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Antico Pizza NapoletanaAtlanta, GA • October 13, 2010

CL Best of Atlanta 2010 winner: Best new restaurant and best pizza. You''ll love their pizzas that arrive with their hot, crusty, thin, perfectly balanced crusts, and their tangy, sweet tomato sauce Read more

YEAH! BurgerAtlanta, GA • July 9, 2010

Bison burger tastes better than the beef and grilled chicken is the best sandwich of all. The veggie burger is too gooey. Read more

The EarlAtlanta, GA • January 30, 2012

The Earl Dog may be the best drunk food in town. A big, fluffy bun, a 100-percent Angus dog with all the snap and salt you crave. Get it with the works. Read more

Farm BurgerDecatur, GA • May 20, 2010

Farm-to-table burgers. They can overload on condiments so opt for build-it-yourself burger. Ice cream floats include "ginger farmade" and hibiscus. Read more

King of PopsAtlanta, GA • October 13, 2010

CL Best of Atlanta 2010 winner: Best popsicles. Our favorites are grapefruit mint, chocolate sea salt and tangerine basil Read more


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