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Walt Disney World Resort

Stitch's Great Escape!

Theme Park Ride / Attraction
Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista
  • Puu K.
    "I love Stitch but this ride is not that great"(18 Tips)
    Bryan M.
    "The restraints can be uncomfortable on your shoulders"(6 Tips)
    "Not the best thing to do in the park! Kinda boring for adulte!"(4 Tips)
    Abby G.
    "my daughter has been twice in 3 yrs and was scared both times."(8 Tips)
138 Tips and reviews
  • stitches
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  • cute
  • adults
  • chili dogs
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  • Meg S.
    Meg ScottApril 29, 2013
    When entering the 2nd room, make sure to go for the middle door if you have wheelchair. There is the most room for you. In room 3, the best seats are on the left of the room for people in wheelchairs
  • Matthew C.
    Matthew CrawfordDecember 12, 2012
    For those that will never get to ride it. Stitch Great Escape replaced Alien Encounter. While Stitch is.. Well.. Cute.. Alien Encounter was scary and awesome! It's a shame it was "upgraded" to Stitch.
  • Meg S.
    Meg ScottApril 29, 2013
    If you have little kids, when going into the 2nd room, try and go for the door on the far left. You will be front row, and it will be easier for little bodies to see.
  • Adrienne Y.
    Adrienne YaoDecember 29, 2013
    This is actually part of Stitches' great escape! Super cute!! And smells of chili cheese dog at one point. Don't fret about the shoulder locks that come down- those were purely decorational
  • Meg S.
    Meg ScottApril 29, 2013
    If you have kids that are easily spooked, when going into the 3rd room try to sit as close to the cast member as you can. It makes escorting you out easier on everyone if you end up needing it.
  • Shravan A.
    Shravan ArasJanuary 9, 2014
    Keep this one for last, if you want to kill time & have nothing else to do. Its a little scary for the kids but adults will fall asleep that is unless your nose is tortured with Stitch's foul breath.
  • Yash ✈️
    Yash ✈️August 1, 2013
    Although it was a shot at a decent ride, I think it missed, definitely a low priority ride for your checklist, even if Stitch is a favorite.
  • Will L.
    Will LauFebruary 15, 2012
    A decent show w attention to details, but a bit too heavy on gimmicks. Dark for long periods and adds spitting of water and smells. Don't wait more than 15 min
  • Bob A.
    Bob AdamsFebruary 14, 2016
    This is one of the few rides at Disney World that we skip. We rode it once and the entire family votes not to ride again.
  • Amber P.
    Amber ParkerFebruary 2, 2013
    Sit up tall! The bars come down pretty firm & can be uncomfortable if you get squashed.
  • Michael D.
    Michael DriverOctober 21, 2013
    If your kid lovrs Stitch like mine does they will love this. Oh and chili dogs.
  • Jordan H.
    Jordan HollandFebruary 16, 2012
    One of the seats is glitched and the burp comes out late and will stick with you all day.
  • Mabi C.
    Mabi CinelliJanuary 4
    Honestly, this is not the best ride at all. You basically go in to a room, then people strap you to go up and then see a wierd creature doing something random with gasses. Then you go down. Never agai
  • Annie H.
    Annie HJune 15, 2014
    Yeah, this is definitely a what the heck experience and the chair bars crushing down really hurt my shoulders
  • S G.
    S G MNovember 7, 2014
    Lol.... This is a fun and cute ride for the entire family.... Lol😁😂😄😃😅😆
  • Melissa Rose
    Melissa RoseJuly 8, 2012
    My kids hated this ride, it was to intense for them since its in the dark and your head movement is restricted. Beware..
  • Puu K.
    Puu KampolratanaOctober 23, 2014
    I love Stitch but this ride is not that great
  • John T.
    John TatulliNovember 30, 2011
    This is fun, especially for ages 7-10. Adults may see it as boring but I don't and I'm 39 ;).
  • Abby G.
    Abby GrayMay 23, 2012
    Pretty boring, but if you ride speedway first this will seem thrilling. my daughter has been twice in 3 yrs and was scared both times.
  • Beth K.
    Beth KingOctober 11, 2012
    It's super cute and a nice air conditioned, sit down break!
  • Mike H.
    Mike HallerJuly 7, 2011
    Alien encounter was 1000x better, this is the same ride but Lilo and stitch themed and toned down a lot on the scary side, it's a waste.
  • Nelson G.
    Nelson GlassFebruary 21, 2012
    It doesn't matter where you sit, everyone gets the same experience
  • Amanda P.
    Amanda PetersDecember 6, 2011
    If you love the cute and fluffy little 626, you'll love this ride :)
  • Lisbet C.
    Lisbet CrawfordApril 4, 2012
    I find the harnesses very painful on my shoulders. Ask the CM to release them some to avoid this.
  • Jake S.
    Jake SmithApril 16, 2012
    Give the cast member a GOOD high-five when you walk in.
  • Eric H.
    Eric HornDecember 21, 2012
    If you love Stitch you'll love this ride.
  • Rebecca B.
    Rebecca BergeronDecember 21, 2012
    Maybe your kids would understand it if they saw the movie or had intelligence
  • Brian B.
    Brian BeatonJuly 11, 2013
    Memorize all names and faces! Your life may depend on it.
  • ᔕᑫᑌᗩᗷᗷᒪY
    ᔕᑫᑌᗩᗷᗷᒪYFebruary 14, 2016
    Be sure to bring earplugs for the screaming/crying 5 year olds.
  • Sandy S.
    Sandy ShiflettJune 24, 2011
    On our way out my 6 year old said "mom that was super dumb". I couldn't agree more!
  • Miguel S.
    Miguel SerranoMay 31, 2015
    Do not waste your time here, the attraction is to be seated in a dark room watching a clumsy animatronic.
  • Michael L.
    Michael LajlevApril 1, 2016
    Liked the total dark experience and the smells.
  • Bryan M.
    Bryan MillerMarch 25, 2013
    The restraints can be uncomfortable on your shoulders
  • Fabricio V.
    Fabricio VieiraSeptember 13, 2015
    Really nice show for kids!
  • Jeff S.
    Jeff SchladweilerNovember 15, 2012
    Not as bad as everyone is claiming. More kid friendly than the alien one.
  • Bruna M.
    Bruna Maia StallaMarch 21, 2014
    Don't bring small children who are afraid of the dark
  • Chris J.
    Chris JJune 6, 2016
    This was originally Mission To Mars, which admittedly was kind of a snoozer. But now it's pretty much the worst ride in the Magic Kingdom.
  • Mar
    MarJuly 25, 2013
    Not the best thing to do in the park! Kinda boring for adulte! Might be fun for kids thou!
  • Kelcey Z.
    Kelcey ZutavernJune 22, 2011
    Scary for small children based on all of the crying/whimpering in the room.
  • Brad W.
    Brad WilliamsJuly 31, 2010
    U will get a lil wet and Stitches breath might u gag but other than that it an aiight ride
  • Ethan
    EthanOctober 4, 2012
    Try not to get injured by the seats here, jesus christ.
  • Justin M.
    Justin MeatsApril 5, 2013
    Some cool effects but very cheesy.
  • Lenin S.
    Lenin SoftAugust 11, 2014
    Very nice....
  • Bobby E.
    Bobby EggerJanuary 29, 2012
    Stitch is the best. Babies and lame soccer moms need not apply
  • Nelson M.
    Nelson MurrayFebruary 6, 2012
    If you like scary, dont do this. If you like fun then do.
  • Brad B.
    Brad BitzerAugust 17, 2010
    While its a shade of its former self, Stitch isn't a bad place to wait out your other Tomorrowland Fast Passes.
  • Wai Kit L.
    Wai Kit LaiOctober 6, 2015
    They will lock you down and spray water on you. To kill time.
  • Aundrea S.
    Aundrea SmithDecember 28, 2015
    No, no, no. Was not fun, was not enjoyable. We love Stitch, but this was NOT fun.
  • Jessica L.
    Jessica LegnerFebruary 23, 2016
    I just didn't get this experience. I thought it was ridiculous, even for a small child. Not a ride. Don't go if you don't like bad smells.
  • Graham C.
    Graham CastellanoAugust 13, 2012
    Don't let Stitch mess with your hair.
  • Megan &.
    Megan "Yuchi" S.April 3, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Best ride ever. You all bow. Loloololololol
  • Michael O.
    Michael OttingerJanuary 22, 2013
    Nothing says family fun liked getting burped on on a hot Summer day.
  • Leanne A.
    Leanne AlyssaJanuary 3
    Cute attraction but not worth a long wait
  • Chuck E.
    Chuck EthridgeNovember 27, 2012
    Does ANYONE like this attraction? Needs to be replaced.
  • Joanne S.
    Joanne SardiniAugust 7, 2011
    Don't take kids who are afraid of the dark!!
  • Matt T.
    Matt TMarch 11, 2013
    Smells weird. Scares kids. Restrains you to your seat for no reason. Otherwise, it's great!
  • Kyler G.
    Kyler GreywaczAugust 11, 2014
    The effects in here are kind of cool
  • Shelly P.
    Shelly PickerillMarch 9, 2012
    My 4 1/2 was scared to death.
  • Ashok R.
    Ashok RajApril 11, 2010
    Want much fun ..get ur. Fast pass for space mountain
  • J.
    J.December 24, 2011
    Most disappointing attraction in WDW.
  • Julie
    JulieSeptember 25, 2012
    unless you REALLY love Stitch, skip this one. head to astro blasters instead and try to win the game!
  • Jim
    JimOctober 6, 2015
    The kids scream in the dark.
  • Fernando M.
    Fernando MarinhoJuly 24, 2012
    Just for kids. My 3yo boy love it!
  • Jarrid C.
    Jarrid CrespoSeptember 25, 2013
    This is the worst attraction in all of Walt Disney World! Booooooriiiing
  • Bob N.
    Bob NoxiousFebruary 26, 2012
    Fart at the right time and no one will know...
  • Jeremy The G.
    Jeremy The GreekJuly 17, 2013
    I'd rather be strung up by my nuts instead of doing this again.
  • Jeffrey Z.
    Jeffrey ZeldmanAugust 16, 2012
    Fine movie, lousy attraction. Charmless, pointless attraction is boring for adults, terrifying for kids. Avoid!
  • Jason D.
    Jason DrewsFebruary 8, 2012
    Corniest Attraction In Magic Kingdom!!!!
  • Gina P.
    Gina PettiOctober 24, 2010
    This used to be a great ride. Not so much now that has been revamped to include Stitch.
  • Stephen L.
    Stephen LangtonJanuary 21, 2012
    be scared... be very scared !!
  • Brian S.
    Brian SchnellMay 13, 2012
    Is this not the lamest 'attraction' in No America. And it scares little gremlins.
  • meagan k.
    meagan klingerJuly 24, 2013
    Horrible..loud and dark...scared my brother who wasnt afraid of any of the roller coasters. Loud gun sounds brought him to tears. Not worth the wait.
  • Jacque S.
    Jacque SAugust 18, 2011
    A mess lol kids were screaming in fear
  • Bob N.
    Bob NoxiousFebruary 26, 2012
    Wow...worse than comments suggested. Truly bad...couldn't even follow the plot. Kids were confused too...
  • Brian D.
    Brian DeCaluweJanuary 8, 2012
    I miss seeing kathy najimy here.
  • Gerald Vincent T.
    Gerald Vincent TeoJune 19, 2014
    This is not a ride. Makes kids cry.
  • Robert W.
    Robert Wurm Jr.September 4, 2011
    If kids are scared of the dark and hate things that go bump in the night, stay away. They will cry
  • Eminelly
    EminellyMay 3, 2012
    Been here 25+ times
    It's a Special Effects Show.
  • Jill M.
    Jill MoorheadJuly 15, 2014
    Panic attack fodder
  • Staci B.
    Staci BMarch 30, 2013
    Skip this attraction, it isn't that entertaining,
  • Laur L.
    Laur Lo SkiDecember 26, 2015
    It was okay. Definitely not worth using a FastPass for.
  • Ana F.
    Ana FantinOctober 28, 2012
    Alien was much better!!
  • Tyrone B.
    Tyrone BrewingtonJune 9, 2011
    Intense show
  • Tammy
    TammyOctober 4, 2012
    Ow, my shoulders.
  • Santi C.
    Santi CaamañoSeptember 17, 2015
    The only good part was that there is no queue. The bad? finding out why... CRAPPY ride, total disappointment.
  • ⛄️ Mark S.
    ⛄️ Mark SullivanOctober 19, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    "You're not my prince, bye!"
  • Melody M.
    Melody MichelleMay 5, 2012
    Slightly scary lol
  • Joseph A.
    Joseph AllenAugust 29, 2013
    Daughter didn't like it. Spent too much time in the dark getting spit on. Too scary for a 4 year old.
  • Jason D.
    Jason DrewsFebruary 8, 2012
    Corniest Att
  • Ayaz H.
    Ayaz HyderSeptember 11, 2014
    This was terrible. Plus the shoulder harness seems to press down unnecessarily hard.
  • Stephen O.
    Stephen OsadaJune 2, 2012
    Skip this one unless you're looking for some time to kill.
  • Diane M.
    Diane MevesMarch 29, 2014
    Ewww. Stinky.
  • Kaitlyn L.
    Kaitlyn LehmanJuly 30, 2011
    Horrifying nightmare fuel
  • David S.
    David SavageJune 1, 2011
    Boring! Only good for getting out of the heat & sun!
  • Ed P.
    Ed PrymakFebruary 24, 2011
    Help us we can't get out
  • Jordan W.
    Jordan WhiteMarch 3, 2013
    Not worth the wait if you're short on time. The Alien ride was much better.
  • Lauri C.
    Lauri CSeptember 23, 2012
    Terrible ride. Was way better when it was alien encounter. They should just get rid of it.
  • Sean R.
    Sean RobisonSeptember 5, 2014
    It's okay. Extraterrorestrial was much better.
  • Zaina A.
    Zaina AlAbboudJuly 24, 2015
    Boring for me
  • Cara
    CaraMay 26, 2012
    Avoid! It's just a dark room with noises. Not a ride
  • Patricia S.
    Patricia S.November 12, 2014
    Vale a pena se tiver tempo livre ou for fã do personagem, caso contrário ..
  • Fernando M.
    Fernando MarinhoJuly 30, 2012
    Substitui o "Alien Encounter"....agora para criancas...muito dez!
  • Fernando É.
    Muito bom, para crianças e adultos, não percam!
  • OSCAR A.
    OSCAR ALBUJAMarch 6, 2016
    Es buena atracción super londa para toda la familia
  • Ricardo T.
    Ricardo TurattoMay 17, 2014
    A versão antiga, Alien Enconter, era mais divertida.
  • Gabriel S.
    Gabriel Sarcos MennilloNovember 18, 2012
    muy divertida atracción
  • Paola C.
    Paola COctober 12, 2014
    No es tan bueno. Te lo puedes saltar.
  • Daniel S.
    Daniel SantanaApril 14, 2013
    Primeira vez que vi uma atração com cheiro. Muito loko
    WHAT was that? Brinquedo sem noção! Não deu pra entender a piada. Detestei!
  • Denis B.
    Denis BudagJanuary 19, 2015
    Divertidíssimo! Vá!
  • Rouda A.
    Rouda Al-KuwariAugust 5, 2015
    ممله اللعبه و ماتستاهل لا فاست باس ولا الستاند باي
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