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Disneyland Resort

Soarin' Over California

(Now Closed)
Theme Park Ride / Attraction
The Anaheim Resort, Anaheim
132 Tips and reviews
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  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey ZeldmanAugust 9, 2014
    Thrilling (but not scary) and inspiring aerial ride lifts you up, up, and away over various portions of California. Very convincing, and you have to admire the film direction and stunt timing.
  • Eric S.
    Eric StarcherSeptember 3, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    A great ride and the top row, center of the middle glider is best for the best immersive experience... It is so not over-rated!!!
  • Dave G.
    Dave GAugust 13, 2014
    Want to sit in the front row (best row)? Just ask the cast member (if you're not randomly heading there already) and you can wait for the next group to get that coveted spot on this ride.
  • Ellen K.
    Ellen KobeAugust 29, 2013
    A very tame ride that takes you through California landscape through an imax theatre and moving lifts. Wind and scents make it feel realistic and peaceful.
  • Kat
    KatAugust 20, 2012
    Line isn't that long compared to other rides plus it moves fast. Enjoy air conditioning and a fun ride with cool views of CA!
  • Eric S.
    Eric StarcherSeptember 3, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    The front/top seat is NOT OVER RATED!!! It really is the best... Especially on the middle glider!
  • Karen D.
    Karen De CastroMarch 11, 2011
    If you have a little that can't ride with you, get the Rider Switch Pass. You can switch with your partner watching the little one after the ride and they don't have to get in line.
  • Jennifer
    JenniferMay 16, 2016
    Ask for the front row so you don't have other people's feet in your face. It's the sole place where you can avoid seeing edges of shoes as you "fly" over the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Dianne H.
    Dianne HanksJanuary 25, 2012
    It's worth it to wait for the you don't have any dangling tootsies in your view. This ride is an incredible virtual travel experience that frees all limitations.
  • DeeMagicGurl
    DeeMagicGurlSeptember 10, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Try to sit in the front row (position 1). Better view and worth it. Make sure you breath in deeply in this ride!
  • Jason T.
    Jason ThompsonMay 16, 2010
    Imagine you are flying in a hang glider. Now picture yourself soaring from one end to the other of the California that Walt Disney adored. Enjoy this awe-inspiring scenic tour of the Golden State Read more
  • Lisa R.
    Lisa RobertsonFebruary 5, 2012
    Most beautiful attraction at the resort! Always get a FASTPASS and if you have small children, ask about the rider switch pass.
  • Phillip F.
    Phillip FlorendoJanuary 3, 2012
    If your child is exactly 40" or slightly taller, be ready to have their height checked multiple times and don't get mad when the cast member asks. They're just doing their job.
  • Chris C.
    Chris CamargoJanuary 2, 2016
    Soarin is a crowd pleaser! Fun, gentle, and hugely immersive.
  • ScottySauce
    ScottySauceAugust 17, 2011
    One of the great things about the ride is how they pump in air so you experience the ride with the smells of the ocean, pine trees and even oranges.
  • Frank C.
    Frank CoganJuly 14, 2013
    Been here 100+ times
    The single rider line is not always the fastest way to get on the ride, if there are a lot of single riders your wait could be longer than stand by.
  • Abizar A.
    Abizar AttarAugust 15, 2013
    good ride,don't miss it! try getting into row 1, else you will see some dangling feet above, and yea fastpass really helps :)
  • Tim D.
    Tim DengJuly 29, 2015
    Fun experience and cool effects. You can even smell the oranges during the movie!
  • Akiko I.
    Akiko IOctober 8, 2015
    Get the fast pass or go the single rider line! One of the best rides in DCA!
  • Miriam G.
    Miriam GoldmanAugust 7, 2014
    Way better than I thought it would be. Really feels like a journey. Make sure to enjoy the pre-ride video starring Family Guy's Patrick Warburton.
  • Song L.
    Song LiOctober 6, 2015
    Row 2 is the best, more immersive and you are in the center of the screen.
  • Morgan C.
    Morgan C.August 4, 2013
    They blast the sound at you. Earplugs helped with making it less painful, but it was so loud that it was still loud thru earplugs!
  • Eric S.
    Eric SchraderDecember 28, 2015
    Ask for row 1. Glider goes higher and view isn't obstructed by dangling shoes.
  • Brad T.
    Brad TrimbleJune 27, 2012
    Everyone loves this ride, but it puts me to sleep. In addition I fail to appreciate the fake pine and orange scent.
  • Marisa M.
    Marisa MoranOctober 28, 2015
    The wait is long but the ride is soothing and gets you away from the heat or cold.
  • Karolina 🐙
    Karolina 🐙December 23, 2014
    Great great ride, but if you suffer from motion sickness, it may not be as enjoyable.
  • Sam A.
    Sam AcevesMay 5, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    One of THEE best rides at CA Adventure. Make sure to get a fastpass for it.
  • MarkMillerITPro ✔ ツ M.
    Always ask for Row 1 CENTER so you don't see people's feet dangling and get the full effect.
  • Alyssa O.
    Alyssa OnofreoJuly 11, 2013
    Worth waiting a few extra mins for B1. Front and center, no feet.
  • Tim H.
    Tim HammondJanuary 28, 2012
    Ask to sit in Section B, 1st row. Its the best seat and worth waiting for.
  • RBC O.
    RBC OneSeptember 18, 2015
    Super impressed with how immersive the experience was to be had
  • Victor L.
    Victor LodevicoJuly 23, 2011
    Ride early morning or late evening. You won't have to wait too long!
  • Veronica M.
    Get in the middle section of the three holding areas so you're in the middle of the screen
  • E. C.
    E. ClarkJuly 10, 2011
    Fast pass is great, but check the standby line - it moves quick!
  • John K.
    John KiddeApril 4, 2016
    Scenic views with the right scents and breeze
  • Drew
    DrewSeptember 4, 2012
    Oh Patrick Warburton, your velvety, reassuringly dulcet monologue makes this ride even more enjoyable.
  • Amanda P.
    Amanda PeikAugust 24, 2011
    Fastpass this if you MUST ride it. It's a fantastic ride, but the regular queue is usually 45+ min long
  • Erika R.
    Erika RobbinsSeptember 25, 2014
    This ride is in desperate need of an update. The screen is dirty and the film prints are deteriorating. The ride mechanics felt really shakey, too, last time I rode it.
  • Lawrence E.
    Lawrence EngAugust 9, 2011
    In case anyone in your party asks, the main ride soundtrack is by film composer Jerry Goldsmith.
  • Zog M.
    Zog ManduAugust 6, 2013
    Take your shoes off put them under your seat.
  • Dean C.
    Dean CatcatJanuary 26, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    Row 3 was awesome. Right in the middle. Best time this time after so many different places!!!!!
  • Elyse
    ElyseAugust 12, 2011
    If you look closely at the Disneyland scene, you'll find a hidden Disneyland
  • Norma
    NormaJuly 28, 2010
    very beautiful inside :) you actually feel as if you are there i recommend riding it (:
  • Pat R.
    Pat RaffelMarch 11, 2011
    Get a Fastpass and then come back. Great ride. Do not miss.
  • taktak
    taktakMarch 20, 2013
    This attraction is good for riding at the end of the day.
  • Colin S.
    Colin SparksAugust 23, 2014
    All of scents are pretty much variations of pine now.
  • Chris G.
    Chris GDecember 1, 2010
    Great ride. Enjoy the scents they add in at various points.
  • Hard R.
    Hard RockerNovember 1, 2015
    Been here 5+ times
    A must ride. Great views of California.
  • Blake A.
    Blake AndersonJuly 27, 2011
    Play Guestuers on your iPhone while you wait. It will pass the time. It's the business.
  • Shaun M.
    Shaun McGuffinNovember 8, 2010
    The best seats are Section B row 1. It is worth waiting for.
  • Shawn B.
    Shawn BonneauNovember 10, 2012
    Queue is better here than in EPCOT. Aviation theming is nice - WaltCast Podcast
  • Ellen S.
    Ellen SutjiartoMay 31, 2014
    Fast pass it definitely. Super worth it
  • Teighlor J.
    Teighlor JohnsonJanuary 26, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    We stop taking row 1 requests the last couple flights of the night
  • Song L.
    Song LiOctober 7, 2015
    There is a single rider! Utilize this well!
  • Elizabeth G.
    Elizabeth GeliFebruary 13, 2011
    Great ride to take older visitors & relatives to, they'll love it! (and the kids will too).
  • Nicole F.
    Nicole FoxJuly 6, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    Row 1 is not the best! Row 2 is better! You see more of the screen than you do in row 1
  • Alex H.
    Alex HartmanSeptember 18, 2011
    Best seats are in B (middle) and row 1 (top)
  • Sarah ✂.
    Sarah ✂🍷💍❤September 8, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    they should bottle and sell that scent...also a nice place to relax and cool off on a scorcher
  • Venka A.
    Venka AndersonJuly 7, 2015
    Refurb complete. No changes to the movie. Yay!
  • Frank C.
    Frank CoganMay 8, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    Every seat is a good seat the front row is highly overrated
  • Morgan C.
    Morgan C.August 4, 2013
    Watch out if you have a respiratory issue or asthma - the air that they blow on you is chemically fragranced!
  • Meredith P.
    Meredith PeruzziDecember 30, 2010
    Row 1 avoids seeing feet, but row 2 is the best view of the screen.
  • Matthew B.
    Matthew B.December 7, 2012
    Wait the extra time for B1. Totally worth it!
  • Dawn N.
    Dawn NeilMarch 26, 2014
    Single Rider Lane is the only way to go!!
  • Quarry
    QuarryOctober 21, 2010
    Sit next to a four year old and watch their expressions. Its the funniest thing you will see all day.
  • Sean R.
    Sean RobisonMay 16, 2016
    Been here 10+ times
    Fun trip through the golden state.
  • Audrey
    AudreyAugust 19, 2013
    Aim for row 1 to avoid dangling feet in your view
  • Gestina
    GestinaApril 23, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Mickey and Golf ball. Nuff said. ;)
  • CDOG
    CDOGJuly 20, 2010
    Be careful in front of this ride by the mist thinger that kids always play in.the ground is slippery and some 11 year old damn near knocked my wife over when she fell...
  • Stephen F.
    Stephen FloresAugust 2, 2012
    Very cool! Worth the wait
  • Leo P.
    Leo Polak IIIJuly 12, 2012
    Best part is narration by the Tick ;)
  • Vernon H.
    Vernon HeywoodMay 12, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Remember to kick the fisherman in the head as you fly over.
  • Shiloh S.
    Shiloh ScottSeptember 8, 2010
    The most amazing ride ever! Worth waiting in line for!
  • Ashley F.
    Ashley FullerDecember 7, 2010
    Watch for the hidden Mickey on the golf ball that comes flying at your face.
  • Rajani S.
    Rajani SinghSeptember 1, 2012
    The Hidden Mickey is in the fireworks at the end!
  • Arielle N.
    Arielle NadelMay 11, 2015
    Try row 1 to avoid seeing feet dangling.
  • Missy N.
    Missy NarkiewiczNovember 8, 2015
    Try to catch the golf ball. Love the smells.
  • Jess N.
    Jess NewcombAugust 26, 2015
    Improvements are fantastic.
  • Angel T.
    Angel TaylorSeptember 2, 2010
    Keep your eyes open when the golf ball flies at you to spot a surprise!
  • K T.
    K TOctober 14, 2011
    Been here 50+ times
    Who cares if you see feet, it's still great!
  • Katie T.
    Katie ThornbergJanuary 1, 2012
    Been here 100+ times
    The best way to not see feet is to not look at feet.
  • Curtis J.
    Curtis J.November 1, 2015
    Safest hang gliding you will ever do!
  • Troy B.
    Troy BrownFebruary 4, 2010
    If it is your first time ask for B 1 for the best experience without feet and distortion.
  • Phoebe R.
    Phoebe RAugust 30, 2012
    This ride needs the State Capitol building.
  • Linda C.
    Linda CareyMarch 27, 2012
    Look for the hidden Mickey on the golf ball.
  • Melody K.
    Melody KlaarOctober 25, 2012
    Go barefoot.. You'll thank me later.
  • Rachel T.
    Rachel TolmanSeptember 27, 2011
    Front row middle seat is the best
  • Dave F.
    Dave FinchSeptember 18, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    Use Fast Pass to reduce your time waiting in line.
  • Ryan D.
    Ryan DierkingDecember 12, 2012
    The guy that hits the golf ball is Michael Eisner
  • Maike G.
    Maike GAugust 3, 2011
    Best ride! Smell the pine & citrus trees
  • Tim R.
    Tim RillahanJanuary 7, 2011
    Besides the golf ball there is a Hidden Mickey in the fireworks
  • Ann G.
    Ann GlennAugust 16, 2010
    try and get in row one! Otherwise you will see other peoples feet.
  • Topher J.
    Topher JonesMarch 26, 2013
    There's another hidden Mickey in the fireworks.
  • Jess V.
    Jess VaughanMarch 25, 2011
    Smell the oranges and pine trees during the ride
  • Vicki W.
    Vicki WoodsSeptember 17, 2011
    Beer. Enough said
  • MiracleMAT
    MiracleMATAugust 21, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    Patrick is the Man
  • Brooke M.
    Brooke MyersDecember 1, 2012
    Fun ride if you don't get motion sickness
  • Rach B.
    Rach BeeSeptember 21, 2015
    Only 1 glider was working so stood in line longer than got out
  • Daniel
    DanielMarch 31, 2012
    Don't forget to being your javelin
  • Ellen J.
    Ellen JaworskiApril 23, 2011
    Go for the single rider line!
  • Ulisses @ M.
    Ulisses @ MAugust 23, 2014
    Adoro ir lá e sentir o cheirinho de laranja.
  • floreria j.
    floreria joselynAugust 8, 2015
    Imperdible.. usa el single rader
  • Giovanna F.
    Giovanna FadelJune 23, 2015
    Muito bom gostei
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