near Amtrak!"(107 Tips)
    Michelle K.
    "The best bagels in the morning are at zaro's near NJ transit"(61 Tips)
    Chris R.
    "Very efficient (most of the time) in spite of how crowded it gets."(25 Tips)
    Jeffrey A.
    "Sit in the quiet car! (and be quiet)"(13 Tips)
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  • Dennis B.
    Dennis BJuly 9, 2016
    If you're new here and want an actual seat on your train, please understand that you must prepare to run (or at least walk like hell) at the exact moment that its track number comes up on the board.
  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey ZeldmanMay 20, 2015
    Been here 50+ times
    NY Penn Station famously does not announce tracks until minutes before departure. Skip frantic chaos by requesting redcap service. Redcap will seat you 10 minutes before track is publicly announced!
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupJanuary 27, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Did you know that leashed dogs are allowed in the station? You can take Fido on your next trip out East or to the Shore, but he must be in a crate when you board the train.
  • Karl W.
    Karl WarrenAugust 25, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    The food court on ticket level is actually quite nice. Lot's of choices at what New Yorkers call resonable prices...the rest of s call it expensive. Two Deli's here that are the real deal
  • Melanie C.
    Melanie ClarkJuly 4, 2013
    Red Caps are awesome!!! Get on the train first and they load your bags. Even one full from a month away from home. Great, free service, but please remember to tip!
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJanuary 30, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    After a bad day you can cheer yourself up by yelling "tickets" as you enter each train car on your way to the bathroom. You'll get to see a lot of tickets. And a lot of annoyed people.
  • J Crowley
    J CrowleyApril 8, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    PRO TIP: Waiting for Amtrak and hoping to get a window seat? Don't stare at the board like a zombie. Make nice with the info booth person. They'll tip you off of the track ahead of time.
  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey ZeldmanOctober 13, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    Hire a redcap in the Acela Lounge. For a $10 tip, you board 15 minutes before everyone else and get the best seat and luggage area in the quiet car.
  • Matt G.
    Matt GiaquintoDecember 24, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    If you're really polite and the employee is cool, you might get a heads up at the LIRR info window of your train's track assignment before it goes on the big board. Beat the crowd and snag a good seat
  • Berk K.
    Berk KapiciogluApril 21, 2014
    As one of New York's major train stations, this place needs to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. It is one ugly train station, but our only public transportation option for commuting to Jersey.
  • Metropolis magazine
    Metropolis magazineApril 10, 2012
    Designed by McKim, Mead, and White in 1910. The original Penn Station was an outstanding masterpiece of the Beaux-Arts style and one of the architectural jewels of NYC.
  • Taylor R.
    Taylor RothbellFebruary 20, 2015
    Been here 25+ times
    It's the only place I've been verbally assaulted multiple times for being in an interracial relationship. They throw salt in the wound by displaying pictures of the old, beautiful Penn Station.
  • Mikey D.
    Mikey DunnDecember 6, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    NJT Tips to save a life: use Departure Vision on your phone to see if your track's announced, use the Amtrak 8th Ave side if it's crazy busy, and if there are delays: PATH it to Hoboken, don't wait.
  • Antoine G.
    Antoine G.January 23, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    It's a big station, there's too many of us here and we're all in a hurry, stop looking so shocked or scared that I brushed past you! Oh and please stay on your right in the stairs. Thanks
  • Dave S.
    Dave SilverstoneSeptember 27, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    When your Amtrak train is departing, you can avoid the line by sneaking down to the LIRR mezz (use the center stairwells) and going down to your track from there. Viola! No line, choice of seats!
  • Eddie
    EddieApril 17, 2015
    Been here 25+ times
    Though most of the time it's quite busy, overall a easy way to commute to different places all over, which is a good thing. Most trains (LIRR) are on time and plenty of cops and national guard 2 help.
  • Shannan L.
    Shannan LiebOctober 31, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    There seems to be two of everything, so finding a unique meeting place is difficult. Krispy Kreme can work well though-there is only one and it's near the middle of the building.
  • Craige M.
    Craige MooreMarch 30, 2010
    Nowhere else in the world (except maybe Popcorn Land?) can you find so many different popcorn vendors to choose from. The best ones are lower level, the long, white bags (not Zarro's and not the movie
  • Gunnar A.
    Gunnar AasenMarch 1, 2015
    Taking Amtrak? The old TV screens on the lower floor next to the track entrances show the departure gates slightly earlier than the big board upstairs.
  • Rob P.
    Rob PegoraroOctober 4, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
    That cool, calm, slightly husky woman's voice you hear announcing destinations belongs to Sheila Herriott, and she's been doing that since 1983:
  • emiliano c.
    emiliano calosJanuary 13, 2015
    They offer FREE wifi ! , if you are taking Amtrak thill will be your hub. They have fast food, pharmacies and security 24/7. Be aware some shady characters do hang around the lobby at night.
  • James L.
    James LaurentiDecember 24, 2011
    Taking the NJ Transit? Don't wait for your train in the main lobby area. Go to the lower level. Great way to avoid the crowd and get on the train and settled sooner.
  • Jamie C.
    Jamie CahiwatAugust 1, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    If you're traveling on NJ Transit, have a debit/credit card, and don't want the hassle of standing in line: Purchase tickets via the MyTix app. You can buy in advance!
  • Edward D.
    Edward DelfinoOctober 10, 2015
    I really like this place! There are so many food and drink options and its located near the heart of Manhattan. Public restrooms are pretty clean, all things considered.
  • Nick P.
    Nick PatrickMay 13, 2016
    Been here 100+ times
    This place is always too hot or too cold, so find one of these vents on the ceiling and stand under it to regulate.
  • Stephanie D.
    Stephanie DonahueJanuary 15, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Walk don't stop let the locals get to work!! If you are going to any shore points in the summer get there early for your tickets the Lirr is packed starting at 7:30am.
  • Danny A.
    Danny AcostaSeptember 29, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    If you're on an escalator and want to stand and cruise down, please stay to the rightmost side so others can pass you on the left, please. Much appreciated.
  • Melissa F.
    Melissa FecherSeptember 13, 2013
    Europan Cafe on the lower level still makes breakfast sandwiches with REAL eggs cooked to order. no microwaves. might be the only place in Penn that does.
  • Chelsea G.
    Chelsea GarberMarch 10, 2013
    If your here early and the weather is fine sit outside across the street on the post office steps. You won't be able to board your train until ten minutes before departure anyway.
  • Jim W.
    Jim WhiteFebruary 3, 2016
    Been here 50+ times
    For those new to NYC, when doors open "in" to a building, they are IN doors, those that open "out" are OUT doors. Here Endeth the lesson. Please choose responsibly.
  • Ben M.
    Ben MartinSeptember 15, 2014
    TGI Fridays has pretty normal prices and its worth it for a place to sit out of traffic and for access to the private bathrooms.
  • Xristo M.
    Xristo MOctober 3, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    if you're real sweet they'll throw wine in a coffee cup so you can chill as you walk through herald sq
  • John S.
    John SimpsonOctober 19, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    I you are on Amtrak 63 or 69 and traveling to Canada, you must check in beforehand and get your ticket stamped. These trains line up on main concourse before boarding.
  • Becka S.
    Becka SimonJuly 1, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    There was once a study done to figure out the dirtiest places in NYC... Ended up the rubber handrails on the escalators in Penn are the dirtiest objects in all of NYC! Porous and touched by millions!
  • Bumbsy M.
    Bumbsy M.November 15, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    Your phone has a silent or vibrate function, you should prob use it on the train. It's not bad enough having to hear your texts come through, but I especially like it when I get to hear you type.
  • Brian H.
    Brian HoeftApril 22, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Taste D-Lite as self-serve -- my first time seeing that. At the Planet Smoothie across from LIRR ticketing & waiting area. Mix 'em up from among 6-8 flavors and toppings.
  • Scott N.
    Scott NeubergerAugust 10, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    Walk toward A/C/E subway trains & go to the area directly in front of the Starbucks. They have ac vents in the front part of the hall, good to cool off with when its hotter than hell in Penn.
  • Jamie S.
    Jamie SikesSeptember 29, 2014
    8th Street entrance gets your right where you need to be. If you need souvenirs, go to the store in the middle the middle with the green sign that says New York.
  • dancingqueen f.
    Irish Pub across the street is great way to kill time waiting for bus/train; always find most interesting local ppl-watching fm corner of bar, and you dont get harrassed while charging your ph.
  • Jodi-Kay L.
    Jodi-Kay Lofters®April 27, 2012
    If you think New Yorkers are weird, then catch the random spurs of talent (and fashion) here... Not a tunnel/underground person but I recommend a it... Get a Metro card, it costs about 4 dollars
  • Richard R.
    Richard RomanoAugust 8, 2013
    Penn Station was designed with utter contempt for humanity. Look at photos of the original Penn Station and you'll want to take a sledgehammer to this atrocity.
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJune 13, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    The paper your ticket is printed on is made from a mash of half eaten soft pretzels left between the seats on the train
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle CAugust 15, 2016
    Been here 10+ times
    If traveling via Amtrak, leave the waiting area 20 minutes before your scheduled departure and wait with the crowds in view of the large board. There will be a mad dash to the gate when announced!
  • jeffstyle ..
    jeffstyle .comApril 22, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    If you're on the port washington drunk train (3:19), the craziness can be avoided most nights - walk 3-4 cars past the first cars with open doors. It's worth it.
  • NYC Pride
    NYC PrideNovember 29, 2011
    A proud sponsor of New York City Pride, Amtrak offers comfortable, convenient travel at an affordable price. Plenty of leg room and power outlets in every row. A great way to get where you're going!
  • Alexander R.
    Alexander ReaJuly 12, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    If you're taking Amtrak head downstairs from the big board and wait there for your track to be called. From there you can go straight to the track and avoid the elevator line upstairs.
  • David H.
    David HowlandAugust 28, 2016
    Been here 100+ times
    Everyone complains about Penn but once you learn where everything is it works pretty well. No great food options except for multiple Dunkin Donuts.
  • Eric M.
    Eric McErlainNovember 9, 2012
    Be sure to give yourself some extra time if you want to catch an earlier AMTRAK. All tickets are reserved, so you'll need to see the ticket counter to change trains.
  • Desiree K.
    Desiree KaneOctober 4, 2012
    Train travel is borderline orgasmic if you ask me! Free wifi, few distractions unless you want them, and scenery. Yesss.
  • Luna Park C.
    Historic Coney Island is less than an hour away by subway! Visit Luna Park and the Scream Zone, ride the world-famous Cyclone or grab something at the cafe while you watch the kids play.
  • transiTALK Transportation Media Group
    Cross roads of 3 modes of transportation (Subway, Commuter Rail & Bus) and 3 separate transportation entities, NY-Penn is an underground city in itself that is not to be ignored. Check it out!
  • Joy S.
    Joy SianMarch 22, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Don't be a social moron and talk on your cell longer than 10 mins. Be considerate of the shared space as you're not the only one on the train!
  • Katie T.
    Katie TuohyAugust 8, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    Really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It gets the job done even if the whole place does smell a little weird...but that's a classic part of the New York experience!
  • Joe D.
    Joe DJanuary 20, 2017
    Been here 25+ times
    Amtrak? Go down the stairs in the center of the waiting area and there are status screens and a shortcut down to the trains. No need to wait in the mob to have your ticket checked.
  • Gabriella F.
    Gabriella FFebruary 3, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    Keep to the right side of the escalators so that people in a rush can walk past you. Escalators are stairs, too.
  • Douglas G.
    Douglas GottliebMarch 31, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    Rose Pizza in the LIRR corridor between 7th and 8th Ave is great and open late. Get the red Sicilian slices!
  • Robert M.
    Robert MonzonFebruary 14, 2014
    reminded me so much of Tokyo Station,. huge, and with thousands of people. …and places to eat too.
  • Matt R.
    Matt RosenbergDecember 15, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Penn Sushi - the only family owned operation in Penn and an oasis in this hydrogenated dungeon.
  • Teresa H.
    Teresa H.November 12, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Don't put your coat in an overhead bin before other people shove their carry-ons in. You won't recognize it when you get to your destination.
  • Dale P.
    Dale Poserow-CowanAugust 9, 2012
    Make sure if your traveling and not commuting you get here early so theres no worry about moving fast and you can just take your time. Sit down, grab a bagel and coffee and people watch.
  • Corey K.
    Corey KJuly 10, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Multiple Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, & Krispy Kreme locations. If you love donuts or claustrophobic/crowded train stations, you've found your spot!
  • rabi
    rabiApril 11, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Call me crazy but I think the veggie rolls from penn sushi are the perfect train snack. Much better than Acela snack car offerings.
  • The Transit Navigator
    The Transit NavigatorAugust 12, 2011
    Having trouble navigating the Penn Station maze? Try the NJT map for the Upper Level (photo) and the LIRR map for the Lower Level (link). Read more
  • Rebecca S.
    Rebecca StewartJanuary 20, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    I love this place! I love all the food joints and all the stores that are down here. Its absolutely amazing. We need more places like it.
  • Sandra R.
    Sandra RubinchikJanuary 4, 2015
    Been here 25+ times
    If you didn't get a chance to print your Amtrak ticket, screenshot it before you get in line. Service can get spotty, and it's just one less thing to worry about when a flood of people rushes a gate.
  • Bitcoin S.
    Bitcoin SchmitcoinNovember 26, 2017
    24/7 access to our community of traders, analysts, and the Bitcoin Schmitcoin team from your computer, phone, or tablet. We teach you how to have a better chance of predicting the cryptocurrency. Read more
  • Ronnie S.
    Ronnie ShumakeFebruary 4, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Tracks for drinks and snacks, use the rear area closer to 8th Ave to buy tix, board and avoid the crowd!
  • Lee S.
    Lee SNovember 2, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Primo Cappuccino has tasty bagels with lox and flavored coffees you can mix together to create your own chocolate-hazelnut-raspberry combination.
  • Gary R.
    Gary RelojJanuary 4, 2015
    Been here 10+ times
    PSA: Never buy your ticket at the first kiosk you see, there are other ones with shorter lines. Also, don't walk and text - it's a health hazard to you and others around you.
  • John M.
    John McSharryMarch 25, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    If you take NJT NEC or NJCL local trains past Newark Penn and you miss the train, express trains within 3 minutes generally arrive at Newark first. You can still catch your train there.
  • Ira B.
    Ira BlossomMay 13, 2017
    Been here 10+ times
    Convenient location and plenty of places to grab a bite before your trip. The station suffers from a ton of track issues, delays and commuting problems, mostly due to the outdated infrastructure.
  • Nikomeh A.
    Nikomeh AndersonNovember 23, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Don't be an asshole on Amtrak train. Don't talk too loud on your phone and take up a whole 4 seater for yourself and put your feet up on the seats- there are families who need the seat and the sleep.
  • Dean C.
    Dean ChristakosJune 9, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    “We used to enter the city like gods, now we scurry in like rats" - Vincent Scully on Penn Station. Arriving here isn't an especially majestic experience, but it's better than the port authority.
  • adam e.
    adam enbarApril 3, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Got some time to kill before your train? Check out Penn Books (near KMart). Easily one of the best book stores in NYC.
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJanuary 30, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    The escalators here are actually a ride, for entertainment. To enjoy, spread yourself out across the width of a step and up across two steps. Then stand there the entire ride up and down. Repeat.
  • Dannie A.
    Dannie AshleyJanuary 2, 2014
    Eat at Chickpea for fresh Mediterranean wraps, located near Amtrak. Try to finish said wrap before boarding train, you stinky no-no, you.
  • Team Coco
    Team CocoOctober 26, 2011
    "Penn Station is home to Amtrak, NYC transit buses, NYC subway lines, the Bolt Bus and of course, Uncle Ricky’s piggy back rides." - Conan O'Brien
  • John M.
    John McSharryMarch 25, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    Use NJ Transit's Departure Vision website to know what track your train is on before getting to Penn. If running late, you might still catch the train even if the track is taken off the monitors.
  • Ayaz H.
    Ayaz HyderSeptember 27, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    If you are waiting for Amtrak train by the T.G.I Fridays, look for the overhead AC vent. AC is awesome.
  • Gwen C.
    Gwen CliptonAugust 18, 2012
    Invisible Man is a novel written by Ralph Ellison, and the only one that he published during his lifetime (his other novels were published posthumously). It won him the National Book Award in 1953. Read more
  • Erin "Narumi" P.
    Erin "Narumi" PrinceDecember 21, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    If your on Babylon/Montauk or PortJeff at peak- SKIP PENN. go directly to Hunterspoint Ave! VIA- 7 train. You'll skip the hassle and ACTUALLY GET SEAT
  • alicetiara
    alicetiaraOctober 17, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    Get a walnut-raisin chubby from Zaros, camp out in the Acela waiting area which anyone can use, and wait for your train number to show up in Arrivals. That's your track.
  • Bumbsy M.
    Bumbsy M.January 24, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    Just wanted to thank all the people on the LIRR that leave their coats on, especially when you have a puffy coat. Bonus thank you if you're fat and decide the middle seat somehow works.
  • J.T
    J.TJuly 1, 2014
    Chickpea restaurant in the station is definitely a good and healthy spot for on the go food! Stay away from Fridays!
  • Jennifer B.
    Jennifer BornsteinFebruary 3, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    If weather is bad or things are crazy either try catching the path to Hoboken or getting to Secaucus or Newark. Being a few steps closer to home is better if trains start getting canceled!
  • Faith
    FaithSeptember 29, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Text 266-266 with the LIRR station your coming from and the LIRR station you're traveling to and it sends back a text with the schedule and times!!!! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Walter F. R.
    Walter F. RodriguezApril 13, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    The massive crowd in the NJ Transit waiting room moves quickly. Stay on your toes and be ready if you want to get a seat!
  • Roger S.
    Roger SchonfeldAugust 26, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    There are some decent food options here. Zaro's for bagels, Tracks for extraordinary oysters, decent sushi and falafel as well.
  • Karen D.
    Karen DuganSeptember 10, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    There are only two taco bells that I know of in manhattan and one is here. I always have to get my TBell fix when here. It's located on the LIRR level.
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin MeyersMarch 14, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    The cheapest beers for brown-bagging are sold at the Duane Reade at the base of the 7th Avenue stairs.
    Upvoted Nov 4, 2017
  • Alexander R.
    Alexander ReaNovember 24, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Riding Amtrak? Go downstairs by the big departure board and watch the monitors for your track posting. You can take the original stairs to your track and beat the crowd above you.
  • Laura
    LauraJanuary 12, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    If someone gets on your train claiming they lost their wallet & need money for a ticket to help their kids, it's a scam. Their story is the same every day, although sometimes the number of kids varies
  • Theodore K.
    Theodore KimSeptember 23, 2014
    The easiest way to navigate this crazy, boiling place is to remember the following: The 1,2,3 trains are close to 7th Avenue; the lettered trains (A,C,E) are on 8th.
  • Dani K.
    Dani KleinAugust 24, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    If you're traveling on the LIRR over a weekend, buy your tickets early, or be prepared to wait on long lines... especially in the summer.
  • Jaclyn L.
    Jaclyn LehrerNovember 15, 2010
    Been here 50+ times
    All water bottles are $2 at Penn expect Carlton cards, which is $1.50 (I know it's not a big difference but I buy one pretty much everyday and it's saved me almost $3.50 a week!)
  • Cover
    CoverMay 5, 2014
    Trying to make that last minute train? In the city for the night and looking for the best places to eat? Download Cover on your phone and dine without waiting for the check!
  • Shawn H.
    Shawn H.June 7, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    On Belmont Stakes Day, the ticket window line moves much faster than the ticket machine lines.
  • Sage R.
    Sage RodriguezApril 1, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    Papaya has draft beer for 2.75 can't beat that!! Drink it up and whatever u don't drink bring on the train..FYI don't ever share a cigg with a bum smoke as far away from Penn as possible
  • The New Yorker
    The New YorkerAugust 16, 2010
    The lost and found in this once glorious transit hub took in more than fifteen hundred umbrellas in 1947, according to a Talk of the Town story. Read more
  • Eevil K.
    Eevil KnievelMarch 8, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    All the delis downstairs will sell you a decent mini bottle of wine in a soft drink cup with a straw for $2. Say no to the cloying $6 Barefoot wine product of the train!
  • Edward F.
    Edward FordJuly 27, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    NJ Transit commuter tip: rushing for your train? Departure Vision on your smart phone to see your track number. You have an extra minute to still make the train when they take it off the board.
  • Cupcake Crusaders
    Cupcake CrusadersOctober 4, 2012
    There are plenty of cupcakes to be found here. It can't hurt to give one a try! Our guest crusader did and happened to like it.
  • Michael M.
    Michael MosesJuly 14, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Daniel Webster respelled many English words in Webster's Dictionary to separate our culture from the evil British. Keep him proud by also walking on the RIGHT side of the stairs walking up or down.
  • Bobby N.
    Bobby NooromidFebruary 24, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    Be sure to download the LIRR app (, which has a trip planner (no Internet connection is required), station info, scheduled arrivals, service advisories and a multi-touch map.
  • Markeya W.
    Markeya W.May 15, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Ryan, the bartender at Friday's is my all time favorite! Sit @ the window in front to keep your eye on which Amtrak track your train leaves
  • Don M.
    Don MMarch 6, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Have a drink at Kabooz's bar while waiting for your train. They have monitors by the juke box. There is a nice sitting area right next to them.
  • Peter K.
    Peter KlausAugust 25, 2011
    Best place to sit and wait is the Tim Hortons. Better seats than Amtrak lounge and the constant 80's tunes harken of a yesteryear New York.
  • Serena T.
    Serena TOctober 24, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    If you're hungry the pretzel dog from auntie Ann's is a safe and decent bet. Get a side of sauce and it gets a little Better.
  • Dan H.
    Dan HoodAugust 8, 2013
    LIRR trains are typically called 10 mins before they leave (give/take), so be here and waiting by then- few people will have sympathy for you if you stroll into a packed train 2 mins before it leaves.
  • Shaun M.
    Shaun McleodJuly 11, 2016
    Got to go catch the train before you miss your ride home but don't forget to catch some Pokémon on the way!
  • Rich R.
    Rich RumseyJanuary 17, 2015
    Been here 10+ times
    To avoid the crowds, wait on the lower level for Amtrak and New Jersey transit. Plenty of monitors to see which track to head to.
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJune 13, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    If your shoelaces are untied as you go up the escalator you will get sucked into the dungeon below the station and you'll be forced to turn a large wheel that powers all the ticket machines
  • jiresell
    jiresellDecember 1, 2017
    It can be hard to navigate when you have roller luggage, but for the amount of people this station handles on a daily basis it’s pretty impressive!
  • Anne-Marie M.
    Anne-Marie MartinezApril 17, 2012
    Don't go home. Why wait for the weekend when it's happening right now @ TEQA Happy hour specials. Tequila. Mexican dishes. Pin up sexy women. Place to be.
  • Jan S.
    Jan SichermannFebruary 12, 2012
    The new york times declared it to be the largest and handsomest train station in the world when it opened in 1910.
  • Helen L.
    Helen LittleAugust 23, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    Kmart in Penn Station is listening and you can too. Check me out 930-3pm M-F on 106.7 Lite-fm or via iHeartRadio and Sirius ch 13! And as always Thanx 4 Listening!
  • Deborah B.
    Deborah B.April 1, 2013
    Always busy - can be a little hard to get around when every one is looking to see where their train will be departing.
  • Neal H.
    Neal HillMarch 11, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    Headed to the Upper East Side? Penn Station to C train uptown to 59th Columbus Circle... Take the south most exit. M31 bus stop between 8th and 7th goes all the way up to 92nd via York!
  • Rosie V.
    Rosie VallakiaApril 26, 2015
    First time riding on Amtrak and I actually am looking forward to go on it again! Gonna get a roomette or a super liner next time! Comfy seats and plenty of leg room!
  • Andrew M.
    Andrew M.June 23, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    Always keep an extra NJT ticket to Newark Penn in your wallet if you will be in a hurry later. This $5 ticket doesn't expire - saves the $5 on board surcharge so you can buy whatever on the train.
  • Lori S.
    Lori SNovember 11, 2011
    There are NJ transit ticket machines that never have a line. If you're waiting at a tix machine with a line, you haven't found the secret ones!
  • Dennis S.
    Dennis SeriosMay 10, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Make sure you leave early to catch your train on the weekends bc just like four squares says when you check in, this place is SWARMING . There's people waiting everywhere waiting for the track #
  • Zach M.
    Zach MackNovember 24, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    The regional to Boston is almost always tracks 11/12 East (sometimes 9/10). Wait near there, be first in line!
  • Chris P.
    Chris PolloneSeptember 13, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
    If you're waiting for Amtrak, hit Chickpea along the south wall. Delicious and healthy.
    SNOCRUSeptember 18, 2012
    If you ever want to feel the hustle and bustle(aka anxiety) of NYC take a walk through Penn Station or better yet catch a train here.
  • Lani M.
    Lani MorenoJanuary 24, 2013
    The chai tea with cream is the best at Chickpea. Great food, friendly service.
  • New York Guest Tourism Services
    New York Guest Tourism ServicesDecember 9, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    Welcome to Manhattan! New York Guest can help you with all your sightseeing, hotel, Broadway, dining, transportation and travel services just around the corner from Penn Station. Come by and get 10% o
  • Maggie
    MaggieJuly 21, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Womens restroom across the LIRR track board. Go to the first section of stalls on the right. It looks like only 5 stalls but there are 10 more in the back section that no one knows about. Go there.
  • Brian C.
    Brian ChaseDecember 9, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    For Acela, play the guessing game and pick a track. If you pick right you'll board before the track is announced and be guaranteed a window seat.
  • Vipre Antivirus S.
    The Vipre customers can get assisted via Remote Access Technology to get settle the whole concern removed at single click. The techies are well qualified and experienced to handle such faults Read more
  • Jim R.
    Jim RossMarch 22, 2011
    If, like me, you are coming from far and have large luggage then dear God carry it. If you wheel it, it will be an absolute nightmare (in my case just as Knicks v Celtics was finishing...)
  • Bloomberg TV
    Bloomberg TVAugust 1, 2012
    Ready for the hustle and bustle? 600,000 people travel through NY's Penn Station every day, more than the entire population of Washington DC.
  • Juan D.
    Juan DulceJuly 2, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    The long beach getaway is a great deal. $21 for transportation to the leach plus beach access pass. This deal is also available at the ticket machines.
  • Sarah H.
    Sarah HanleyMarch 23, 2012
    Best place to people watch because everyone is in a rush. Good entertainment if you are waiting for your train.
  • Joanna K.
    Joanna KennedyJuly 5, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    For those getting the Amtrak and looking for a Starbucks, head downstairs toward the LIRR, there are two down there!
  • Daniel R.
    Daniel RayJuly 4, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    The destruction of the beautiful former Penn Station brought about the movement to preserve historic buildings. Unfortunately to learn that lesson we have perhaps the worst station in the world.
  • Hyo In K.
    Hyo In KimFebruary 24, 2015
    It is really good to transit and get you around but then, it needs to clean up and be remodeled if possible.
  • Matthew R.
    Matthew RighterMay 16, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    I commuted for 2.5 year here from NJ....liberated to only be here to visit family. Move to NYC, get your life back! ;)
  • Monica V.
    Monica VargasNovember 16, 2012
    Great place for zombie apocalypse to begin. Or maybe it already has. Seriously, look at the picture.
  • Kayleigh H.
    Kayleigh HarringtonDecember 2, 2016
    Been here 5+ times
    Taking Amtrak? There's a second Dunkin Donuts on the floor below where everyone waits for Amtrak/NJ Transit trains. Usually a shorter line. Better food options in the LIRR area.
  • Jeff W.
    Jeff WestonJuly 28, 2012
    If you are traveling with an infant, they'll tell you the departure gate and allow you to board before the mad dash.
  • Christopher T.
    Christopher TaiApril 13, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    If you like crowds, chaos, yelling, waiting in line, and want to raise that blood pressure, this is the perfect place for you.
  • Jhon C.
    Jhon CarmonaNovember 27, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    If You're Riding NJ Transit and There's Like 20 Mins Until The Track number Is Posted, Look for The Train by going to Every Track, you have a big possibility of sitting. Rememeber the Train number
  • Katherine C.
    Katherine ChalaMay 11, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    Being in here at 7am is like being in the twilight zone. There's a kid next to me w a Sony walkman circa 1998, a woman wearing tyedye socks w flipflops and a homeless guy snoring w him mouth open.
  • Stephan B.
    Stephan BajaioApril 15, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Ask the information ticket booth (last on the right) of the LIRR trains what track your train will be on. They often tell you before it's posted. Just be careful of last minute track changes
  • Margaret C.
    Margaret CodySeptember 25, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    Try Penn Sushi near Amtrak for surprisingly tasty sushi and authentic Japanese snacks
  • Carly H.
    Carly HeitlingerFebruary 3, 2015
    It can get crazy here! Try to hop on the quiet car when you board your train.
  • Elias F.
    Elias FriedmanNovember 25, 2010
    Been here 25+ times
    Don't wait upstairs in the crowd! Go down the stairs under the big board. There are monitors down there with train arrivals/departures and you can walk straight down to the track without waiting!
  • Jasmin K.
    Jasmin KizilMay 9, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    When you arrive at Penn station on the train walk all the way to the front of the train on the track, there wont be a hoard of people trying to get up the stairs and you will be right by the entrances
  • Patrick H.
    Patrick HealyMarch 29, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Considering how many bodies this thing moves every day it's pretty impressive. The shops don't suck either. There are decent places to eat and drink if you are in the know.
  • Brookelyn S.
    Brookelyn SuddellNovember 2, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    The new Jamba Juice opened up!! Although the service is pretty slow and the scones are more like stones . . . The juices are just as delicious as ever!
  • M
    MNovember 7, 2016
    I highly recommend getting a beer from the deli to drink on the train if riding Amtrak.
  • NY Mets Katie ❤️⚾️✈️
    NY Mets Katie ❤️⚾️✈️August 31, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    Bring an ice pack. Air conditioning is seemingly broken. I'm all sweaty for the 8 hour train ride now. Woot!
  • Peter S.
    Peter ShankmanJune 26, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    The secret air conditioning vent is opposite track seven, across from the stairs, one foot, five inches from the blower.
  • Ken S.
    Ken ScheerJune 13, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    An excellent place to people watch and your one stop link to everywhere in the world!
  • Todd S.
    Todd SimmonsAugust 6, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    The grimly hectic atmosphere in the NJ Transit waiting area makes it EZ to understand your loved one's desire to get to EWR & out of town.
  • Pixie D.
    Pixie DeeJanuary 24, 2015
    Planet Smoothies chocolate Chimp smoothie is deeeelish.. Quick and yummy smoothies.
  • Monti B.
    Monti BrayJune 24, 2014
    Be mindful of which taxi line you wait in. Looping around the block in tourist traffic is the nightmare you dreamed about as a kid.
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJune 4, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    The tools used to build this station were stolen by William Penn from a Home Depot in Pennsylvania, but its name actually comes from his pet goldfish named "penny"
  • Danny B.
    Danny BoiceJuly 26, 2013
    If you lose your iPhone charger you can buy one from the weird guy hanging out next to the shoe shine stand by the K-Mart
  • Ceie C.
    Ceie CelestinJuly 3, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    If you hate crowds don't ever come here. There are mobs here day or night, rain or shine, regular days & holidays!!!
  • Alexander R.
    Alexander ReaNovember 24, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    The old Penn Station was a magnificent building. Tearing it down to build this was a tragedy. Look around the station and you will find reminders of the great building. Especially near the tracks.
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾October 23, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    You can get Amtrack, LIRR, and NJ Transit. Lots of food options. Pretty clean.
  • sabler
    sablerApril 4, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    On a rainy, summer day, the leaky IRT platform is a great place for a quick shower.
  • Rashad
    RashadSeptember 2, 2014
    I can't forget my last day with my homie! Spectacular memories...
  • sabler
    sablerDecember 3, 2016
    Been here 100+ times
    I heartily recommend the MTA eTix app if you're traveling on the LIRR, it will minimize your need to touch anything in this place.
  • Tim F.
    Tim FogartyAugust 29, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Debate whether it would be worse to give yourself oral surgery with a rusty lawnmower blade or have to visit thus place twice daily.
  • Yali S.
    Yali SzulanskiNovember 30, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    Zaro's makes the best bagels n cream cheese. If the line is long on the upper track, go downstairs, there's another one!
  • Dave S.
    Dave SilverstoneSeptember 27, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    Once the most palatial train station in the world, the original Penn was bulldozed and replaced with this rat's nest in the 60's so developers could build another bland office block, and current MSG.
  • Sergey B.
    Sergey BJuly 6, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    Every NJT train that leaves goes through Newark Penn station. For Newark Airport train you need to ask cops that walk around or Penn Station workers. They all very friendly.
  • Ellea F.
    Ellea FernandoAugust 12, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Home of Krispy Kreme NYC! Grab a classic glazed donut while you wait for your train!
  • Bob E.
    Bob EricksonMay 1, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Don't be a fool and wait in line for your Amtrak train. Take the escalator down one level and get to the train a lot faster!
  • Christy C.
    Christy CampbellDecember 17, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    You always need lesa time than you give yourself to get here. I promise. For how annoyingly crowded it os, Penn Station is very efficient.
  • Packy M.
    Packy McCormickDecember 13, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    For Mexican food connoisseurs, there's a fantastic Taco Bell near the 8th Ave and 33rd St entrance.
  • Quin L.
    Quin La CapraMay 28, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    stop in zaro's bakery if you have a second.. their coffee & bagels are the best around!
  • Brendan L.
    Brendan LewisJune 27, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
    Be sure to judiciously tip the Amtrak Red Caps. The amount of shit they have to put up with is extraordinary.
  • Walter F. R.
    Walter F. RodriguezJune 22, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Avoid the NJ Transit writing room at rush hour if you can. It's packed, smelly, and not at all fun. Keep an eye on the gates from outside the room, there are alternate ways to get to most of them.
  • Randall
    RandallAugust 18, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    If you're headed to the AirTrain to JFK, don't assume all LIRR trains stop at Jamaica station. Double check the list of stops before heading down to the platform.
  • Nikki B.
    Nikki BogopolskayaJuly 10, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    Remember that scene in Men In Black where all the aliens deplane their UFOs into the same room? This is kind of like that, but at rush hour, infinitely worse.
  • antonio
    antonioJuly 30, 2013
    If you already have your ticket head on over to the seated waiting area and help relieve some of the congestion.
  • Oliver D.
    Oliver DelgadoNovember 27, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    If you are getting dropped off by car and are taking Amtrak, enter via 8th Ave and 31st St. It's the closest door to the platforms.
  • John W.
    John WilliamsMarch 2, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    I once saw a really cute military girl on guard here. Actually she was down right hot stuff. Look for her, then look for me so that you can tell me she's here. Thank you so much... And good night
  • Brian E.
    Brian EganFebruary 1, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    With the Port Authority a mere 8 blocks north, the world's two most poorly designed buildings are located on a single half-mile stretch of 8th Ave.
  • Synergy Events
    Synergy EventsOctober 12, 2011
    Synergy built a lounge on top of the Madison Square Garden Marquee that David Arquette lived in for 2 days. The Snickers® “Bar Hunger” event raised money & awareness for Feeding® America.
  • Willow _.
    Willow _July 30, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    For NJTransit, always use the tellers- the line looks long but they know what they're doing compared to the people using the machines.
  • Turbo T.
    Turbo TatsJuly 21, 2012
    The best fruit & yogurt smoothie of my life at the Chickpea, near the Amtrak gates. I'm in heaven.
  • Eliza O.
    Eliza OsbornOctober 22, 2011
    Tim Horton's ministores all around. A Canadian staple, be sure to snag a doughnut while you wait.
  • William D.
    William DiehlJuly 14, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    To whom ever thought it was a good idea to raze the original Pennsylvania Station (below) and replace it with the "New" Penn Station (above) in the 60's... Rot in Hell...
  • Kim D.
    Kim Darwaza, REALTORJune 4, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    If it is a busy weekend and you are traveling with children or a group get a red cap so you get priority train boarding.
  • Caroline A.
    Caroline ArrAugust 21, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    The track is posted 10 mins Before departure time, so its not rush hour bald man in a business suit pls don't ram me down running to the door in a panic. Stop being a douche, it's not musical chairs.
  • CryStylz N.
    Viewing all walks of life...step outside for a NEW YORK minute to feel the atmosphere. Now 30th Street PHILLYILLY here I come.
  • Ariel R.
    Ariel RuizFebruary 11, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    If you in the waiting room and listen to the music you'll notice that people frantic running is in sync with the classical music pplaying
  • Joshua L.
    Joshua LaskyNovember 28, 2012
    Don't wait for the train's gate to be posted on the big board, instead look for your train on one of the arrivals screens around the station. That narrows it down to one of two possible entry points.
  • Erin R.
    Erin RotherAugust 22, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Hankering for a taste of Canada? Try a maple glazed creme donut from the Tim Horton's downstairs.
  • Jim S.
    Jim ShieldsMarch 3, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    get some buffalo sauce for your KFC crispy strips if you don't want to taste the tears!
  • John H.
    John HunterApril 6, 2012
    Sit next to the pillar in the back row of seats. The seats are sure to be nice and warm.
  • Rachel K.
    Rachel KNovember 21, 2011
    Definitely bring hand sanitizer and hide your wallet. Also try not to pay for anything with cash, because if you do, the bums will swarm around you begging for cash.
  • David W.
    David WeinbergerJuly 28, 2015
    Been here 25+ times
    Score some packaged kosher Fresko meals at Jamba Juice- LIRR level (Star-K, $5-10)
  • sabler
    sablerMay 28, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    Built using the "Mall in a questionable neighborhood" style that was so popular in the 60s.
  • @MetLifeCentral
    @MetLifeCentralNovember 14, 2010
    Coming to the Giants game? MetLife Central gate is the closest far as you ge off the train and there are awesome prizes up for grabs before the game. Coaches Club tix, pregame sideline passes and more
  • Rachel W.
    Rachel W.August 28, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    Go to the entrance of Kmart for one of the cheapest soda machines in all of NYC. The only bright spot in this hell hole.
  • Kaitlin L.
    Kaitlin LipeMarch 5, 2010
    If you're a beer drinker, grab a brewskie in a massive cup and sip it while lounging around the LIRR schedule board. Watch the drunks from Long Island stumble onto the train from Taco Bell. Hilarious.
  • 1YearOfSingle
    1YearOfSingleMay 27, 2016
    Been here 5+ times
    For a quiet Information board, go all the way to the West End Concourse.
  • Jenna W.
    Jenna WFebruary 28, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    Delicatessen is legit. Get a freshly made sandwich instead of the other horrible food here.
  • Jen
    JenFebruary 5, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    If you want to end up on the 8th ave side and be closer to the A C E sit on the end of your NJ transit train or if you want to be at 7th ave near the 1 2 3 be at the front
  • Elyse M.
    Elyse MDecember 15, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    How come I am capable of running with rolling luggage up and down stairs without being slow or hurting anyone!? Come on people, learn to carry your luggage and put some energy into your step!
  • Pedro G.
    Pedro GarciaMarch 19, 2012
    The Amtrack waiting room is amazing.. You can stay away of the noisy while you're waiting for your train.
  • Morgan D.
    Morgan DavisMay 10, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Make sure to grab a 32 oz microbrew (main concourse) before you get on the train. Don't forget lid, straw & paper bag.
  • Jennifer P.
    Jennifer PetersNovember 24, 2010
    Buy a tall boy from a nearby bodega but don't forget the brown paper bag! The vendor next to Moe's can give you one if you need it.
  • Andy R.
    Andy RosenbergApril 5, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    If you are in a rush, use Cover on your phone to pay for your meals and skip waiting for the check when dining in NYC. Make that train!
    OMGICUMarch 20, 2011
    Penn Station is the only place we know of where you will get hit on by a drunk Jeremy Sisto, then bump into Sammy Hagar (who may or may not have given a bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila to Jeremy Sisto).
  • Keith K.
    Keith KaplanMarch 17, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    Be sure to check when your train leaves and have a few minutes to wait because they leave on time for the most part.
  • Omer Z.
    Omer ZachDecember 19, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    You can pay for your NJ Transit ticket with Apple Pay or Google Wallet!
  • Caroline A.
    Caroline AlbaneseApril 8, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    Try to stay by the timetable close to the E Subway entrance. It's less packed and you can still get to all the platforms.
  • John A.
    John AntosJanuary 21, 2015
    You can get a lot of places from here.. But your time waiting is not very nice.. Especially when compared to Grand Central Station.
  • Pietro F.
    Pietro FilipponiJanuary 17, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    Oh, Borders, how I miss you so. Resting your books only one flight above me, you were the perfect place to escape the teeming masses of Penn while waiting for my train
  • John G.
    John Gardiner IVJune 6, 2017
    Beautiful station, but difficult to navigate. Allow for extra time to find your platform.
  • Jeffery Z.
    Jeffery ZouNovember 19, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    NJ Transit closed until 4am? Show your ticket to the NJT/Amtrak lounge and stay out of the cold. Or park at a PATH stop next time.
  • Katya
    KatyaNovember 21, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    On high traffic travel days, check with the red caps to find out what track your train is on to board early. #GratuityNotIncluded
  • LaDell F.
    LaDell FuquaJuly 11, 2010
    If you know you're running late for train leaving penn - be sure to get in at front of subway from uptown an rear if coming from downtown!
  • Kraig B.
    Kraig BJune 3, 2012
    When giving out fake directions to tourists who assume you know everything about rail transit, be sure to point in a direction for added credibility.
  • Ricky K.
    Ricky KimSeptember 27, 2012
    AirTran to Newark is pretty sweet. Very fast and direct. I highly recommend if your heading to EWR.
  • Andrew A.
    Andrew AthiasNovember 19, 2011
    Try the cheese pizza at the pizzeria next to krispy kremes. Nothing beats real nyc pizza.
  • Stephanie T.
    Stephanie TattonFebruary 23, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    If I can navigate a double stroller without getting in anyone's way you should be able to do the same with your wheely luggage.
  • Joe C.
    Joe ChasseJune 1, 2012
    Using etickets? Get here early in case it doesn't scan. Otherwise you will be stuck in a long customer service line & may miss your train.
  • Murat
    MuratOctober 2, 2016
    Always crowded, a bit messy; you need to get used to. Hub for connection W bound trains. Metro line stops here as well.
  • Lauren S.
    Lauren SinnenbergAugust 5, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
    If you're looking for a clean bathroom, there are decent ones hidden in the nj transit waiting area.
  • Jacob F.
    Jacob FordNovember 21, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    When riding the trains, avoid having fights on the roof. Various films have proven that it rarely ends well.
  • Chris W.
    Chris WoosterFebruary 14, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    When Amtrak trains are called, immediately head down the stairs under the big board to get to your track & bypass the long ticket check line.
  • Jillian W
    Jillian WJune 7, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Use the elbows....survival of the fittest. Running across Penn is a great workout.
  • Helen Y.
    Helen YuFebruary 20, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    Got luggage & riding NJ transit? Stay away from gates closest to 7th ave (across from Duane Reed) where the escalators to the tracks rarely run. There are elevators to tracks 1-8 across from Tiecoon.
  • Lohan™ M.
    Lohan™ Maximus ジOctober 27, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    This place is so easy to get lost in. Bring a guide dog because no one will help u find anything.
  • Jason H.
    Jason HowieAugust 28, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    People boarding NJ Transit Trains: There is no reason to run to your train. They announce it 5 minutes before it leaves, and there are plenty of seats.
  • Toya J.
    Toya JerseyNovember 22, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    If traveling before a holiday give urself extra time cuz it can get extremely crowed and hectic
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJanuary 30, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    If you're here with friends try to form a human ladder by standing on each others shoulders circus-stunt-style. There's a lost balloon on the ceiling and it would be cool if someone got it down.
  • Danielle
    DanielleFebruary 16, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Walk on the right or don't be surprised when you get body checked. Don't walk and text at the same time because I will walk into you on purpose.
  • sabler
    sablerNovember 27, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    Fun fact: The city depicted in Escape From New York was inspired by the LIRR concourse.
  • Dave C.
    Dave CutlipApril 27, 2016
    It's actually pretty quiet lots of places to eat while waiting for your train !
  • Citi Bike
    Citi BikeMay 3, 2015
    In a rush to catch an afternoon train? Citi Bike valet service is available Mon-Fri from 3-7pm at 8th Ave and W 31st St for stress-free docking.
  • Auric
    AuricFebruary 26, 2016
    Been here 25+ times
    Avoid bottlenecks by boarding off West wing gates (8th ave) for NJ transit trains, instead of East gates. Especially if your train is departing off track #7 or 8. That gate is an engineering failure.
  • Alex O.
    Alex OwenJuly 13, 2010
    Roses pizza has a pretty good/cheap beer selection....there's a tv in the back where you can catch the game while you wait
  • Samantha G.
    Samantha GFebruary 18, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    Best kept (?) secret? 20-oz bottles of Coke products for $1.25 (aka, cheaper than anywhere in NYC) in the vending machine at the front of KMart.
  • Chris R.
    Chris RaghoobarJanuary 26, 2017
    Been here 100+ times
    Very efficient (most of the time) in spite of how crowded it gets.
  • sabler
    sablerMarch 21, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    No one actually checks your ticket at the LIRR waiting room, so loiter with your bagged beer that isn't fooling anyone all you like.
  • Will W.
    Will WeaverNovember 5, 2013
    Only the brave can master...the labyrinth! Seriously, it's nigh-impossible to get around here and it took me four visits to figure the place out. At least there's a Starbucks.
  • Katherine S.
    Katherine SantiagoNovember 6, 2011
    While waiting for your train, get your shoes shined. There are three shoe-shine storefronts in the building.
  • Kristyn
    KristynNovember 10, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    The 10:15PM almost always (99% of the time) comes on track 18. If you see it there, take a seat early :)
  • Katherin S.
    Katherin SonFebruary 27, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    All I see is dessert: Cinnabon, Haagen Dazs, Krispy Kreme, Auntie Anne's, Dunkin Donuts, Jamba Juice. Gang's all here!
  • Luigi M.
    Luigi MondiJuly 6, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    If you are alone, please don't take up the 4 and 6 seaters on the LIRR trains. Save them for the people who have large groups!
  • Joshua H.
    Joshua HigginsOctober 13, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Stand near the large departure board to see what track your train is departing from. Be prepared to swarm the escalator at that terminal when it's announced.
  • Talal
    TalalJuly 22, 2013
    Dont even think of leaving your stuff inside the train to grab a coffee, coz they will close the door at the departure time despite your presence. I lift my back bag and had to chase it till Wash.
  • Christina C.
    Christina CosterJune 3, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Use the terminal at the far end near Starbucks and Subway. SO Less crowded.
  • Donald G.
    Donald GormanlySeptember 24, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    They've recently installed a number of new digital wall signs to display departure info.
  • Jim W.
    Jim WhiteDecember 18, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Ever notice they'll call your train on a track that has yet to unload!? More importantly, should you choose to take the escalator and stand, stay to the right!!
  • Allison E.
    Allison EspositoJanuary 18, 2014
    Do you miss the dirt and grime of 1980s NYC? Do you love signs that mean nothing? Ever wanted to lose your mind in a subterranean vortex? Then Penn Station is for you!
  • Brian C.
    Brian CooperJuly 29, 2010
    Stop by TGIF on lower main LIRR level and ask for Sal!! He rocks and they have great happy hour deals daily till 7pm
  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth LeeOctober 13, 2016
    Used to have beautiful architecture but that got torn down when they added madison square garden.
  • Chris H.
    Chris HallbergOctober 3, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    NJ Transit customers: skip the lines. The ticket machines up the right stairs between tracks 2 and 3 are usually open.
  • Gordon M.
    Gordon MeiNovember 12, 2015
    Been here 10+ times
    If you're catching a flight in Newark, get on the NJ Transit line towards Trenton. Keep your ticket for the scanners on the AirTrain gates at the airport.
  • Jason M.
    Jason MeadJanuary 10, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Penn station is the PBR tallboy of train stations compared to the fine scotch that is grand central terminal.
  • Appetite for Good
    Appetite for GoodNovember 4, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Good luck finding something good to eat. One of the few places with taco bell, pizza hut, Nathans, Moe's, tgif and more!
  • US National Archives
    US National ArchivesAugust 8, 2011
    If you are riding the rails today, don't forget to buy a ticket. This 1970s photo from Documerica shows your connection to the past. Read more
  • Summ B.
    Summ BazApril 10, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    The seats in the waiting area for the New Jersey trains are mostly occupied by homeless so hold on to your tickets if you're waiting for your train coz security do random checks.
  • Matt M.
    Matt MApril 25, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    grab a big beer (or two, or four) from the minimart before hopping on the N.E. Regional back to DC.
  • Manhattan Mini Storage
    Manhattan Mini StorageNovember 22, 2010
    Going shopping? Pick up something extra for the Partnership for the Homeless Toy Drive! You can drop off a new, unwrapped toy at any one of Manhattan Mini Storage's 17 storage locations Read more
  • Mitchell C.
    Mitchell CandrevaJune 16, 2012
    Make sure to check train times before you go out drinking on a weekend. The trains stop leaving after 3 and you'll be stuck eating Mickey d's until 6am waiting for the next train forever.
  • Rob Z.
    Rob ZajdelAugust 9, 2014
    Sit in the NJ Transit seating area (where they never check your ticket) to use the free Amtrak wifi for their seating area nearby.
  • Jillian R.
    Jillian RogersApril 25, 2011
    The beautiful east end of long Island is just a train ride away. Explore vineyards, parks, and one of the best beaches in the world- Montauk!
  • Daniel H.
    Daniel HondaApril 4, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    There's a five dollar surcharge if you buy your ticket on the train, so take advantage of the automated ticket kiosks at Penn.
  • Kat J.
    Kat JostJanuary 9, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Amtrak has free wifi - a great feature, but would be better if it didn't log me off every 10 minutes
  • Kristin M.
    Kristin McLeodApril 22, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    Amtrak to Albany or other upstate destinations? Get in line at track 5. You'll be right & might get to board before it's posted. Sit on left side (facing front) for Hudson River views on your trip.
  • Kanchana S.
    Kanchana SeneviratneAugust 23, 2012
    If you're waiting in a long line to ask a question, be sure that there aren't other help desks you could go to.
  • Jarrid C.
    Jarrid CrespoMay 24, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    I love that skinny homeless lady who is constantly jogging around the station. She is a goddess.
  • TheMobileBroker
    TheMobileBrokerMarch 19, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Welcome to the Big Apple! Consider adding Harlem on your list of places to visit while you're here. You'll be glad you did!
  • Barb F.
    Barb FredaApril 27, 2010
    Go out to 'wichcraft express at 32nd and Broadway for a great fast meal; I can reco the pressed gruyere with caramelized onions on rye.
  • Brian M.
    Brian MasefieldAugust 25, 2016
    Been here 5+ times
    Madness. But there's a Crispy Creme AND a Dunkin' Donuts about 50 ft away from each other, so why quibble?
  • Metropolis magazine
    Metropolis magazineApril 10, 2012
    Serving 300,000 passengers a day at a rate of up to a thousand every 90 seconds, it is the busiest hub in the US
  • AJ
    AJMarch 17, 2012
    The classical piano music they have playing is extremely calming ;)
  • Samsonite
    SamsoniteMay 3, 2011
    The 51-foot sculpture outside Penn Station was done by Jonathan Borofsky to complement the urban landscape.
  • David H.
    David HarrisMay 10, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    NJ Transit one way, ten trip and round trip tickets are valid until used. Good to know if you have a delayed trip to NJ
  • Rhonda H.
    Rhonda Hager RyanNovember 28, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    Buy your tickets early to avoid the long. Lines
  • Jasmine
    JasmineDecember 14, 2015
    Been here 50+ times
    Easiest access to the NJ Transit tracks is from the entrance at the corner of 31st and 7th.
  • The Transit Navigator
    The Transit NavigatorSeptember 9, 2011
    Check the NJT/Amtrak departure boards on your phone with NJT's DepartureVision. Refresh as needed, and get access from anywhere! Read more
  • Dani B.
    Dani BaronofskyNovember 15, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    One of the busiest train stations in the world and you'll barely even see any trains…
  • Metropolis M.
    Metropolis MagazineMarch 25, 2012
    Serving 300,000 passengers a day at a rate of up to a thousand every 90 seconds, it is the busiest hub in the US
  • Meryl P.
    Meryl PearlsteinJune 29, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    My first trip from here in a long time and might be my last. Boarding in Boston is sane, from New York City not at all.
  • Crystal W.
    Crystal WardJune 26, 2015
    Been here 10+ times
    Beautiful Drawings almost everywhere in Penn ;)
  • Daniel
    DanielAugust 14, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    For #NJ Transit, use the #MyTix app. Just remember to activate the ticket before the train leaves. Theres no signal in the tunnel!
  • Sarah C.
    Sarah CalandroMarch 21, 2013
    This place feels purposely uncomfortable & confusing. No place to sit or wait. Loads of people everywhere. & so much signage u can't find ur way. I dont look forward to future stops @ penn station
  • Greg B.
    Greg BarilaJuly 30, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    If you see a long and frustrated queue waiting for service, just ignore it and burn up to the front for assistance. After all, you're better than everyone else and the rules don't apply to you!
  • Amy V.
    Amy VernonJuly 28, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    Some electrical outlets in the NJ Transit/Amtrak waiting area don't work, so make sure to check if your device is actually charging after you plug in.
  • Tej C.
    Tej ChigateriOctober 21, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Check the schedule BEFORE you get here. Especially on the weekends.
  • Jamay L.
    Jamay LiuAugust 31, 2012
    The big Amtrak Departures sign is a great meeting spot. Pick up Chickpea for a healthy dinner on the train.
  • Zack A.
    Zack ArthusApril 25, 2011
    definitely go downstairs if waiting for an amtrak train. cool, empty, and the tracks are right there for you
  • Burton L.
    Burton Lewis Jr.May 28, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    The Amtrak restrooms are larger, have more stalls and a generally cleaner than the LIRR restrooms.
  • Mikey D.
    Mikey DunnApril 12, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    The LIRR wing's got the goods: Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Red Mango, and even a Kmart.
  • Stephanie S.
    Stephanie SmithJanuary 10, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Buy tickets ahead of time so you don't have to wait in line
  • Meg D.
    Meg DeedyDecember 23, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Crowded, dirty, trains rarely on-time and utterly Rude employees at the Amtrak. But- don't forget to try the vegetarian chili, delightful!
  • Greg G.
    Greg GalantAugust 24, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    All LIRR trains leave exactly 1 minute later than the schedule says (confirmed by the NY Times). The MTA is playing mind games.
  • Tim M.
    Tim McLaughlinAugust 28, 2010
    Waiting infront of the K-Mart by the Track 21 entrance is so much more convenient than by the ticketing station!!! Watched the Auntie Annes drop a pretzel and put it back though... Be careful.
  • Jeffrey B.
    Jeffrey BehmDecember 4, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    Safe travels. Make sure to buy your tickets for NJ Transit before getting on the train. Buying from the ticket taker will cost you extra.
  • Marlies J.
    Marlies JohnsonJune 14, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    Round trip city tixx the way to go for travelling same day in the city
  • Kathryn Y.
    Kathryn YuAugust 15, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    The best way to get to Flushing, Queens is using the LIRR. You'll get to Main Street in about 20 minutes.
  • Cameron G.
    Cameron GidariMarch 10, 2017
    Been here 5+ times
    Rivals Port Authority as the grossest public transportation station in the city.
  • Meg D.
    Meg DeedyJanuary 18, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    The escalator worked and it didn't smell like fart. The vegetarian chili also tasted good.
  • Matthew A.
    Matthew AbateJuly 27, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    This is the busiest transit hub on earth. Pay attention and get where you're going or get run over.
  • Mike M.
    Mike MostranskyFebruary 17, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    depending on where you are in Penn / there are two Starbucks, one nearer the ACE (close to Rosa's Pizza) the other down towards the 123 (past K-Mart) - both on the LIRR level
  • Christina C.
    Christina CosterNovember 26, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    If you see someone running in your direction, move. I've taken out many an indecisive bystander while sprinting for a train.
  • Natalie H.
    Natalie HunterDecember 13, 2010
    Grab a cupcake at Zaro's Bakery! The Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting is my favorite :)
  • Anne L.
    Anne LacDecember 15, 2010
    Been here 25+ times
    For the Coach USA shuttle from port authority to the Izod center- buy your tix at windows 11-12 on ground level and pick up bus at Area X (41st bw 8th and 9th).
  • Faith
    FaithApril 20, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    Text your departing station to your arriving station to 266-266 and it will give you the next times for that train!!!
  • Paulis P.
    Paulis PetrovicsApril 25, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    Wait for track number on the board and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! To avoid this go to the lower level and watch for your track number on the arrival boards to get a seat.
  • Paul S.
    Paul SailerAugust 30, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    Thirsty for a Coke? Buy it at Kmart. The machines just inside are $0.75 for a can, $1.25 for a 20oz. bottle. I dare you to find somewhere cheaper in Midtown.
  • Deb J.
    Deb JohnsonDecember 24, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    This place can be a maze - so if you are in a rush and don't know where you are going... Plan on missing your train/subway.
  • Pietro F.
    Pietro FilipponiFebruary 15, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    The book store on the North end has great deals on new releases and magazines
  • sabler
    sablerJune 11, 2016
    Been here 100+ times
    They're bringing in more expensive restaurants to the LIRR concourse to attract a higher class of shiftless drifter!
  • Andrew W.
    Andrew WisemanAugust 18, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    Zaro's Bakery is a pretty decent and relatively healthy food option
  • Bradley P.
    Bradley PortnoyJune 30, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Grab a beer and sandwich at the regular old deli. Makes the trip home much more pleasant.
  • Runway Digital
    Runway DigitalJanuary 7, 2014
    Enjoy the view of New York City from space.
  • Stephanie D.
    Stephanie DünxApril 17, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    One time I forgot my debit card and the falafel dude out front gave me one on credit. Nuff said.
  • Alexander T.
    Alexander Tsui ‮March 9, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    When getting to Flushing-Main Street gets tough because the 7 is under construction... or when the N is too slow to Queensboro Plaza, get a $3.50 one-way CityTicket and get to Flushing in 2 stations!
  • Sam
    SamApril 16, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    If you have to talk on your cell when on the train, make sure to do it on speakerphone - it will make everyone very happy.
  • Tom V.
    Tom VCJanuary 8, 2012
    If your waiting for Trenton trains during rush hour they generally arrive at gates 9 through 12. Best place to wait is near gate 9 by the stairs.
  • David H.
    David HaberAugust 21, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    The Acela blocks access to Netflix on their WiFi. Resort to 3G for your entertainment experience.
  • Alex F.
    Alex FishJune 15, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    The best spot for air condition when waiting for NJT is in the LIRR first concourse next to Don Pepi Express and phone booths
  • Jason Y.
    Jason YovanoffMarch 10, 2010
    Been here 25+ times
    If you're riding Amtrak, wait downstairs underneath the big departure board. There are departure monitors there, and you can walk directly on to the track and be the first one on the train.
  • Eric S.
    Eric ShineOctober 15, 2017
    Been here 25+ times
    Walk fast and determined -- otherwise you'll be bound around like a pool ball!
  • Frank
    FrankSeptember 20, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    The Lost & Found only collects items Mon, Wed & Fri. Hours are 7:20am - 7:20pm
  • Delaney P.
    Delaney PageMarch 10, 2013
    Been here 50+ times
    Froyo is a deliciously creamy way to wait for one's train. ^_^ <3 <3 <3
  • Jeremy K.
    Jeremy KuriloffSeptember 20, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Escalators are functional 1/200th of the time. Might as well be in a third world country.
  • Lorena N.
    Lorena NascimentoSeptember 9, 2014
    Plenty of fast food restaurant. Don't leave hungry.
  • Saralyn C.
    Saralyn CohenMay 29, 2017
    Been here 100+ times
    Gets me where I need to go each day. Very crowded.
  • Avi M.
    Avi MuchnickOctober 27, 2011
    Heads up: despite rumors to the contrary, all LIRR train passengers are "absolutely required" to wear bottoms "at all times."
  • Michael I.
    Michael I.December 2, 2014
    If you have time, go to the new 7/11 across the street (34th st. btw 7th & 8th ave) for cheapest beer.
  • Jason K.
    Jason KMarch 12, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    Trust me - you are better off waiting for NJT in the Amtrak section as compared to downstairs....
  • Nick B.
    Nick BourneFebruary 7, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    Don't wait at 5/6 East for Albany. Go to 5/6 West even though it's across from East, no one waits by it and you'll be the first one in the car.
  • Paul P.
    Paul PascoMarch 23, 2010
    Been here 50+ times
    Moe's Southwest Grill is a good place to eat while waiting for your train. Same with Charlie's subs. Just watch for the shady people in the back seating area at Charlie's
  • New York Guest Tourism Services
    New York Guest Tourism ServicesNovember 26, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    Welcome to NYC! If you need any travel advice or services including discount travel options during your stay, call or visit our office just one block from Penn Station. Take advantage of our 10% walk-
  • Jenn
    JennAugust 5, 2012
    Consolidate bags to make it easier to get to your train. Also? Avoid overpriced goods & drinks by simply bringing your own.
  • Steve G.
    Steve G.April 12, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    From the subway, you have to go up the stairs. You can find the bathrooms next to Fridays.
  • Arjuna S.
    Arjuna SchuttSeptember 30, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    Ppl are usually in a hurry,so try not to stop all of a sudden while walking. You are bound to get trampled on!
  • Cote Media
    Cote MediaFebruary 1, 2012
    Make sure you get a hot dog outside and say Hi to the Pilipino Irish Times Guy!
  • Tasha N.
    Tasha NicoleAugust 5, 2012
    City Tickets only $3.75 on weekends for LIRR. Valid between Penn Station and most other stations
  • Anthony P.
    Anthony PadronaggioFebruary 3, 2013
    Never expect to get a ticket and make your train between the 29th-2nd days of the month during peak hours. Endless lines.
  • Hayley R.
    Hayley RMay 31, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    If you're in the waiting area after 1am have your LIRR ticket ready for the cops to see when they clear out the non-ticket holders from the waiting room.
  • Melody G.
    Melody GambinoAugust 22, 2014
    Lots of drunks and hot messes and tourists wandering looking nowhere in particular. Look alive people!
  • Wayne R.
    Wayne RichmondMay 13, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    If you get to the top of the escalator and your not sure which way to go, the correct way is FORWARD!!
  • Pete C.
    Pete CaselliniApril 30, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    If you get Tim Horton's coffee with your Krispy Kreme donuts you open up a rift in the space-time fabric
  • Laurent P.
    Laurent PatyMay 9, 2013
    Haven't been in NYC in a few months and I am not used to it any more: getting yelled at for Macy's promotion out of Penn station; bumped into in the streets; construction and traffic noise, etc.
  • Monica J.
    Monica Juniel ByersSeptember 27, 2010
    Beware of folks standing outside the station pretending to be taxi wardens - if anyone asks for advance payment of fare give them $1 for helping to hail the taxi and be on your way!
  • @cfnoble
    @cfnobleJanuary 20, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    Riding Amtrak from Penn Station? Watch the Red Caps. They'll know what track you're boarding looooong before it's announced.
  • Garrett T.
    Garrett TillmanJuly 2, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    If you get the FREE red cap service you can go down to the train early. Plus they carry your luggage :)
  • Michael H.
    Michael HaaralaMarch 26, 2017
    Been here 5+ times
    Typical transit hub fast food joints, but some healthier options (like Pret) are scattered throughout.
  • Anthony C.
    Anthony CaporaleJanuary 7, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Check out for great drink suggestions to enjoy while waiting for your train!
  • Amy C.
    Amy CAugust 29, 2010
    Going to the beach? Make sure you get the beach deals/getaways button when buying your ticket. Includes ticket and beach pass!
  • Amy D.
    Amy DNovember 13, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    Buy a pack of tickets at once so when you're late you're not waiting in lines trying to get a ticket and missing your train
  • Ed J.
    Ed JavaruskiApril 6, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    Beer is cheaper from the vendors on the Rotunda than on the lower level.
  • Vishal K.
    Vishal KotcherlakotaSeptember 26, 2013
    You will not know until the last possible second what track your Amtrak train is leaving on. Don't freak out, that's just the way this station does it.
  • David D.
    David DMay 17, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    Pickpockets are an urban legend... most people lose their wallets. 99% of the food/drink vendors offer overpriced low grade food, go outside and you'll be served much better.
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel WSeptember 20, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
    If you miss the train, go get a beer at Friday's. It's the right thing to do.
  • Kayvon M.
    Kayvon MesbahSeptember 22, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Phone dying? There are three outlets on the 8th Avenue side. Life savers.
  • Diane Lee L.
    Diane Lee LarsenSeptember 13, 2010
    Take the train to Jets/Giants games at New Meadowlands Stadium. Buy LIRR tickets to Meadowlands from your home station. At Penn, use NJT machines in their waiting area. Take NJT Train to Secaucus; tra Read more
  • Anna R.
    Anna RJuly 11, 2013
    Know your train schedule, otherwise you will be standing around for a long time!!!
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortJune 13, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Pizza Hut executives were inspired to invent cheesey crust pizza when they saw a rat eating rotten cheese and stale bread on track 18
  • Devin L.
    Devin LandinDecember 22, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Make sure to bemoan the loss of the old Penn Station and curse this monstrosity. Also, get a pretzel.
  • Jase
    JaseDecember 6, 2010
    Been here 25+ times
    Buy your tickets well before you board your train and if you have to use the restroom...HOLD IT!
  • Jamie P.
    Jamie PaquetteMarch 8, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Going to DC or Boston? If you can find an "Arrivals" screen you can figure out which track your train will be on before they post it.
  • Kevin V.
    Kevin VaradianApril 30, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Bring a bag you can sit on. No seating anywhere
  • Joseph T.
    Joseph TiradoJuly 18, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Sometimes looking sharp can get you a free ride on the train ... moral of the story nice tie free ride.
  • Anisha V.
    Anisha V.March 18, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    One of the only express trains to huntington. Make sure you get to Penn by 6:20 to get a seat. It gets crowded!
  • Best Delegate
    Best DelegateSeptember 6, 2011
    Heading to JFK? You can buy your AirTrain ticket at Penn Station for quicker travel.Missing something from your trip? Head over to KMart or one of the many Duane Reade
  • David B.
    David BinkowskiMay 12, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    Since you're here, don't bother checking in or your coworkers will cry foul that you're whooping their butts at Foursquare! Also? Make up places like moving destinations and train routes! :P
  • Lynn P.
    Lynn PinaMarch 4, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    There's a great salad and sandwich place in here called Chickpea.
  • Connie L.
    Connie LeeJuly 21, 2013
    There are more self serve ticket stations for the LIRR by the food court area, literally NO lines.
  • Jason L.
    Jason LeibowitzNovember 15, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    The Quik-Trak ticketing system cannot read barcodes off an iPhone, so be sure to print out your confirmation.
  • Dan H.
    Dan HoodAugust 8, 2013
    The Main Gate Area is seriously the worst place you can wait for an LIRR train here if you actually want to get a seat. You are better off waiting by the Central Corridor (by Kmart) or anywhere else.
  • Nick I.
    Nick IlyinDecember 29, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    The harder you push, the faster everyone moves down to the tracks. Or at least that's what everyone seems to think.
  • Danny A.
    Danny AcostaSeptember 29, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Always know the station, service line, time of departure, important details before asking how to get to a certain train.
  • Marc
    MarcDecember 18, 2011
    To ensure getting a seat of choice track listing is posted 10 to 20 minutes prior to leaving and get on the train ASAP
  • summer d.
    summer daidoneApril 27, 2015
    I love Penn Station. They have great food choices.
  • Ace B.
    Ace BhattacharjyaSeptember 19, 2011
    There are two starbucks-- the one in the middle is nicer and has more seats. Read more
  • Arsenio C.
    Arsenio ColonMarch 19, 2010
    Try to get to your train early. There's hardly any good seats if you don't. And to those douchebags who put bags on seats: kindly use the storage rack above you. Thanks. :-)
  • Patrick H.
    Patrick HealyMarch 29, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Check out Tracks bar and take advantage of their happy hour. Very reasonable for midtown.
  • Devin V.
    Devin VoorsangerMarch 5, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    There's a shoe shine place on the main concourse on your way in from the main escalator
  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan SteinNovember 22, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    The bathrooms by eighth avenue have the highest concentration of homeless men living in the stalls. So, you know, use this one.
  • DaddyPaulCrowley
    DaddyPaulCrowleySeptember 14, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Good food downstairs by the entrance to 1 Penn
  • Maya D.
    Maya DAugust 12, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Ladies who use the bathroom at Penn station, please don't forget to wash your hands as you rush out!
  • Kurt W.
    Kurt WeberMarch 2, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    If you're going to New Jersey, be at the west end. If you're going to Long Island, be at the east end.
  • Alexander T.
    Alexander Tsui ‮March 9, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    When getting to JFK Airport by the A-Eighth Avenue Express is too slow to Sutphin Boulevard–Archer Avenue–JFK station, get a $3.50 one-way CityTicket and get to Jamaica (JFK AirTrain) in less time!
  • Howcast
    HowcastJuly 21, 2011
    Support the green community and make your transportation environment-friendly! Read more
  • Sarah W.
    Sarah WareJune 17, 2012
    Wifi and comfortable work stations make the wait very nice!
  • Alexis Marie D.
    Alexis Marie DesignsFebruary 22, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    If you're in front of me and walking slow when I'm trying to catch my train home, I will tackle you...just sayin'.
  • Meghan M.
    Meghan MurrayMarch 17, 2013
    Go downstairs for the food court area less chaos than upstairs.
  • Rachel G.
    Rachel G.November 27, 2011
    Wait closer to central corridor. The main waiting area (near the front of train) becomes a crazy mob during rush hour!
  • Wendy F.
    Great parking garage and cheap with best parking app
  • Mark D.
    Mark DregerApril 12, 2012
    This station sucks and needs a total remodel. They especially need better info for reaching the airport – as taking the train is actually quite easy, you just need to know how to do it.
  • Tariq A.
    Tariq AhmadApril 30, 2017
    Been here 5+ times
    Home of the only Krispy Kreme shop in NYC (near Amtrak).
  • Marnen L.
    Marnen Laibow-KoserDecember 14, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    Don Pepi Pizza (near the Krispy Kreme): cheap and good. A welcome surprise.
  • Mike P.
    Mike PearsonMay 4, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    If taking NJ transit or LIRR, try to use the 8th avenue side by Amtrak. The lines to get on the train are shorter and there is more room to breathe. You might even get a better seat on the train.
  • Joey V.
    Joey VeraMarch 12, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Now that your in NYC come check us out @ Pacha NYC! And Rock Out with us & our Amazing Dj's! See you at the party ;) #JVLights
  • Anneke J.
    Anneke JongSeptember 28, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    plug hunter: there are 2 electrical outlets on the north side of the 7/8 east escalators (by the hudson news).
  • Peter C. F.
    Peter C. FrankDecember 16, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Really hate coming here. Almost never have a good experience! Too bad Amtrak doesn't come into Grand Central anymore. :( call ahead for a red cap of you're riding Amtrak and need one...
  • Reuben E.
    Reuben EhrlichJune 17, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    Although it still gets crowded, it is usually faster to get on an evening train if you wait for track assignments in the Exit Corridor rather than main NJ Transit area.
  • Howcast
    HowcastJuly 21, 2011
    There's more to taking a taxi in New York City than hailing it down. Here's some tips on taking cabs in the Big Apple! Read more
  • Peter R.
    Peter RobinettSeptember 29, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    The luggage storage room is in the western hall near 8th Ave above tracks 5 & 6. A train ticket is required.
  • Katherine T.
    Katherine Tamariz HowardDecember 4, 2014
    Been here 25+ times
    The improvements they've made in recent years don't hide the fact that they should've never torn down the old one.
  • Chrissy N.
    Chrissy NickelNovember 30, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Big but easy to navigate and find your platform
  • Sergey B.
    Sergey BJuly 6, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    On thursday and friday there are huge lines to get tickets for NJT after 4 pm. Get your tickets earlier or you miss your train.
  • Roy R.
    Roy Rodriguez, Jr.July 15, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    Want a good deli sandwich? Go to Don Pepi, behind the Amtrak/NJT Waiting Area near the Amtrak Information Booth
  • Bryan M.
    Bryan MelnickMarch 15, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    1st day on NJ transit. The wanderers here are much crazier than the LIRR side of Penn
  • Jenn
    JennMay 8, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Don't forget to go to Zaro's and pick up a black and white cookie or a bagel.
  • Mario T.
    Mario TangDecember 30, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Junction to the world....nice busy transit hub...lots of stores...well lit....clean
  • Jon Jon
    Jon JonDecember 30, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    one of the major transport hubs in NYC. Can't get packed and sometimes confusing since some of the signs are small
  • Stephen C.
    Stephen ChovanecJune 20, 2012
    Signage boards are not functioning but are an interesting artifact
  • David R.
    David RyanAugust 31, 2012
    Go to Amtrak's waiting area. It's less crowded than NJ Transit's and there is free wifi!
  • ✨#IamRomdelacrème✨
    ✨#IamRomdelacrème✨February 20, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Penn Station first opened in 1910 and is the biggest intercity train station.
  • Kwesi Soti M.
    Kwesi Soti MtunduJune 19, 2013
    The seating/waiting area for Amtrak is not obvious but it is there.
  • Lee S.
    Lee SNovember 27, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Did you know there's a name for Penn Station's neighborhood: CraPenSta. Similar to TriBeCa or SoHo, it stands for "the CRap Around PENn STAtion".
  • Jenna W.
    Jenna WDecember 4, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    They don't announce which tracks the Acelas are on until a minute before their departure time. Enjoy the cattle call!
  • Bill B.
    Bill BeehnerApril 24, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Check the time posted inside the station against your phone and/or watch - almost always a few minutes difference.
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew CJune 26, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    Catching a train to NJ? Get there at least 15 minutes before departure and you'll avoid some hassle.
  • Dean
    DeanMarch 31, 2012
    After you buy your ticket buy a beer and enjoy the ride.
  • Elvyra M.
    Elvyra MillikenJuly 5, 2012
    Really big station, but they don't announce tee train track till few min before it boards. Not a lot of customer service in there either.
  • Rich S.
    Rich SchoberAugust 11, 2011
    Use the LIRR to access some of the best Beaches and fun in NY
  • JMS
    JMSAugust 6, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Don't double up with someone if there is an open seat nearby!
  • National Museum of American History S.
    Visiting this train station with kids? Make the most of your trip with a guide to exploring train stations (on page 6) Read more
  • Cris F.
    Cris FlemisterJune 18, 2012
    Fastest way to Jamaica, Queens even if you stop at Forest Hills.
  • Neal P.
    Neal PatrickJanuary 18, 2015
    Been here 5+ times
    Leave your soul at home so it doesn't get sucked out here.
  • Chef Stacy L.
    Chef Stacy LaRocheDecember 5, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Late night arrivals can expect escalators aren't running and the line for the elevator can get long
  • Marco K.
    Marco KMarch 29, 2012
    $7 Guinness in the TGI Friday near the departure board. Not bad for an Amtrak facility
  • Brian G.
    Brian GlickApril 24, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    There are work areas with plugs in the Amtrak waiting area directly behind track 9.
  • Greg W.
    Greg WaiteAugust 19, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    Take the Path Train instead. Even with parking it works out to about the same price and the Path runs every 5 mins or so.
  • Jake M.
    Jake MercurioApril 7, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Avoid the over priced fast food in the station and grab a gyro or hot dog from a street cart just outside.
  • Molly O.
    Molly OAugust 2, 2011
    If your train starts or ends in Albany, there's no cafe car, so stock up on snacks at Penn.
  • Shay
    ShaySeptember 3, 2010
    Watch out from homeless people, especially in the evening. They don't mind getting in your face and you can trip over them.
  • Rose M.
    Rose MeadeJuly 26, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    The Amtrak waiting area has free Wifi and electric outlets where the payphones used to be.
  • Tinkerella66 T.
    Tinkerella66 Thats right!!!September 4, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    First class is awesome!!! Acela lounge .. Love it Thank you Amtrak :)
  • @cfnoble
    @cfnobleDecember 18, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    Riding NJ Transit or LIRR? Use the 8th avenue (Amtrak) side of the station. Less congestion, shorter lines. And often better seats on the train!
  • Dee L.
    Dee LynnMay 7, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    The better pizza is the place closer to the 8th avenue part of the station.
  • Akash B.
    Akash BhatiaApril 8, 2013
    Why is this the only place in NYC that is exempt from the "move to the right" on escalators policy?
  • Matt M.
    Matt MartinMarch 6, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Ronkonkoma trains are usually 18 or 19 don't wait where everyone else does go in by police booth and get a better seat
  • Gretchen S.
    Gretchen SmithAugust 5, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    The line gets long! Use a card to buy tix or book in advance
  • Gina I.
    Gina IveyOctober 16, 2011
    Pay Close attention to the track number on your ticket not your train name or destination.
  • Ken E.
    Ken EricsonJune 18, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    protip: go out the 31st street exit and you can avoid the cabline.
  • VelvetCrate
    VelvetCrateMay 22, 2017
    "Always a favorite Monopoly Property that Pennsylvania RR." 🚂
  • Paul S.
    Paul SluberskiMarch 16, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Parking in secacus and taking nj transit to and from city is way easy.
  • Jason K.
    Jason KeathMay 17, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    I know it's hard but please do not stop in the middle of Penn Station and stand there oblivious to the dozens of people who are late for life.
  • McFly
    McFlyJuly 29, 2012
    Watch out for the pee on floor so you don't slip and fall.
  • William D.
    William DaroffJanuary 27, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Great sushi options in the main concourse.
  • Lindsay L.
    Lindsay ListanskiMarch 12, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Surprisingly there are no Starbucks in Penn. Plenty out on the street though!
  • Redken
    RedkenJune 14, 2012
    Ready to make your morning routine easy? It starts with a Smooth Lock service at your local Redken salon.
  • Ronnie H.
    Ronnie HSeptember 22, 2011
    Get the gigantic beers across from the big board $5.95 32 oz.! Can't beat it!!!
  • **Heath**
    **Heath**January 9, 2015
    It gets you where you need to go, not much more could be said.
  • Casie
    CasieAugust 5, 2011
    Purchase some mine red wine bottles at the delicatessen for a more pleasant NJ Transit experience.
  • William D.
    William DiehlAugust 18, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    “One entered the city like a god; one scuttles in now like a rat." -Vincent Scully Jr.
  • Bill S.
    Bill SnyderJanuary 21, 2010
    Been here 100+ times
    Gelato Gelato Gelato: Right in front of Rosa's Pizza. Served 24/7. Perfect when you're stuck there late at night.
  • Ben G.
    Ben GAugust 30, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    I hope I live to see it torn down and replaced with a building worthy of its predecessor.
  • Amanda M.
    Amanda MarshNovember 15, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    The LIRR women's restroom is cleaner than Amtrak's. Even better, grab a drink at Tracks and use theirs.
  • Brittany L.
    Brittany L.May 26, 2011
    There is a Chickpea and Red Mango combo near the Amtrak waiting room
  • Jimmy K.
    Jimmy KastnerAugust 19, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
    There are some great places to enter and wait for your train here, but why would I want to tell you that?
  • Dan
    DanSeptember 9, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    Rosa's is good but Caruso's has the best pizza in Penn.
  • Mark J.
    Mark JansenMarch 4, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    You'll almost miss your train because you'll be in the wrong part of the station. Fact.
  • Cari
    CariOctober 26, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    With Tim Horton conversion (mostly) complete, there are 3! Dunkin Donuts on Amtrak side. One by gates 5/6 fastest
  • sabler
    sablerOctober 3, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    Pass the time by guessing if the drunk guy screaming on the concourse is just insane or a Knicks fan.
  • Neha K.
    Neha KulkarniMay 25, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Go to the Starbucks closer to the 8th ave side during rush hour...shorter lines!
  • Celestino S.
    Celestino SepulvedaSeptember 21, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    Don't push. Merge into the gate like a zip. It's efficient & courteous, people.
  • Drey
    DreyAugust 23, 2010
    The 3:55 & 4:24pm to Ronkonkoma pull up on track 15 about 95% of the time .. Wait in front of the first "watch gap" marker at bottom of the escalator to be first in the door when it pulls up.
  • Jessica L.
    Jessica LevinMarch 16, 2012
    Been here 50+ times
    Best pizza in the world is at Don Peppi next to Krispy Kreme!
  • Debbie M.
    Debbie MollerNovember 19, 2010
    Red Cap service is what it's all about. You get to board the train before anyone else. It's free, just gotta tip 'Em
  • Santosh K.
    Santosh KrishnanAugust 30, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    The chickpea restaurant is as healthy as it gets around here.
  • Benedict C.
    Benedict CorpuzAugust 13, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Stand underneath an air conditioning vent to avoid the funk of sweaty folks passing you by.
  • Aalia R.
    Aalia R.December 8, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    They play sleepy music. Trying to stay awake to catch a train after a day of work. Good choice..
  • Holly K.
    Holly K.January 6, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    LIRR trains typically use the same train tracks every day. No need to wait for the posting unless you're warned of track changes.
  • Rachel L.
    Rachel LovingerDecember 25, 2009
    Been here 50+ times
    Use the Acela Lounge if you have a first class ticket or Select Plus status. Much more civilized place to wait, especially if your train is delayed.
  • Bumbsy M.
    Bumbsy M.November 7, 2013
    Been here 25+ times
    So it's not bad enough your phone is on ring, but now I gotta listen to you type too?
  • Scott L.
    Scott LaubenJuly 28, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Believe me, it's not cool to talk on your phone while riding a train. You are in fact a complete asshole.
  • Jenn D.
    Jenn DMarch 4, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    wait for your train downstairs - there are monitors and you don't have to wait in line!
  • Tom M.
    Tom M.December 13, 2014
    Been here 10+ times
    Come check out the station's Christmas tree, it's a beauty
  • Patricia N.
    Patricia NogarNovember 25, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    Don Pepi in the main concourse has pretty good sandwiches!
  • Daniel M.
    Daniel McDonoughAugust 12, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    Taking NJ Transit? Use the ticket machines all the way in the back. Hardly ever a line.
  • Hesh M.
    Hesh MeisterJuly 10, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    New LIRR boards need to include the current time.
  • Joey L.
    Joey LiveranoApril 8, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    Absolute horror show at all times.
  • Stephen J.
    Stephen JulianoJuly 18, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    LIRR Riders - After 3:00 you can check with the info desk to find out what track you'll be on before it's posted!
  • JMS
    JMSJanuary 11, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    Don't count the train cars while your standing in the doorway. There'll be plenty of time for counting when you board the train.
  • Mark S.
    Mark SalacinskiSeptember 19, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    View departures on your phone:
  • sabler
    sablerOctober 26, 2014
    Been here 100+ times
    A nice an alternate universe.
  • Joe M.
    Joe MillerApril 6, 2011
    Go to the Amtrak waiting area and check out the running video on how Amtrak's K-9 unit dogs are selected and trained.
  • Anna S.
    Anna SpohnMay 6, 2013
    The Penn Station customer service was wonderful. Ridding Amtrak love it!!
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin MeyersOctober 13, 2011
    Been here 100+ times
    The closer you are to the center of the building, the better your AT&T signal will get.
  • Cherry C.
    Cherry CMarch 15, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Get there 10 prior to your train's departure!
  • Ronnie B.
    Ronnie BettisNovember 19, 2011
    So hard (well at least for me) to differentiate between Peak and Off Peak hours!
  • Dean M.
    Dean MillerApril 28, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    You have to love the energy in this place on game days.
  • Desmond P.
    Desmond P.April 15, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Use the kiosk for the LIRR - Its faster than the line
  • Ambles K.
    Ambles KwokJanuary 18, 2012
    The consistent non-stop announcement drives me nuts! Avoid the station if you can!
  • sabler
    sablerJuly 4, 2015
    Been here 100+ times
    "This place is fantastic," said one contestant at the National Sarcasm Awards.
  • Alexis C.
    Alexis CampJuly 19, 2011
    Take the LIRR to Jamaica to catch the AirTrain to JFK. So much faster than the A and cheaper than a cab!
  • Thea P.
    Thea PMarch 7, 2012
    LIRR Is on the lower level. Gotta know where you're going, or get run over!
  • Paul F.
    Paul FortOctober 11, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    A bro-hug and a windmill high five combo is not an acceptable form of payment on the train
  • Charles C.
    Charles CalabreseAugust 30, 2012
    Don't per the dogs being walked by men with large automatic weapons - neither of them like it
  • Chris R.
    Chris Richards1 week ago
    Very busy place, they call trains at the last minute so expect a mad rush.
  • Andrea F.
    Andrea FaggianiMay 15, 2017
    La estación es muy grande y cuenta con muchos servicios comunes y expresos, con distintas conexiones y diferentes empresas, por lo que hay que prestar mucha atención.
  • Nigel W.
    Nigel WimpeeApril 14, 2012
    โอย.....เค้าจะบอกว่าชานชาลาไหน ก่อนรถไฟออก...10 นาทีนะจ๊ะ!! เพราะฉะนั้นต้องรอในที่พักผู้โดยสารก่อน....อีกอย่าง...ถ้าอยู่นอกเมือง ให้มาก่อนเวลาเยอะหน่อย...อาจจต้องหมุนๆอยู่กะที่...555!!
  • Daniela M.
    Daniela MunitaAugust 4, 2015
    Hables el idioma que sea... La idea es no orientar! Si va a viajar en tren, llegue con tiempo y ármese de paciencia.( y zapatos cómodos para correr, por que el anden aparece en el último segundo )
  • Guilherme 梅.
    Guilherme 梅田January 3, 2015
    Antes de pegar seu trem da Amtrak, não esqueça de comprar seu lanche/café da manhã nas lojinhas do terminal. A comida do trem é ruím demais!
  • Dennis B.
    Dennis BaburovDecember 25, 2013
    Станция — источник уникальных однодолларовых монет. Монеты выдают автоматы по продаже билетов вместе со сдачей.
  • Wolf W.
    Wolf WinstonMay 31, 2014
    Şimdi insanları ellerinde kahve ve sandwichle görüyorsunuz ya ve sizin elinizde hiç birşey yoksa sizcede bir yerde yanlış yapmıyor musunuz? Hemen yiyecek icecek bişeyler alın trenle bir yere gideceksn
  • Víctor @.
    Víctor @pinedaunoJanuary 13, 2015
    La estación de trenes por tradición. Si viajan en primera en United tienen derecho a entrar al salón de Acela.
  • Aprendi
    AprendiJuly 31, 2012
    Ana María, una de nuestras viajeras, aconseja usar la escalera cerca de la salida 31 para subir a bordo de un tren más rápido. Cuéntanos en Aprendí qué te pareció. Read more
  • Diego O.
    Diego OgritoNovember 27, 2012
    Una mega estación, trenes y subtes para todos lados!! Además al salir esta el Madison Square Garden, imposible no conocerla.
  • Nika B.
    Nika BlankAugust 18, 2017
    Отсюда можно уехать в пригород и любой штат
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