Fushimi Inari Taisha

Shrine and Historic Site
伏見区, 京都市
  • Ryan B.
    "Well worth the climb."(11 Tips)
    Aivan M.
    "Try to reach the view point and see a beautiful view of Kyoto!"(7 Tips)
    Frankie J. 😎 G.
    "over 5000 tori gates"(5 Tips)
    Eunmi L.
    "Endless torii gates glow at sunset."(4 Tips)
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  • Jeff F.
    Jeff ForbesOctober 11, 2015
    If you want to avoid the throngs of tourists who are trying to get their Instagram shot go at 8:30am or earlier. It thins out as you go up though, which you should! It's super beautiful!
  • Meredith B.
    Meredith BlechmanNovember 2, 2016
    Go early to avoid the crowds (before 9 is ideal, before 7:30 and you can watch the sun rise). Trek to the top is worth it - not many people do it, so you can have long stretches all to yourself.
  • Alex C.
    Alex CavoulacosMay 30, 2016
    A must see! Hike partway up the mountain to experience the gates without the throngs of tourists. If you want to do the whole loop, allocate a good 1h30 since its ~4km up the mountain and back
  • myFaveThings 7.
    myFaveThings 77April 28, 2016
    Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes & prepare for a 2-hour hike (optional). One of the must-visit places in Kyoto. The photo is by the entrance w/ several tourists present already so be early!
  • Robert M.
    Robert MJanuary 28
    Fushimi Inari is famous for its hundreds of orange torii gates leading up to a shrine, but they also have an amazing bamboo forest as well. A must see if you come here.
  • Artyom F.
    Artyom FedosovJuly 28, 2016
    Most of tourists trying to take a nice shot near the entrance. You'll wait for a long time if you wanna a gloss photo without people there. Or you can climb further where there is no people at all.
  • Ashleigh A.
    Ashleigh AxiosNovember 13, 2014
    Wear walking shoes & go to the top of the trail to experience a lovely view of Kyoto & sip hot green tea. The leaves look great from the top in mid (starting to turn) or late (more colorful) November.
  • Stefan M.
    Stefan MaierhoferJune 22, 2016
    If you decide to go all the way up the mountain bring comfy shoes and clothes and be prepared to shoot great pics since the tourists tend to not walk the whole route. Great peaceful experience!
  • Tarik H.
    Tarik HartMay 6, 2015
    The temple is at the base of the hill is bright and bold, but the real highlight is the walk up the mountain through the gates. Save energy for it, as it's about two hours. Great view of Kyoto.
  • Pamela C.
    Pamela CastilloSeptember 12, 2015
    Incredibly beautiful. Go at sunset after the other temples have closed and experience it during the dusk hour and then at night. So peaceful. Quite the hike, though so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Marc U.
    Marc UKGSeptember 17, 2016
    Go up to the top. It is is exhausting, but only few tourists do it, so you can actually take pics without having 50 strangers in your way and you'll be rewarded with a nice view of Kyoto.
  • AKiang K.
    AKiang KJanuary 2, 2016
    On the way back, there is a "non-alcohol Sake" for 300 yen. It tastes really good. If you have time to sit a bit, do try.
  • Sam G.
    Sam GrossbergSeptember 4, 2016
    Go early to beat the crowd. Wander off on the forests trails at any point for total solitude and small hidden shrines!
  • Hei-Yu T.
    Hei-Yu TangAugust 7, 2015
    Make sure you wear your walking shoes and bring enough water and mosquito repellent. The higher you get, the less crowded. Don't forget to look back to see the writings on the poles.
  • Simple Discoveries
    Simple DiscoveriesApril 6, 2016
    A must-see in Kyoto. Known for its many torii (orange gates). Make the hike to the top for views of Kyoto and be treated to ~32,000 temples along the way.
  • Nick G.
    Nick GrayApril 3, 2013
    Very cool! Make sure you do the Japanese tradition to race your partner through the double gate areas (called Hayaruke). The track on the right is the fastest. When you finish, the winner yells YATTA!
  • Eika C.
    Eika ChenJanuary 9
    Famous shrine with thousands of Torii. A good photo spot with Torii. You can spend a bit time hiking up to the top of Mt. Fushimi to get a good view!
  • Ceilidh S.
    Ceilidh SimpsonAugust 24, 2014
    I'd say the mountain loop is definitely worth it to get the full foresty, old shrine feel. Early mornings and mosquito spray will make it an even better experience. Spot terrapins in the lake too :-)
  • Frankie J. 😎 G.
    My favorite shrine in Kyoto and probably the most iconic place aswell! enjoy the peace and calm of the forest while walking through the over 5000 tori gates
  • Yanghui C.
    Yanghui ChamSeptember 22, 2014
    A very cultural place. Crowded with people. It's better to come earlier so that it's not too late to go till the top. Very nice. Would love to come back again!!
  • The Ritz-Carlton
    The Ritz-CarltonJanuary 11, 2016
    Fushimi inari shrine, home to 10,000 red gates. Go during the golden hours to see the sun hit against the rich vermilion gates. This shrine is also one of the most visited sights in Japan!
  • Bommy C.
    Bommy ChaMay 31
    Go early to avoid the crowd. Highly recommend going all the way up to the top. It'll be less crowded the higher you go. It takes about an hour and a half for the full loop.
  • SDG
    SDGNovember 23, 2016
    In one word: breathtaking. Don't be put off by the loads of tourists. Keep on going and walk to the top of the mountain to explore the temple complex and have the Tori for yourself.
  • Shirps
    ShirpsMarch 24, 2016
    Great shrine to visit. Come here to see the endless tori gates, fox statues and try the food vendors located at the base of the shrine.
  • Jeanette Y.
    Jeanette YuenMarch 26, 2015
    The best time to visit is at dusk so you can catch the sunset from the viewing point. When you're at the viewing point, keep going - you're only halfway up Mt. Inari!
  • Naoki F.
    Naoki FerrioAugust 19, 2015
    This is a Shinto shrine. Prepare to bring some water + a fan + a proper camera + comfortable shoes, because u'll need those things!. Took only 3 stations from Kyoto station with ¥1400 train ticket.
  • Maiyada M.
    Maiyada MahdalyJuly 3, 2014
    My tips for all my foreign friends XD XD XD: 1- wear sneakers 2- heat up 3- be prepared for the longest stairway in your life XD XD XD XD We died half way XD XD XD but it was sooooo worth every step!!
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan BrightOctober 7, 2016
    Bring comfortable shoes and prepare to walk many stairs to reach the top of the mountain. Well worth the climb. Come as early as possible, as it gets incredibly busy.
  • Ariane R.
    Ariane RinehartAugust 24, 2016
    Beautiful shrine. Pretty crowded (lives up to its "most popular attraction for foreign tourists" brag), but if you keep walking through the torii gates a bit, the crowds thin.
  • Piccy
    PiccyFebruary 23
    food stalls at the side of the temple serves a variety of local street food. not to miss - mochi, sweet corn and sticks of BBQ beef / pork
  • Fluying ✅.
    Fluying ✅November 17, 2015
    More than 10k vermilion torii gates frame a 4km path.The gates are replaced every 10 yr, by companies looking for success.Check the black letters on each gate 2 know which company made the donation.
  • Dan M.
    Dan Mondragón SomeraDecember 16, 2016
    Beautiful and enjoyable. Be ready since it's a huge way to the top. Opens all the time if you want to go after they closed the shops ;)
  • Josh P.
    Josh PartijoSeptember 6, 2014
    The view of Kyoto is really worth the walk up. It's a beautiful walk up but note that there are no seats for a break along the way.
  • Haley B.
    Haley BMarch 12, 2015
    Go early or late & hike to the top of the mountain under the Torii for great views.
  • etta y.
    etta yOctober 6, 2014
    Great photo op, but the highlight of our visit was the regal shibe hanging out on the steps.
  • Olivia F.
    Olivia FungDecember 3, 2015
    Look out for the pink tags on the trees, they lead you where you can get a non crowded picture of copious bamboo trees everywhere! Saves time going to the other bamboo place if you are time short.
  • Guilherme Y.
    It is really amazing, but it is good to come with comfortable clothes and be prepared to walk a lot
  • Tunca
    Tunca2 weeks ago
    another must see place in Japan. go there before sunset. here is a long stairway to the top..
  • Jenny C.
    Jenny CuiDecember 24, 2016
    Prettiest scene to take pictures in. It was made famous to the western world by the Memoirs of a Geisha movie.
  • Duong D.
    Duong Dieu LinhDecember 26, 2015
    Be prepared for a very long hike up the stairs, but the view was worth it. Best to start at 5-6pm for lesser people (hence better pics)
  • Tom V.
    Tom Van GoylenMarch 18, 2015
    Beautiful pathway up the mountain with lots of great photo opportunities and a couple of souvenir and snack shops near the station.
  • Hans H.
    Hans HauptJune 29, 2012
    At the top there is only another shrine; nothing more, not even a view. Instead, walk until you can see an overview of Kyoto city. After that, call it a day & visit another historical monument.
  • Connie C.
    Connie Chiu1 week ago
    Visit in work out clothes because it's a fcking HIKE! Gorgeous but crowded so come early. It goes up the mountain in a loop but takes more than an hour.
  • David B.
    David B.October 15, 2014
    Come early. It gets crowded. Also, the higher you go, the less crowded and more magical it gets. A really amazing shrine.
  • Albert W.
    Albert WinadiApril 14, 2016
    Beautiful place. Take care to come at non-crowded hours, else you'll just be endlessly tackled by Chinese tourists before you can say Fushimi.
  • Steven L.
    Steven LehrburgerJuly 10, 2014
    The higher you get, the more expensive the water! But don't let that stop you from hydrating, especially on a hot and humid July afternoon.
  • Roger S.
    Roger SalazarAugust 5, 2016
    This is one of the best shrines I've ever been to abd will definitely recommend it to anyone. Its a must do.
  • Alessandro M.
    Alessandro MingioneApril 12, 2015
    Absolutely a must see of Kyoto. Amazing shrine, wonderful hike, unlike any other shrine you'll see in Japan!
  • Thailan P.
    Thailan PhamMay 4, 2016
    2 hours to climb to the top. Crowds thin out as you go higher and you can take better pictures. May have a better experience if you go first thing in the a.m.
  • Dominic T.
    Dominic TamMay 21, 2016
    Always have lots of visitors but if you don't want them in your photo, you can either: 1) photoshop 2) visit very early or late 3) hike up the mountain. Tip: For ultimate experience, hire a Kimono.
  • Justin P.
    Come early or risk having a less than stellar experience with all the crowds.
  • ddv
    ddvDecember 30, 2015
    Arrive early at sunrise to get some photo's without the crowds of people in your shot or even take a run along the route!
  • Aivan M.
    Aivan MagnoOctober 8, 2015
    Prepare to Hike and wear Rubber Shoes! Try to reach the view point and see a beautiful view of Kyoto!
  • Julia G.
    Julia GrandoMarch 17, 2016
    One of the best places in Kyoto! If you want to go to the top, be prepared because it is a long climb.
  • Elly V.
    Elly Vila DominicisOctober 1, 2013
    No need to climb up to the top, there's no view. Just stop once you see the city view and then head back
  • Wai Kit L.
    Wai Kit LaiJanuary 1
    Place for new year pray at the early morning. Also a good place to burn calories by hiking to the top.
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin MarlowAugust 11, 2016
    Potentially the number one place for all of my friend's photos of Kyoto. This shrine is a must for anyone visiting Kyoto.
  • helio s.
    helio salemaOctober 2, 2016
    Bring comfortable shoes and prepare to walk! It's bit outside of Kyoto and has remarkable path with tori.
  • Meritxell S.
    Meritxell SoutoApril 19, 2013
    Next to Inari station (Nara line), you can walk through these toriis around one or two hours, highly recommended
  • Adam K.
    Adam K.May 25
    Hike to the top is a nice workout. Some great views of Kyoto before reaching the peak.
  • Jocelyn C.
    Jocelyn CprSeptember 27, 2015
    Make sure to come in the day and bring your camera for some scenic shots with their Tori Gates!
  • Rob G.
    Rob GoossensSeptember 25, 2016
    The temple is nothing special, but the many gateways are impressive and the walk to the top of the mountain is a doable challenge
  • Maureen K.
    Maureen KMay 3, 2013
    Get the JR line to Inari. The shrine is right outside the station! Great sight and it's free!!
  • Joshua H.
    I've only been here at sunrise, but heard it gets crazy once the tour buses wake up. Go early to catch the locals and the great light?
  • KahWee T.
    KahWee TengOctober 26, 2014
    Really crowded on the weekends. It opens early in the morning. You should try going there before 8!
  • Chlöe W.
    Chlöe WoodOctober 21, 2016
    It gets quite busy so as the rest day, get there early!
  • Valerio F.
    Valerio FalluccaAugust 16, 2015
    Fascinating place...if you are short of time and need to pick only 2-3 temples to visit this need to be in your list
  • Aristotelis R.
    Aristotelis RMarch 31, 2016
    We were hesitant at first but went anyway. It was worth it! Try to go as late as possible!
  • Karolina 🦄
    Karolina 🦄April 17, 2016
    The trail is long, so if you are planning on taking pictures, go further up where there's less people.
  • Fraser M.
    Fraser McIntoshNovember 19, 2015
    Substantial climb. The shrine at the top isn't as impressive as shrines elsewhere in Kyoto, nor is there any view to be had. If you're tired at the mid-point, don't continue.
  • Dee G.
    Dee GrayJune 7, 2016
    "At the temple there is a poem called "Loss" carved into the stone. It has three words, but the poet has scratched them out."
  • National Geographic Traveller (UK)
    Nothing says welcome to mystical Kyoto like stepping through the 10,000 orange-red torii arches snaking into the mountainside. Be charmed by the tiny offerings of origami birds left by students. Read more
  • Ondřej S.
    Ondřej SvobodaJune 17, 2016
    Nice temple but be ready for a lot of people trying to make the best photo. If you want to have photo with no people, go up.
  • Marwan Z.
    Marwan ZSeptember 28, 2015
    It's a long hike with many stairs, don't be shy to take breaks and have some shaved ice along the way!
  • Caroline D.
    Caroline DengJuly 8, 2015
    Can't go to Tokyo without coming here. The trek up to the gates takes ~2 hours. You should make a detour to the fox shrine near the entrance.
  • Ricard T.
    Ricard TorresAugust 19, 2014
    It's magic, stunning, impressive. Imposible not to be moved by it.
  • Nikita K.
    Nikita KorotaevJanuary 18, 2015
    Find the holy frog. Ask for peace. Wait 20 years. Come back after 20 years. Ask again.
  • Rikki .
    Rikki 👉👌April 1, 2014
    The too of the gate walk is FAR. REALLY FAR. If you think you're nearly at the top, you're nowhere near!
  • Ning U.
    Ning UDecember 13, 2016
    Very interesting place and nothing like it. Highly recommend in Kyoto!
  • Nicole A.
    Nicole AptekarApril 20, 2015
    Most delightful hike in Kyoto, the seemingly infinite gates of red are incredible
  • Nadya M.
    Nadya MorozovaApril 3, 2012
    Be sure to walk the hill walk, it is magical day and night, with panoramic vies frok hilltops
  • Prabhu Hari
    Prabhu HariDecember 24, 2016
    On foggy days, a hike all the way up might not give you the "view of the city". Make sure to ask the people coming down.
  • Stan H.
    Stan HunterSeptember 8, 2016
    Be prepared. The walk is long, uphill beautiful and rewarding.
  • Karl
    KarlNovember 20, 2014
    Worth a walk to the top although the views are lower down. Fascinating place.
  • Puteri F.
    breathtaking shrine! so happy to cross this off my bucket list! I love Kyoto~~
  • Rachel C.
    Rachel CJuly 19, 2014
    Try to come during the lantern festival! It's gorgeous! It's best to come at twilight; otherwise it's too dark to actually see the gates.
  • Kate C.
    Kate CatlingNovember 20, 2015
    The trail up is quite long so be prepared. Very beautiful place, definitely worth a visit
  • Bianca V.
    Lovely space to take pictures of red toriis. For women, Japanese style toalet. It's
  • Nicola D.
    Nicola DondiSeptember 29, 2013
    Full loop takes about 1hr and 45 mins. Go in late afternoon as when the dusk comes the place is magical!
  • Mohammad
    MohammadMay 2, 2015
    Amazing place. Don't forget to try the crab sticks 💘💘💘MUST !
  • Andrew B.
    Andrew BulosJuly 17, 2016
    Bring water, or hydrate before you begin. Fluids are significantly overpriced up the mountain. If it's going to rain, bring an umbrella as the stalls won't let you take cover.
  • Emrah H.
    Emrah HimSeptember 21, 2016
    Mysterious place come as early as you can to avoid touristic crowd..
  • haylesyeah
    sprawling and traditional shrine just outside of kyoto center
  • Michael C.
    Michael CampanellaAugust 10, 2014
    Another shrine that is a must see when visiting Japan.
  • Banks E.
    Banks EmcharoenApril 14, 2016
    Beautiful place. Come early to avoid tourists.
  • Welia I.
    Welia ImranOctober 1, 2015
    Better prepare your energy if you want to get on its summit 😅 Taste the snacks too, down the shrine.
  • Eduardo C.
    Eduardo ChristophNovember 20, 2015
    It's a beautiful place, beside the gates. Love the statues.
  • Bram D.
    Bram DierckxSeptember 28, 2014
    don't miss out. Of all the shrines in Kyoto, like this one best.
  • Kate Y.
    Kate YanApril 12, 2016
    Hike to Mt Inari only takes ~1.5 hours tops, even when it's crowded with tourists.
  • Katy B.
    Katy BakerMay 24, 2014
    Bring your comfortable shoes and be ready to hike if you want to make it to the top!
    SUREFIRE6PMay 4, 2014
  • 龍
    April 19, 2015
  • 龍
    April 19, 2015
    京都を代表する神社の一つ。旧社格は官幣大社で、現在は神社本庁に属さない単立神社。祭神は稲荷五社大明神 (宇迦之御魂大神・佐田彦大神・大宮能売大神・田中大神・四大神)。和銅年間 (708 - 715年) (一説には和銅4年 (711年) 2月7日)、秦公伊呂具の創建といわれ、全国に約3万社あるという稲荷神社の総本社である。初詣では近畿地方の社寺で最多の参拝者を集め、境内の千本鳥居は有名。
  • Paco P.
    Paco PalaNovember 10, 2016
    Un des lieux les plus visiter du Japon, qui n'en est pas moins magique. Le site, très étendu, permet de prendre un chemin moins fréquenté que les portes pour monter (au retour il y a moins de monde).
  • Bea D.
    Bea DíazNovember 1, 2015
    Merece la pena acercarse hasta aquí si estás en Kyoto!!!impresionante el paseo a lo largo de los más de 1.000 Toris !!!conviene madrugar y llegar a primera hora !!!!
  • Irene M.
    Irene MembrivesDecember 28, 2016
    Indispensable. Si se dispone de tiempo y se está en forma, es recomendable salirse del camino para explorar los pequeños santuarios escondidos por la montaña alejados de la muchedumbre.
  • Sekizuka
    SekizukaSeptember 7, 2013
    花火のときの掛け声「た~まや~、か~ぎや~」は、当時(1800年代前半)の花火業者の屋号「鍵屋」「玉屋」が由来です。鍵屋の花火が上がる時に「か~ぎや~」と言うわけ。この屋号の由来となったのが伏見稲荷が口に咥えている鍵と玉。鍵屋は現在まで続いており、そちらのサイトにも出ています。 → http://www.souke-kagiya.co.jp/1_history/history.html
  • Marco G.
    Marco GalantinJuly 16, 2016
    Invece di seguire la massa lungo il sentiero principale ho deviato su un sentiero laterale verso Monte Inari...pace e tranquillità...
  • Los Viajes d.
    Los Viajes de PituSeptember 5, 2016
    Uno de los senderos mas famosos de Kioto. El templo de las innumerables Torii de color bermellón ⛩️⛩️⛩️ imprescindible la visita👍👍👍
  • Fabio T.
    Fabio TatibanaMarch 28, 2016
    Lugar encantador. O desafio é conseguir subir até o topo. Até porque a maior concentração de gente fica no começo da subida, então se quiser tirar fotos com mais sossego, suba sem parar.
  • fuyu👁‍🗨® (.
  • maco k.
    maco kobaSeptember 2, 2014
  • Patricia B.
    Patricia BarreraAugust 7, 2015
    Un lugar precioso, pero la caminata hasta la cima es dura. En verano cuidado con los mosquitos. Recomendable llevar un repelente de mosquitos en el bolso.
  • Shuichiro O.
    Shuichiro OhiraOctober 20, 2014
    Been here 50+ times
  • Juan Pablo C.
    Es un lugar precioso pero les recomiendo no ir a inicio de año, demasiaaaaaada gente. Si hacen poco a poco toda la caminata no se van a arrepentir
  • K G.
    K GMay 27, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
  • K G.
    K GNovember 7, 2016
    Been here 5+ times
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